Join me as I share insights from animals in spirit and physical form, and from my own lessons learned as an intuitive.  Having trekked this path for decades my vision is to help you learn how to hone your intuitive gifts, create healthy energy boundaries and communicate with animals through private mentoring and workshops.

The Sanctuary for Sensitive Souls

by Wendy Wolfe on October 28, 2016

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions that seem to come out of nowhere?

Do you feel “drained” after being with certain people?

Do you feel a strong connection to animals?

Do you “know” when others are being untruthful?

Are you tired of dealing with anxiety and depression?

Do you “feel” others physical or emotional pain?

If you answered yes to a few of these, you are probably energetically “sensitive”. We are all energetic beings, and some of us are more sensitive or aware than others. Some of us are what’s known as a highly sensitive person and some of us are also empaths. You may have been born sensitive and your early childhood experiences may also have contributed to your sensitivity…and your intuitiveness.

Sensitive people tend to be more intuitive. We can sense more information, emotions and energies than others. We can more easily communicate with animals and those in Spirit. However, when we don’t understand this sensitivity, we can experience struggle and pain, both physical and emotional. Once we begin to see the gift and learn to use our abilities our sensitivities give us greater insight, clairvoyance and power in the world.

If this is you, I’ve created a virtual place on Facebook for you to join your tribe.

When we are surrounded by our tribe, we can be ourselves.

We can feel safe…safe to be who we really are.

We can express our feelings, thoughts and desires without concern of being judged.

This is a place where you can embrace the gifts and understand the challenges of being highly sensitive and empathic.

I’ll be there most every day to provide guidance for developing your intuitive and healing gifts…

I’ll share some of what I have learned to manage energy, anxiety and emotions.

And we will all learn from each other through authentic sharing in a positive, mindful, and non-judgmental environment.

If this sounds good to you, join me on Facebook in this “secret” group I created just for you.

The Sanctuary for Sensitive Souls:
Illuminating the gifts and overcoming the challenges.


A “secret” group on Facebook means even though you can see all the posts in your news feed, no one outside of the group can see the posts. No one can see that you are in the group except those already in the group. Your friends and family will not see what you post. You can share your experiences, your challenges, and your triumphs knowing that you are not judged but held in the heart by others who totally get you.

You are welcome (and I encourage you) to invite others you know who would benefit from joining our tribe.

I will post “Ground Rules” for the group in the files section which you must read and agree to as a member.

Here’s how it works. First, if you are not already friends with me on Facebook you will need to “friend” me. Click here to go to my FB page.

Once we are friends, private message me via Facebook and ask to be in the group…
OR if you see my post inviting people on Facebook, you can respond directly in the post with a “yes”. I will then add you to the group. Once you are in the group, read the Ground Rules in the “files” section and post that you have read them and agree to them.

That’s it.

See you in the Sanctuary.


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Love, Healing and Prayers

by Wendy Wolfe on June 29, 2016

King was only 10 weeks old when the seizures started.  This tiny toy poodle of two and a half pounds had already worked his way into my heart.   I recognized the flailing legs and odd body contortions as a seizure having lived through it before with my dog Boo Boo.  I began calling all the vets in the area and found a vet who would meet us at the Amherst Vet Clinic on this Sunday afternoon.  After examining him, the vet felt he hadn’t had a seizure but he might have an ear infection.  She gave us medicine for the ear and sent us on our way.  Though I wanted to feel relief, the scene lingered in my mind and part of me knew it had been a seizure.  kingbasketweb

I contacted my regular vet and scheduled an appointment the next day. In the wee hours of the morning, King had two more seizures.  The next day, I took him to my vet and called a friend near Chicago, also a vet to get her advice.  She recommended getting him to the nearest neurologist.  When I got to my vet, he made some calls to UW Madison but the neurologist would not be in for several days.

Our next best option was the Fox Valley Referral Center in Appleton.  We drove the 45 miles to Appleton.  The adrenaline kicked in and my heart raced.  My mind followed with “how could a dog so young have seizures?”  Did he get into something toxic?  What was to become of this tiny, precious life?

The triage nurse quickly assessed the situation and he was admitted and placed on seizure watch.  He had four more seizures in the next 36 hours.  Seven seizures in 72 hours.  His tiny, short life was in imminent danger.  To assess what might be causing the seizures, they began a multitude of tests including a cerebral spinal tap.  We left him in their hands feeling helpless.

When we arrived home, I contacted the Animal Distant Healing Network, an organization of healers around the world who volunteer their services for animals and people.  I explained his condition and by morning emails were coming in from healers around the world praying and sending healing energy to King.

The next day we drove to visit him and get the test results.  As we exited the last ramp, a deep unexpected peace came over me.  There was a shift in my being and energy I didn’t understand.  The adrenaline ceased. My heart slowed. It felt odd to have such serenity yet I was grateful for the break from worrying.

Arriving at the hospital, the vet assistant greeted us.  “When the Dr. took the spinal tap there was a complication.  Because he’s so tiny, she inadvertently poked his brain stem with the needle.  As a result, there was blood in the draw so we are unable to use the sample.  He’s also having some neurological issues that could be the progression of the disease or may be the result of the spinal tap”.  In spite of this news, my deep sense of calm was still with me.  Deep in my being, I knew the neurological issues weren’t the progression of any disease but the result of the spinal tap.

She took us into a small private room, brought King in and left us alone.  We set him on the floor and he walked lilting to the left, walking in circles as if his left hind leg had been pinned to the ground.    This was not the puppy we brought in.  My partner and I sat down facing each other.  Though I had never taken a Reiki or other energy healing class, I instinctively knew what to do.  I placed King on my lap, gently laying my hands on him.  Pulsating energy began to flow through my heart center and out my hands to King.  The vibration intensified and my being was overtaken with sounds and chants I’d never uttered before.  Deep, visceral indigenous sounds gushed out from the depths of my diaphragm.  The chanting felt foreign and at the same time, as if I had been doing this for many lifetimes. My body was buzzing from head to toe.  The energy between King, my partner and I was enmeshed, pulsating and aglow. There were no thoughts about what others might hear there was only the clear calling to act.  After about 10 minutes, the vibration began to slow, the chanting ceased.  With confidence, I looked at my partner and knew we were done.

Shortly after the doctor came into the room placing King on the table and conducting a few neurological tests.  With a puzzled look on his face he said, “His neurological issues are improving.  He’s doing much better already”.   We spent a little more time with King and left him again in their hands.

The next morning, we made the hour trip again to visit King.  When we met with the Vet he told us King had not had any seizures since the day before.  His neurological symptoms were improving though they still didn’t know the cause of his seizures.  He told us, “I think it might be best if we sent him home with you until you take him to Madison.  He seems to do better with you and he will be less stressed.”

We took King home and two days later I drove to Madison to see the Neurologist at the UW Veterinary College.  An MRI revealed a swollen brain stem from the spinal tap.  No other pathology was found in his brain.  All other tests were negative.  The only potential cause never ruled out was a reaction to the vaccinations King had received twelve days prior to the first seizure.

King has never had another seizure since the healing session.  The neurological symptoms were completely gone after 4 days.  Needless to say, he’s never received another vaccination.


Remembering Your First Time

May 5, 2016

Here’s a post I’m upcycling. I was communicating with a cat for a client in my Illumination Program.  Because she was learning how to communicate with animals this session was a little different.  Instead of me connecting alone with the cat and relaying the information, she joined me and together, we held a heart energy […]

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Getting From Pissed to Peace

April 21, 2016

What happens when you receive bad news or are faced with a choice you didn’t want to make? I’m talking about the life altering stuff; divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, tragic accident or life changing illness. For most of us, it means fear, anxiety, grief, anger, stewing, resentment, frustration, and more. Our mind and body is […]

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When listening within doesn’t work

April 7, 2016

Learning to trust our inner voice allows us to make decisions pointing us in the right direction and keeping us from harm. Getting quiet and going within is also the first lesson in communicating with animals. For over 12 years I’ve been teaching others to get quiet, go within and listen to the whispers of […]

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Is this Monster Hiding Within?

March 31, 2016

It’s easy for us to think of our job, finances, health, etc as causes for our anxiety. It might surprise you to learn the most significant factor in creating anxiety actually comes from within. It’s the critical voice we hear between our ears; our Inner Critic. Studies link negative self talk to anxiety, depression and […]

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Lightning and Thunder and Storms…Oh My.

March 18, 2016

There’s a trigger for anxiety you may not have realized. It’s especially true for  highly sensitive people and dogs. Have you ever had a dog that was afraid of thunder storms? You may have noticed they become agitated before the storm arrives. You might think the anxiety is caused by lightning and thunder (and the dog […]

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This is Your Magical Power

March 11, 2016

You see the two photos of roses? These roses came from one bouquet. I separated them into two vases, giving each flower and vase the same cut, water and food as I always do. Even though the photos were taken at the same time, one group of roses wilted without opening fully and one opened […]

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6 Tips to Create Beautiful Supportive Spaces

February 23, 2016

Do you live in a beautiful, well functioning space? It’s important. When you live and work in a functional, supportive space, you can thrive. The opposite is true as well. When you live or work in a space that is cluttered, unattractive and dysfunctional, it can erode your well being. As I’ve shared before, everything has […]

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Ditch the Dissapointment

October 20, 2015

How often does disappointment color your world?  Do you find yourself taken hostage by frustration or anger?  Do your unfulfilled wants spoil what’s great in your life? What if I shared with you a way to not be disappointed, to be free of frustration and anger? It sounds pretty good…maybe too good to be true.  […]

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