Spider weaves her web with questions for you and me.

by Wendy Wolfe on June 30, 2011

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey

when along came a spider and sat down beside her

and frightened Miss Muffet away.

I confess, I too get frightened by spiders. I guess I have watched too many late night movies about giant spiders taking over a small desert town. Most spiders are really quite harmless and actually fragile.  Still, when I see a spider in my bathroom, I ask them to please go somewhere I don’t have to see them. I don’t typically kill them, I just ask them to go away. For the past few weeks spiders have been everywhere. Hmmm. Makes me think I need to ask about this. So I got quiet to hear what the spiders wanted me to know.

And here’s a confession. I couldn’t hear anything. Nope. I was totally blocked by my own feelings. Feelings that I had pushed deep inside hoping they would go away. Like that works. I know I am not alone in this habit…pretend I don’t have these feelings; find a way to numb myself. The truth is it is better to just let the feelings out. Stuffing doesn’t work it just makes the pain last longer. Better to acknowledge the feelings and get on with life. But sometimes I still push things down until I have cleaned everything in the house (so that part is kind of useful) and obsessed about other little things to keep me preoccupied. Eventually it just doesn’t work anymore. So I stop what I am doing and feel. Yes, it usually involves crying. I actually like crying in a way because I know how much better I will feel once my sinuses clear. It lifts a weight off of me…the one that was trying to hold all those feelings in. And it doesn’t really matter what the feelings are about, they just are. They are a form of energy that needs to be expressed. Some of us like to express with others around, some of us go off by ourselves. Either way, it is the releasing of the energy that is important.

So having faced the dreaded feelings and then released them, I went back to listen to spiders’ message.

Spider said, “ What are you creating with your life these days? Are you weaving a web to empower others? To allow others a path to travel? OR are you holding others within your web to serve your needs? Perhaps you have created a web of mistrust that has trapped you more than anyone else?

“All of your actions and thoughts towards others are like a web you send out in all directions. Is the web supporting them or is it entangling them? You each have qualities to weave a magical web that is uniquely your own. No one else can create the web you can create…it is your gift to the world. Build your web with love and passion. Let your creativity out and stand tall in the center of your web. It is there for you…and for all of those you touch. “

Today, I am choosing to stand tall in the center of my web. It is my intention to always empower others…but I think Spider has given me something to ponder on; an opportunity to look at how my work is serving others and what I might create differently.

It also makes me ponder how much I need creativity in my life. Sometimes my work is that avenue, especially when I am writing or creating promotional materials. But sometimes I need to do something else…draw, paint, decorate, cook any expression of the creative self that longs to come out.

We have an old picnic table that was almost completely devoid of the old red barn paint. It was looking pretty sad so I decided to brighten up the yard by painting it a bright lime green color. Now my plan is to paint some whimsical brightly colored flowers on it. It will do my inner child good to paint flowers.

What will you create today with your work or your passion?

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Mary Hetzel July 7, 2011 at 6:45 am

Love it, Wendy. We have an abundance of water spiders here this year but I bet their message revolves around the ripples they create. I like it!! I had to laugh when I read about your old picnic table. We have a cedar swing and a few years ago I went kind of crazy painting vines and flowers on it and even the word “SWING” (like anyone needed to know that)! Anyway, last fall we stained the deck and I stained the swing thinking I’d get rid of the childish painting. Guess what? It still shows right through the stain. Think I will take time to “swing” today!!


Wendy Wolfe July 7, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Isn’t it funny how “childish” takes on a whole new meaning when we become adults and need some relief from our adult lives. Ahh to have the curiosity and wonder of a child forever ;-)).


psychicintraining December 9, 2011 at 12:13 pm

I think it’s okay to be frightened of some things. I too am almost paralized at the sight of spiders – and the spiders here in the rainforest are HUGE!

I also ask them to hide from me, if they need to live inside. I try to tell some of them they will starve weaving their webs on the inside of windows, but they like it where it’s dry and sheltered.

As a kid, I was bitten twice by spiders, and I woke up once with one of my face. I remember these experiences vividly, and have given myself permission to be afraid of them.
Next time I see one though, I’ll approach him receptively… as long as he’s not IN MY BED! or IN MY CLOSET! or IN THE BATHROOM SINK TAKING UP HALF OF IT! OMG!
Fortunately, my partner is a spider person. She can handle them without fear, it’s amazing. She picks them up in her hands and carries them outside.


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