Insight into Chaos and 2012 from the animals.

by Wendy Wolfe on March 2, 2011

Miami, a wise herd leader

Have you noticed feeling more anxious lately?  As I talk to people who are “sensitive” to energy, this feeling of anxiousness seems universal.  For some of us it is obvious with the political uprisings here and throughout the world that we feel tension.  After all, we are energetic beings and the current events alter the energy field we live in.  But is there more to it?  Is this part of the shift the Mayans and others predicted for 2012? And, how do our animals feel about it?  I decided to ask several animals.  It was very enlightening.  Here is what I learned.

First, I turned to Miami.  He is our wise, quiet, herd leader, a 24 yr old quarter horse. 

W (Wendy): People on this planet are experiencing a great deal of conflict.  Do you notice this?  Do you feel this energetically?

M (Miami): Of course we do.  There is tension…it is an energetic friction. 

(Miami shows me a picture that makes me think of atoms or molecules rubbing and bumping against each other in a very intense manner.)

W: Does it affect you?

M:  If affects everything; animals, plants, minerals, the Earth.

W: Is it negative…it is harmful?

M:  It is change or the process of change so I wouldn’t say it is negative as you humans would perceive.

W: (Suddenly I get this image of an electric beater) You mean like if I was baking a cake and I put in a bunch of ingredients, then mixed them up with a beater, that beating process is going on now and then after a few minutes it is batter, looks different but all the ingredients are there and then after I cook it, it becomes cake.  Still all the same ingredients are there, just in a different form.

M:  Well from the pictures you are showing me I would say yes, but I don’t know cake or batter.

W: For me and other people I know this process-this tension doesn’t feel good to us.

M:  That’s because you insist on labeling everything and not just observing.

W:  That’s true, you are wise.  So it doesn’t bother you or the other horses?

M:  We are all different.  Those who choose to align their energy, their vibration, with the changing vibration will be less bothered.  Some will choose to leave and go into Spirit for the transformation…for when the earth becomes “cake”.

W:  Can you tell me what this transformation will be like?

M:  No.  Just know that it will be okay.

W:  Are people having conflicts because the planet’s vibration/energy is shifting or is the planet’s vibration/energy shifting because the people are in conflict?

M:  It is primarily that the energy shifts are affecting the people but there is much more to this…it would be difficult for humans to understand or comprehend.  This has been going on for some time.

W:  How can we support the animals and the Earth?

M:  The “conflict” is inevitable but for those of you who understand the bigger picture it will be important to stay present, central, in a place of love.  Like when you talk to the animals or meditate or pray. 

W:  Is there anything else you want to share? 

M:  Always look to the place of silence, the void, the place of peace, the space between the spaces (note:  this is the best I can interpret this communication…I can feel his idea but it is difficult to put into words).

I decided to ask some other animals the same question.  The responses were different for the most part.  Most of the others felt the energy and were not as philosophical about it as Miami.   For all of them I asked if they felt energy that was anxious or tense from their people or just in general.

Smokey (20 yr old, horse, gelding):  I find the energy a bit disturbing at times.  It requires frequent rebalancing energetically.   I can feel by Smokey’s energy that he is a bit annoyed by it.

Mariah (10 yr old, horse, mare):  First, Mariah tells me she is bored.   She needs more challenge and is tired of winter.  Would I PLEASE play with her or something!  Then she tells me, she finds it very disturbing, it feels threatening and ominous.   I assure her that she is safe even if my energy feels anxious and tense. 

Doc (6 yr old, dog, male):  Yeah, I’ve noticed it.  I’m a grounding rod…I grab the tense, erratic energy and send it into the earth.  No big deal.

King (7 yr old, dog, male): King tells me that when he feels his people tense he knows it is his duty to protect the Kingdom.  Of course I tried to convince him this wasn’t necessary but he feels he has very important work to do.

Hannah (3 yr old, dog, female):  When she feels our tension she feels more wound up and needs to release the excess energy.  For her, physically ridding herself of the tension through activity is very important.

Charlie (8 yr old, dog, male):  Charlie belongs to a friend of mine.  He is a very wise and talkative guy.  He is aware of the tension we feel.  He tells me he is helping to ground his “Mom”.  She doesn’t want to stay in her body because she feels uncomfortable but I am okay with this.  I know how to do this.  I use my heart energy so I am fine.  He advises all of us to stay calm and centered.  He also tells me that his “brother” Leo, doesn’t understand how to do this.  He is very reactive.  I’m trying to help him too.

Annika (6 yrs old, cat, female): Like me, most cats are here to alter the vibration from our people.  We are “transmuting” the energy.  Sometimes it takes a physical toll but that is okay.  It is what we are here to do. We have experience in this from many previous incarnations. (When she tells me this I feel she is talking about planetary incarnations, not just incarnations on this planet…very ancient feeling).

Chava (6 yrs old, cat, female):  Chava belongs to a longtime client/friend. First she tells me how much she loves her mom because her mom takes such good care of her and the other animals.  When I asked her about the tension we all feel, the energy of the planet she tells me this. “It’s going to get better…its all going to be better.  There will be more peace, more love, more respect for all life”  I ask her if it will be difficult before it get’s better.  She replies “Not as difficult as you think.”

Annie (24 yrs old, cat, female):    Annie is our three-legged barn cat who is the greatest mouser that ever lived.  Here’s what she had to say about the energetic tension.  ” I will transition before the “primary alterations”.  I will then help from the other side.  I ask how she will help.  “I and many others will be holding balance.”  When I ask her to help me understand that she shows me a picture of a teeter-totter.  She knows I understand this concept.  Then she tells me “It’s all perfect.  You needn’t worry but people need to stay centered in their hearts.  This is very important.

I feel like I could go on and on talking to other animals about this.  Perhaps I will talk with some wild animals and share that in a future blog.  I’m sure many will have something to share.  

There were a few common threads.   Some animals are helping us with this and some will need us to stay balanced to help them.  Staying in a heart centered space will be important for us and everyone else.  It makes sense that if we can avoid becoming caught up in the drama, we will be able to contribute peaceful, loving energy to help balance the teeter-totter.  And the other message that was clear; it will all be okay

If you would like to learn how to stay heart centered and develop your intuitive skills to hear the animals or to learn how to balance yourself in this energy chaos, consider joining one of my classes.  I am hosting one on March 19th, and you can get more information here.

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Diane Ludeking March 2, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Thanks so much for sharing this, Wendy!! I thoroughly enjoyed all the perspectives and universal truths.


Barb Achten March 2, 2011 at 11:13 am

Thanks for you and your work with animals. It is inspiring. It is good to hear of their words of advice to stay centered, balanced and in the heart. They are all Buddhists at heart!
The middle ground is the same answer I find for myself in these times. How do I stay centered, yet engaged? Calm communication is what comes to me. It is my daily prayer…. heart centered, and spirit lead. Love and support to you and your work. Barb Achten


Wendy Wolfe March 2, 2011 at 11:56 am

Thanks Barb. I’m working at seeing the gift of these times as needing to consistently stay heart-centered. It’s sort of forced learning amd meditation ;-))).


goldnlight March 2, 2011 at 12:35 pm

I absolutely loved this post. Thank you so much for the work you do. I am very much looking forward to your future blog with comments from wild animals. Thanks again.
Blessings of love, light and gratitude!


Heather K. March 2, 2011 at 9:08 pm

What a wonderful post Wendy! I sometimes put myself in your shoes and wonder how you get anything done; with such an amazing talent I think I would want to be out talking to animals ALL the time!! 🙂 Big thanks to you and the animals who shared their wisdom, I too look forward to hearing what the wild ones had to say.


Daniela LeBlanc March 2, 2011 at 4:47 pm

This was incredibly enlightening. And certainly aligns with what I have experienced. Our news, TV etc seems to focus on negative situations. So I stopped watching it even though I thought I really needed to know what’s happening. But I found that I lead a much happier and more balanced life focusing on the here and now and what’s right in front of me, especially my animals. I have found more peace in my life and in turn have been able to bring more peace to other animals. Thanks for sharing!


Jeanne Shamrowicz March 2, 2011 at 6:25 pm

Thanks for sharing this Wendy….I really needed to hear it. I found comfort in what the animals had to say and passed it on to a few friends. Even though I no longer live with any animals (my ex has the cats…he needs them more than I do :), but I still visit) I still enjoy connecting with you and your messengers via your blog and the various e-mails you send. Peace and blessings to you and yours!


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