That Soul Connection

by Wendy Wolfe on January 22, 2011

Tiger enjoying the snow

Why is it we are so drawn to certain animals in our lives?  I’m sure every one of you can relate to having experienced (and maybe currently so) a deep connection with one of your companion animals.  A connection so deep, with so much love that it may even confuse you.  Maybe you have had this connection with more than one. 

For me, Tiger, now Doc, has been one of those connections (for more on this story, click here).  From the first day I picked up Tiger and he clung to me saying “please don’t put me down, take me with you”, I was hooked.  Perhaps part of our bond was that we both shared a “difficult childhood”.  We could relate on an emotional level.  And even though he knew how to live in the present, his early months had ill prepared him for socializing and being comfortable.  I understood what it felt like to be scared and we related in that way.  I had deep empathy for him and we shared personality traits.

Doc and King romping in the snow

Of course relating on an emotional level because of shared experiences is only one small piece.  The larger piece of this puzzle has to do with our soul’s journey.  We soul’s, as pure light energy, have been clustered in groups over eternity.  We often reincarnate into a life that brings us in contact with souls whose lives we have shared before.  Often, when I communicate with animals, they tell me of other life times they have shared with their person.  These lifetimes together create that deep connection that we feel.

But there’s more.  As souls we also have agreements with other souls as to our experiences in this lifetime.  You could say that Tiger (Doc) and I agreed to come together at the time that we did and to go through our experiences together.  In this case, Tiger led me on a path to holistic healing and animal communication.  He then left abruptly only to teach me about death and reincarnation.  For him, he came to experience certain challenges his first time with me.  When he came back as Doc, he chose different experiences, this time coming back to a loving home and healthy body.  The deep bond that we developed was crucial to the experiences we chose.

So what about the other animals in our lives?  The ones we love and care for but don’t necessarily share that deep soul connection.  They too are part of our soul’s chosen experiences (and we part of theirs) but for reasons we don’t know now, we didn’t need to have that deep bond.   Sometimes it is the lack of the deep bond that is also part of the experience. Although it is important to be consistent with our care and affection, we needn’t feel guilty that we seem to love one more than the other.

Perhaps the bigger message here is that we are on a journey we have chosen.  Our lives are touched by many others all in an inexplicable web of our soul’s design.  With this understanding we can let go of whether or not we are doing the “right thing” and allow ourselves to be receptive to that which comes into our lives.  All is well.

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