Join me as I share insights from animals in spirit and physical form, and from my own lessons learned as an intuitive.  Having trekked this path for decades my vision is to help you learn how to hone your intuitive gifts, create healthy energy boundaries and communicate with animals through private mentoring and workshops.

Your Power Place

by Wendy Wolfe on December 30, 2016

Here’s a powerful energy technique to support you as you enter 2017, a year of new beginnings.

As I’ve shared before, we manage our energy by focusing our thoughts and intentions because energy follows thought. This is how I connect with animals anywhere in the world (or in Spirit). I’ve honed my focus so my thoughts and intentions are clear and my energy connects to a specific animal. It’s also possible to use your thoughts and intention to connect to any specific place.Delphi rev

There are places all over the world where the energy is especially powerful. Each of us have experienced times in nature when we felt the energy of the place, even if we weren’t aware at the time that it was energy we were feeling. Think about a place where you have felt connected, peaceful or energized. For some it is the ocean, for others the mountains, a river, a forest, there are so many possibilities as to where you might feel the strongest connection. It’s a personal thing.

Here’s how I found my power place. In 2008, I was in Greece assisting with an animal aromatherapy practitioner course. We were staying in Galaxidi, a small town on the Gulf of Corinth, just a short drive to Delphi. We took a day trip to Delphi during the full moon.
In case you’re not familiar with the Temple of Delphi, in Greek mythology, Delphi was considered the exact center of the world. It was a sacred place for many Gods (Gaia, Zeus, Apollo, Athena and more). For hundreds of years, people traveled to Delphi to learn of their fate by asking questions of the oracle (An oracle is someone who channels messages from the Gods.)

As we got closer to this sacred site, we could feel the energy shift. The energetic vibration made my skin buzz. We were in awe to be in a place of such rich ancient history. As we walked through the ruins, I felt called to sit down on a large stone. Following my intuition, I got quiet and felt into my heart. As soon as my mind was quieted, I heard an angry voice shout through me like molten lava erupting from a volcano. Very clearly, I heard, “I want all my healing powers back. I want them ALL back NOW and I don’t want any complications”. “Geez, I thought, where did that come from”? It was unexpected and yet, I felt a connection to this voice. As if a part of me had been waiting to express these very words. I didn’t hear anything more from the voice but have since felt connected to those ancient energies. Not just the anger, but strength from standing in my truth.

Recently I’d considered taking another trip back to Greece (and maybe taking some students with me…if you’re interested). I was longing to connect with those energies again. And then I was reminded…I can go there now. I can travel energetically. And I did…and continue to do so. It’s very powerful.

Where do you feel connected? Where is your Power Place?

Using the technique I’m sharing, you can replenish your energy when needed.

Simple Steps to Access Your Power Place.

  • Sit where you have no distractions, close your eyes and get quiet.
  • Bring your awareness into your body and focus on your breathing. Follow the rhythm of your breath for a few minutes.
  • Next, bring your attention to your heart center. Imagine you are breathing in and out through your heart.
  • Now, remember a time you felt completely loved or grateful. Allow this feeling of love and/or gratitude to fill your entire being. Just hang out in this feeling for several minutes.
  • In this space of expanded heart energy, imagine yourself standing in your power place.
  • See this place clearly. Hear it. Smell it. Feel it.
  • Imagine you are drawing energy from the earth under your feet up into your body. Allow the energy to fill you until it feels as if the energy has slowed or stopped.

When I do this with Delphi, I often see myself standing in a power stance like Wonder Woman holding a shield. This type of power energy is just what I need right now.

For you, the type of energy might be different. Trust your intuition to show you the place you most need now. Know that the energy you need is there waiting for you. It might be a power energy like mine, or it might be a calm energy, a healing energy, or an invigorating energy. Trust you will receive what you most need.

I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments (on the blog).

Happy New Year.



Energy Hitch Hikers

by Wendy Wolfe on December 14, 2016

Have you ever experienced a time when you were struggling with the trials of life and couldn’t catch a break?  Maybe you felt you were treading water and unable to move forward.  We all have those stretches of time when we are challenged with multiple stressors.  If you can’t seem to move past the stress, something else may be going on (besides depression, PTSD or a physical imbalance). stressed woman

Sometimes the struggle is amplified because a lower vibration energy form has attached itself to your energy field.  I refer to these energy forms as energy hitch hikers.  The energy could be from a spirit or a cluster of thought forms. If you’ve ever walked into a room where an argument recently took place and could feel the anger, you understand how the energy of a cluster of thought form feels.

I picked up a hitch hiker recently.  It began when I experienced several emotional challenges over the past few months.  A dog with cancer, moving my horses after 13 years, one sister with a major brain bleed and another with open heart surgery and then PTSD from the election.  A full emotional plate for sure.  I noticed it was hard to keep my emotional momentum going.  I was doing the usual things to keep myself balanced; heart centered meditation, connecting with friends and exercise in the fresh air yet improvements were only temporary.  I decided it was time to visit an energy healer for a tune-up.

As she was feeling into my energy field, she asked me if I had been to a hospital or nursing home recently.  I had been to both. I was with one sister in the hospital, another in a rehabilitation facility/nursing home and spent time volunteering for hospice in another retirement home.  She noticed there was an energy attached to me which she sensed I had picked up in one of these places.  This was a lower vibration energy.  It wasn’t negative or evil, just an energy form that attached itself to me. Together we ushered this energy form away from me and to a more appropriate place.  She continued to balance my chakras and complete the work.  Afterwards, I felt as if I had taken off a costume and was now myself again.  My energy felt more like me.

Emotions such as grief, depression, powerlessness, and anger, evoke lower vibrations in our energy body.  We can’t avoid these emotions because they are part of the human experience.  But when we are in this lower vibration we are vulnerable to attracting other lower vibration energies.

Imagine your job is to swim 100 laps a day.  Today, you’re tired, not feeling well and you swim much slower than usual.  There are other workers in the pool who are slow and can’t seem to swim their laps.  They notice you going slow and see an opportunity to grab onto you and let you do the work.  Now, in your already tired state, you’re dragging this other worker with you as you swim your laps.  They slow you down even more.  Energy hitch hikers do this to your energy field.  Their lower energy vibration lowers your vibration.  The stress you were feeling is harder to shake, the grief hangs on longer than you expected and you might anger more easily.  You might even find yourself thinking thoughts not typical for you.

Fortunately, you can always dislodge a hitch hiker and there are things you can do to avoid it happening in the first place.  We can’t avoid all stress in our lives but we can do a few things to keep lower vibrations from a making us their new home.

How to Avoid the Energy Hitch Hikers

  • When you are in a vulnerable place emotionally, mentally or physically, avoid hospitals, nursing homes and funeral homes.  If you can’t avoid them, do a heart meditation to raise your vibration before you go in (I forgot this).
  • To keep your vibration higher, manage your energy field daily.  My Energy Mastery Guided Meditation (free on this website) will take you through a process to disconnect from any energies via energy cords and keep the chakras flowing smoothly.  This process may not reveal any hitch hikers to you but it will raise your vibration.
  • When you’re experiencing a difficult stretch, seek out a skilled energy healer to shore up your chakras and remove anything which may have attached itself along the way.
  • Tend to your thoughts.  Shifting away from negative thoughts will improve your overall energy vibration and align you with more positive thoughts.  There’s a simple 20 second exercise you can do to train your brain to think more positively and it’s described in this article.
  • Remember to take good care of your physical body too.  Eat good food, drink lots of water and get exercise out in the fresh air as much as possible.

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