Rabbit arrives just in time for Easter

by Wendy Wolfe on April 20, 2011

Today rabbit showed up to share some insights.  I expected him for the last few weeks and today he was here.   He asked me to call him “Thumper”.

In my minds eye I could see him, a light brownish gray, a bit fat and fluffy.  Shortly after I first saw him my entire “tv screen” began to fill up with bunnies.  They were popping up all over and the scene became wider and soon filled with hundreds of bunnies.

Thumper explained to me, “This is the creation process.  There is a birthing occurring now very quickly.   As with all birthing processes there is some pain…there is “labor” involved but when the baby is born, the beauty, the innocence and the purity are so profound that you quickly forget the pain.  I want you to remember this if you are feeling struggle or pain.  This entire planet and all her creatures are in an extraordinary creation process and sometimes it feels like painful labor.  When this labor is complete, you will be filled with a pure and beautiful innocence.  A feeling of renewed wonder will replace the dread and apprehension that so many are experiencing.”

“We rabbits are often associated with fear but our fear has more to do with cautious awareness.  We maintain a heightened awareness of the present moment.  We are creators and we live with great abundance.  We want you to revel in the abundance that you have now.  See what is here now not what is missing.”

Thumper hopped off into the distance.  He was done birthing his message to me.

Asking again, is there anyone else who wants to share with me I saw another face…and frankly this time I was surprised as it wasn’t an animal.  This time, I saw the face of Christ.  I said to myself, “okay, I am open to sharing messages from the animals but lets not get carried away here…like I am going to tell people Christ is sharing messages with me?”  Then I realized how silly that was…I have always heard from Christ and other great teachers when I asked for their help.  Christ reminded me that he speaks to everyone and I am not anyone special…just the one who was asking for messages at the moment.

I am going to share what I heard because if there is one thing I have learned about using my intuitive gifts, if information comes and you ignore it the door slowly closes on the information.  Not permanently of course, but for more information to flow in, you need to trust and act on what you get.  With the disclaimer that I am not a “channel” anymore than you or anyone else and that these messages are available to everyone, I will share what I “heard”.

“Care for each other, love each other especially when you disagree.  See the others’ point of view, see where they are coming from and try to understand and acknowledge their pain.  Do not add to their pain.”

“Remember you are each divine, the “Christ” or “Divine” is in each one of you.  There is only perfection.  Anything else is an illusion.”

Then I heard…do you have the courage to write this?  I guess I do.

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Patty Walport May 5, 2011 at 8:13 am

I love your story and you are an amazing person!


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