Join me as I share insights from animals in spirit and physical form, and from my own lessons learned as an intuitive.  Having trekked this path for decades my vision is to help you learn how to hone your intuitive gifts, create healthy energy boundaries and communicate with animals through private mentoring and workshops.

Correcting Rumors

by Wendy Wolfe on November 16, 2017

Apparently there’s fake news circulating about me. Today, I’m setting the record straight and sharing what I’ll be up to in the near future.

There’s a rumor that I am no longer communicating with animals. Not true. I still do readings and it’s simple enough to schedule a session on my website. I won’t be traveling to venues to do mass readings nor doing any type of “fairs”. Though I will continue to do readings, I won’t be promoting that aspect of my business.

Here’s what you can expect in the future.

I am holding an Animal Communication Practicum (half day of communication practice) for anyone who has taken Animal Communication Level 1 with me. The class is December 2nd in Amherst, WI and I have one spot available ($50). After this class, I will not be offering the practicum again.

I’m considering offering one more Animal Communication Level 1 class but that will likely be the last, ever. Not just this year.

As soon as my book is in print (first of 2018), I will be teaching the content of the book. The Fractured Phoenix, Gifts from a Broken Childhood, is about the relationship between early childhood trauma and enhanced intuitive/psychic gifts. And “childhood trauma” doesn’t necessarily mean sexual or physical abuse. We now understand that anxious parents, depressed parents, premature birth, illness, and many other ways in which an infant (or fetus) is neglected or subjected to stress can create an exceptionally sensitive, energy feeling, intuitive person. The book is part memoir, part “how to” for healing, managing being sensitive, and embracing your intuitive gifts.

I will continue to offer coaching/mentoring to support highly sensitive women and women who experienced early childhood trauma. My coaching supports you with energy management, emotional evolution, intuition development (including animal communication) and mindset training. Coaching is always tailored to your specific needs. You can schedule time to talk about this with me (no charge).

I also offer a couple of other opportunities to work with me one-on-one for specific issues you might be facing. A Ruby Slippers Session is a coaching session with added support and a personal intuitive reading by me. You can get support for a decision that you’re struggling with by signing up for a Soul Quest Session.

Going forward my articles will focus more on the content of my book though I may occasionally throw in something on animal wellness as it’s hard to get me off that soap box.

I’m very excited about the book and the work it will bring forth. I intend to speak to groups of therapists, social workers and those who have experienced trauma. This has been a long time coming and my Soul is jumping for joy.

I’m so very grateful you have been on this journey with me.

Thank you for your support.



Reincarnation, Yes, they come back

by Wendy Wolfe on November 2, 2017

I’ve written before about my personal experience with reincarnation.  My dog Tiger died unexpectedly at 11 yrs. old and then returned eight months later as Doc.  Tiger taught me a great deal about transitioning to spirit, hanging out with me when he was gone and then allowing me to experience him coming back in a new body. I didn’t realize this was the beginning of a specialty in my animal communication practice.

Since 2004, I’ve helped many clients reunite with an animal who crossed over and agreed to come back to share life with them again.  There have been some interesting stories and a few truths I’ve learned about the process.

All three dogs are back with me for a second time.

A couple came to me after tragically losing a young dog.  When I connected with the dog, he was happy to come back again and they desperately wanted him back.  The couple wondered if he could come back through the same breeder he had come from before.  He agreed.  Then he shared he would be the first-born male and would have something unusual about his coloring.  Unusual coloring seemed odd as this breed is completely black.  Sure enough, the first male puppy was born with a highly unusual white tip on his tail.

Another animal in spirit gave us some tips on how to find her.  She wanted to come back into a healthy body and said she would come through a natural breeder.  She also said to look for a heart.  It seemed odd, but the client began a search.  She found a natural breeder who used a specific puppy rearing program using a heart as a logo which was prominent on the website.  And just for a bit more confirmation, she was able to pick up her puppy on Valentine’s Day.  Another successful reunion.

Animals don’t always give specifics like this but be assured, if it is your intention to have the animal in your life again and it’s their Soul’s intention as well, it will work out.  People often worry about missing the animal, getting the wrong one, etc.  I have learned if you are both in agreement, it will work out.  And if you want help from me to learn if your animal wants to come back, to confirm or steer you in the right direction, I’m always here to help.

Sometimes the animal comes back to you later in their life if they want other life experiences prior to coming to you.  This happened with my Westie, Hannah.  I was volunteering at the Portage County Humane Society.  One day as I drove to volunteer, I heard a voice tell me “There is going to be a dog there for you today”.  And my response was, “No, we already have enough dogs.  I don’t need another”.

When I arrived, I was given a list of dogs and cats that were struggling, animals I would communicate with and support with essential oils or cranio-sacral therapy.  I noticed a bright and happy Westie.   I asked about her and was told she was surrendered because of extreme allergies and behavioral issues.  When I connected with her, it was clear; she was the one the voice was referring to.  With my background in nutrition and holistic healing for animals, dealing with allergies was no big deal and from what I could tell, her only behavioral issue was being a terrier.  The adoption counselor felt she would do well in my family but as I said, at the time my partner and I already had 4 dogs.

I was on my way to the shelter parking lot without her when my phone rang.  It was my partner who wondered if I was still at the shelter.  I said yes, and told about Hanna.  My partner was already on the way to the shelter sensing there was a dog we were meant to adopt.  At this point, I gave in to the wise voice even though it didn’t make sense at the time.  We adopted Hannah.  After putting her on a raw diet and providing some supplements she never exhibited any signs of allergies.  She’s also the best behaved dog I’ve ever had.  I learned from her she was my childhood dog Duchess.  A dog I witnessed be brutally killed to silence me.  She came back to me to help me heal from a traumatic weekend that still haunted me even after years of therapy and EMDR.  It worked.

It’s also possible but rare, for a soul to transition into an adult body where the soul presently occupying the body has decided to leave.  These are known as walk-ins and although rare, do sometimes happen.

Even though we have all experienced many life-times, we’re meant to focus on this incarnation…to be here in our body and enjoy being a physical being.  When we can do that with the love and companionship of our four-legged and feathered friends, life is that much fuller.

I’ve talked with other Animal Communicators who find this too complicated and fear they will not be able to reunite them.  As I said, that’s not been my experience.  I’ve never been unable to assist and witness a happy reunion.

If you want to reconnect with an animal in spirit and learn if they are coming back, just follow this link to schedule a session.

What’s your experience?  Did a kitty just show up on your door step and you knew she was with you before?  Or when you went to the shelter, there was just something about him, an instant connection.  Please share your own stories of how you reconnected with a previous animal in the comment section below.


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