The Kittens are talking.

by Wendy Wolfe on June 16, 2011

The kittens are really coming into their own…developing personalities and delighting us with their antics.  Today I decided to talk to them and see what they had to say about whom they are, why they are here and anything else they wanted to share. 

The kitties enjoying a soft bed

With kittens or other young animals you never know just what you might hear.  Sometimes they are having so much fun in their new bodies it is difficult to keep their attention long enough to have a discussion.  Other times, you have a young animal that is a very wise soul and surprises you with their depth of awareness and wisdom.    

The orange tabby and the orange tabby and white kittens will most likely be going to live with a woman and her two daughters near Milwaukee.  We have given them temporary names but know that those will likely be changed. 

Puff Puff (Muted orange tabby) was the first to come forward to talk.

Puff Puff: When do we get to go outside? (we have been keeping them in the barn for safety). Mom has lots to teach us. 

Wendy:  Soon, maybe even tomorrow.  It seems like you already understand about hunting.  You seem to have a good instincts. 

Puff Puff:  Yes, but there is still a lot she needs to show us.  (I went on to talk with him about his potential new life and new family…he is open to this.)

Calypso (Muted Calico) aka “Callie”

Callie:  You are very big…that’s scary sometimes. 

Wendy:  Yes, I know.  As you grow older and bigger it won’t feel so scary.  You can be assured we will never hurt you.  Everything we do is to keep you safe and healthy.

Callie:  Like our Mom.

Wendy:  Yes, but your Mom will also teach you many important things we can’t teach you.  I also want you to understand that your Mom has not had a lot of experience with humans either.  She is also learning to trust us.  Is their anything you want to tell other people?  Many people will read this.

Callie:  I think you should let life surprise you…it’s more fun that way.  Allow adventure.  We love to explore places we haven’t been before just for the fun of it.  As she tells me this she shows me how she jumps up at virtually nothing just for the fun of it.

"Rascal" enjoying the kitty hut

Rascal (the orange tabby with blocks of white).

Rascal:  Thanks for the soft beds.  We all really like them. 

Little Joe (aka Junior) the black and white kitty who looks like his daddy.

Wendy:  Do you like your name?

Little Joe:  I don’t think I’m going to be little for long…that might not be the best name for me. 

Wendy:  How about Junior or just “Joe” as you get older. 

Little Joe:  I will think about it.  I think maybe I need a stronger name.

Wendy:  Okay, we will ask you again in a few weeks. 

Next I talked with the black female who is clearly here to join me.  I thought of two names for her Samantha (Sammie) or Tabitha.  I asked her which she preferred or if there was another name she might prefer.  She likes Samantha…Sammie.

Samantha:  I was with you before…when you were a little girl.  I was a male kitty then.  (I remember him).  I came back this time as a female to bring feminine energy to you.  But you need to be gentler with me now then when you were little.

Wendy:  Yes, I didn’t really know how to be gentle with cats as I was very young myself.  I will be much gentler now.

Samantha:  I think you are afraid your feminine side is weak.  You think it makes you more vulnerable but it is actually what makes you so strong and resilient.  People in your culture are wrong about this.  Women are like the roots of a tree that give life and stability to the tree.  As more feminine energy comes to the planet more healing and stability will take place. 

Look at my Mommy.  She gave birth to us, she has taught us many important things, she cleans us and keeps us healthy and safe.  It is good to be female….and feminine. 

Wendy:  That’s a good point.  Your Mom is very strong and capable…yet nurturing.

Samantha:  I want to get to know the dogs.  I was really good friends with your dogs before and I want to be good friends with these dogs.  I need to teach them they can be friends with cats.  We can all get along.

Wendy:  That shouldn’t be a problem.  They are okay with Red.   They will just need to spend time with you.  You will need to be a little older before we introduce you.

I welcome Samantha and all the kitties into my life.  Over the years I have learned so much from the animals that each new one I meet is like a new book waiting to be opened, enjoyed and learned from.  Of course they are much more cuddly than a book ;-). 

Smokey and I are heading north to Lake Superior.  I wasn’t sure if we would still make the trip after his illness but he is open to it and my guidance is urging me on.  I have always wanted to swim in a lake with Smokey like I did with my first horse Walker when I was about twelve.  NowI get to swim with Smokey in a very BIG lake during the Summer Solstice.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  May you all have a beautiful and transformative Summer Solstice.

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Sue Strehlow June 16, 2011 at 2:18 pm

Thanks Wendy for sharing the wisdom of these young (old) souls. they make me think about my recent loss of Sammy. While he is physically gone he is so much still in my heart. He is still teaching me new things.from the other side. Safe travels to you and Smokey on your adventure. i feel it will be more magical than you can imagine.


Jeanne Shamrowicz June 19, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Thanks Wendy and kittens! As usual, your blog offers me insight and clarity. : ) And I must say that kittens are my favorite baby animal (been drawn to them since I was a very young child) so it is especially sweet for me to hear what they have to say.
Hope you and Smokey have a wonderful Solstice adventure!


animals photos September 12, 2011 at 6:46 am

thanks for this great article:)


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