Lessons from the Baby Bunnies

by Wendy Wolfe on May 4, 2011


First, a disclaimer.  Some might find this disturbing.  I hope you can get past that and hear what the message is. 

Yesterday at about 5 am I got up with the dogs to let them out as I usually do each morning.  King just can’t seem to wait much longer so I accommodate his little bladder even though it is long before I want to get up.    Shortly after they went into the yard I noticed Hannah had picked something up in her mouth.  I shouted, “Hannah, drop it” and she did.  Red, the cat has left gifts from time to time out in the dog yard though he had stopped for many months now at my request.  In my bare feet I went out into the yard to find a very young rabbit that was dead.  Just as I picked up the little guy, Red hopped over the fence with another baby rabbit in his mouth and dropped it at my feet.  I picked this one up and realized he was still alive.  Needless to say, I was very upset. 

I went back into the house and called to Becky to help me.  She got the dogs in and we discussed what to do with the little injured rabbit.  We both knew the shock alone would probably kill him.  I did some energy work for him, if only to ease his transition. 

Many attempts previously in both our lives had taught us that it is often difficult to save these little ones.  Still, we decided to make a warm nest for him.  There weren’t any visual signs of severe damage but he was very weak.  Becky took him to the barn and tried to get him to take a little almond milk (it was what we had).  No luck.  She wrapped him in a couple of towels and placed him in a soft bed in the heated utility room.  I checked on him a couple of times that morning and did more energy work.  By afternoon, he had passed.

Later that morning I had a talk with Red.  Part of me was angry but I also knew he was just doing what cats do.   And he was bringing his bounty to share with his dogs.  I reminded him that while I knew this was all natural for him and even part of his job on this planet, I did not want him bringing these treats to the dogs.  “Red, they get plenty of food here in the house, you don’t have to provide for them.  They might even get sick from some of the treats you bring them…they don’t have as strong a constitution as you do.  Please, leave the baby bunnies in their nests; it is very hard for me to see them die.  I know it is all part of the cycle of life but the little girl in me gets very upset.”  I then asked that he please consume his prey in other areas of the property and not share the remains with us.  Red understood.  He was only trying to do his job of keeping the populations on the property down.  He really does want to please and he was hoping that if he showed us what a good provider he is we would let him hang out in the house.  You see Becky is very allergic to cats so Red can only come in for short visits.  He doesn’t want to live with us full-time but he would like a door so he could come and go as he wishes.

This morning, I decided to connect with the spirits of the baby bunnies to find out what I might learn from this experience.  They shared with me why this happened. 

The bunnies told me they came into the world for this experience but that it wasn’t just the experience of becoming food for other animals.  They told me that they were able to experience the feelings of all the lives they came in contact with.  I suppose we would consider them empathic.  They experienced their mother and her gentleness and worry when they went missing, the excitement and delight of the cat that caught them, the generosity and pride of the cat sharing with his dogs and then the cat’s disappointment when they were taken away from him and the dogs.  They also felt the curiosity and excitement of the dogs that smelled them and they felt the sadness, grief and helplessness of the humans, the love and healing energy and finally the spiritual connection with me after they had crossed over.  While their life was very short, they were able to experience a wide range of feelings.

The message that was shared with me about this was “You humans tend to think you have these things figured out.  You have beliefs that frame how you perceive your world.  What is important to remember is that how you see a situation is extremely limited from the full holographic dimension of what has actually taken place.  Try to observe more, experience the “beingness” of the situation and judge less.”

I’m not sure I won’t feel bad if this happens again but I will try to remember that it is my perspective that is creating the sadness.  If I choose differently, I can feel differently.

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Sue Strehlow May 4, 2011 at 3:56 pm

What a truly unique gift the baby rabbit gave you on how animals see things so differently from us. Sometimes we are very one demensional in our views and don’t realize that everything that happens has a purpose and a lesson. Good and bad don’t necessarily seem to play into the equation. It just is….In their short lives the bunnies experienced more emotion than most humans allow themselves to feel in a lifetime.


Laurie M May 5, 2011 at 6:26 pm

My Tiger is a hard core hunter also. I had a talk with him about his habit of hunting songbirds at the neighbor’s bird feeders; I told him that he and we would get in trouble from the neighbors if he continued to do this. His reply was gruff and matter of fact: “I’m a cat and it’s what I do!” I told him we could compromise…he could hunt birds but only on our property. He then said “I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try.”
Lately he has been bunny hunting. The other day, my son took a baby bunny away from him and locked him in the house because the bunny was squealing as Tiger batted it around. This morning the dogs tried to bring another one of Tiger’s kills in the house. I had accepted Tiger’s need to hunt and was ok with that, but I felt really bad about the bunnies. I feel better after reading your conversation with the bunnies; they don’t seem to hold a grudge at least and seem okay with what happened, it was part of their plan while here.


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