Fox comes out of hiding to help

by Wendy Wolfe on May 25, 2011

This morning as Becky went out to do chores she noticed a fox trotting down the horse’s lane to their paddock.  This is the third time fox has been right out in the open for us to see.  The first time was about 3-4 weeks ago when he was on the driveway and as we drove down the road he crossed our path again.  Well that makes three times so I knew it was time to have a chat with fox and see what he wanted us to know.

Wendy:  You have been right out in the open.  Aren’t you concerned about who might see you?

Fox:  I’m very selective about who sees me…you and Becky can see me but to others I am invisible.

Wendy:  Why have you shown up?  Do you have a message for us or my readers?

Fox:  For you I have shown up to assist you in your new work (Phoenix Rising).  I will help you and your students.  You have much in common with Fox energy.

Wendy:  How is that?

Fox:  Fox pups are born deaf and blind.  They must rely on sensing energy when they are very young.  Because of this they grow up to be very instinctual and very good at sensing energy around them and  sensing danger before it gets close enough to do harm.  Although they are very vulnerable as pups that vulnerability teaches them great skills to use in their lives.

We also play with our energy slipping in and out of places unnoticed, blending into the background.  It is a good technique to learn and can be quite fun.

Wendy:  It’s true that is some of what I am teaching in Phoenix Rising – awareness of your energy and the energies around you, how to control your energy body and how to use it to create more calm and balance in your life.  I can see where Fox energy would help us with this.

How does this apply to others?

Fox:  All of you should be paying more attention now to your energy body.  The Earth’s vibration is shifting and that includes your energy body.  It is important to understand what you sense and feel.  It gives you information about yourself and the others in your life.  You can learn what others in your life might need from you.  You also learn what is needed to stay grounded and centered…that will help stabilize the Earth as these changes occur.   When you have awareness of your instincts and your energy you can use it to uplift the world.

Wendy:  I’m really looking forward to having you join us Saturday.  I know there is a great deal we can learn from you.  Are you open to having others (my readers) connect with you for a personal message?

Fox:  All animals are open to communicating with humans…all you need to do is ask and get quiet enough to hear us.

Wendy:  Is there anything else you would like to share?

Fox:  Be light with yourself and be light with the Earth.  See how play lightens your energy and your Spirit and how gentleness honors the Earth.

Wendy:  Thank you.

I was already really excited about this Saturday and now I have Fox to help with this work.  I’m really honored for the assistance and the validation.  You can click here for more information about Phoenix Rising.

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Diane Ludeking May 25, 2011 at 4:05 pm

How cool Wendy!! I am so excited by Fox’s message!


Renee May 28, 2011 at 5:31 pm

I am beginning to understand why you and Becky have been in my dreams lately. Fox’s message reverberates in my heart. Energybody, staying grounded, understanding what you feel, sensing what others are putting out there…Oh my goodness! This was such a timely message…Thank you Fox; and, thank you for sharing your gifts Wendy.


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