Thank God for essential oils and forgiveness.

by Wendy Wolfe on December 24, 2010


This is one of those stories that is funny now…after the fact.   And I need to preface it by telling you that no humans or animals were hurt, well at least not permanently.  So here goes.

Wednesday evening I was getting ready to head out for a nice Birthday dinner.  Becky had just left to go feed the horses when I realized our cat Red was in the house.  Red is really a barn cat, though he likes to come hang in the house during the day.  Since Becky is allergic to cats we limit his time.  At night, he either goes to the hay shed or if it is really cold out, Becky will put him in the heated utility room of the barn for the night. 

As I said, Becky had already left to do chores when I noticed Red in the house.  I picked him up and took him out the patio door to send him on his way to the barn.  All of a sudden, Red began shrieking and shredding my hand and arm.  He was biting and clawing as if his life depended on it and screeching the most horrible sound…much like a late night cat fight.  I was shocked and my first instinct was to get rid of him.   But I couldn’t.  That’s when I realized his tail was stuck in the patio door.  As he continued to scream, shred and claw, I reached behind me as best I could with one arm bleeding and opened the patio door.  As I set him down (okay, I tossed him) he made a mad dash for the barn. 

All of this took place in only a matter of seconds but it seemed liked minutes had passed.  I went back into the house assessing my many wounds.  There was a fair amount of blood coming from several claw and bite holes.  I encouraged more blood to flow.

As you may know, cat bites and scratches can be very dangerous.  I remember as a teenager when my cat scratched my grandmother.  She ended up in the hospital and nearly died from the blood infection that resulted.  A similar situation happened to one of my sisters not that long ago.  So knowing this, my first priority was to bleed profusely and then disinfect with a vengeance.

After pumping out enough blood to donate to the Red Cross, I rinsed and headed to my essential oils case.  For this, I need the big guns and so I took out a bottle of Melaleuca Alternifolia (aka Tea Tree Oil).   I liberally dumped the oils onto all the wounds even spreading them to make sure it got in deep.   Satisfied that I had properly disinfected my wounds, I got ready for my Birthday night out.

Now if you are thinking, “Wendy, you are an animal communicator, how did you not know that Red’s tail was in the door”, let me tell you.   When your hand and arm are being shredded, all sense of calm and ability to connect goes out the window.  And after all, this took only about 30 seconds for the entire event.  I was however able to connect with Red a while later to learn that he was okay.

Later that evening I headed down to the utility room to check on Red more thoroughly.  When he saw me he came right to me and rubbed on me, purring wildly.  He held no resentment.  I checked out his tail and it was fine.  I told him how sorry I was that I caught his tail in the door, that I didn’t mean it and I understood why he felt he needed to attack my arm.  We both reacted to the situation instinctually and we both forgave the other.  He was just being a cat.  I was just being human. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all give each other that kind of slack.  To understand that each of us is just trying to survive and sometimes in that process others get hurt.  But if we can just trust that the true essence of the other is love and over look the bites, scratches and tails in the door, we might just find a lot more peace and happiness in our world. 

Many blessings to all of you during this season where we focus on Peace….may we  bring that to all that we do….all the year through.

P.S.  All of my wounds healed beautifully.  No redness, no sign of infection.

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Sue December 24, 2010 at 11:59 am

hee hee hee, I can see the whole thing…


Colette February 3, 2011 at 12:12 pm

I use lavendar EO neat on any cat scratches I get from my two kitties while playing too rough. I have always healed quickly with no infection.


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