A heartfelt message from a buck named Argus.

by Wendy Wolfe on October 19, 2011

A very beautiful buck and doe have been hanging around Open Heart Ranch.  Hanna (our Westie) has been on high alert.  Last night the buck stood just outside the pasture fence completely unafraid of the noise and activity.  This seemed rather strange behavior so I decided I would see if this buck would communicate with me and of course he did.

After getting quiet I asked for the buck to come forth and he was quickly in front of me looking strong and proud. He told me his name is Argus.   I asked him why he chose to come visit us.  Following is what he shared with me.

Argus:  We know the hunting season is approaching.  The brightest of our species can sense the safe places.  We read the energy of the people and animals that live near by.  We also know where others of us have fallen before.  Sometimes we don’t have any choice but to go to those spaces but when we can avoid it we do.

Wendy:  While it is true I do not hunt, I do eat meat, even that which comes from your clan.  Yet you still consider this a safe place?

Argus:  We do have an understanding that some of us will die and we are okay with that.  We ask that if you kill us you do it in a way that causes a quick death so we do not suffer.  We also ask that you make good use of that which you kill.  We know we are not in this body forever and that losing this body is not an end to us.  It is most honorable for us to die for someone who appreciates the gift that we are and respects our intelligence.  We sense that in you and this place.

It is difficult for us when a young one is killed.  It seems such a waste.  We would ask the hunters to please be mindful of the animal before you kill.

Wendy:  Is there anything else you want to share with me or the people who will read what I share about our conversation?

Argus:  There is a reason an animals dies so quickly if you pierce its heart.  I want you to think about that.  It is the heart that is the most vital part of the animal. Not just because it pumps the blood through the body but because it is where the life force begins and ends.  It is the doorway to all love and all intelligence.  It is where we plug into life.  Cherish your hearts and keep them open.  The more you share your heart with others the more our world will shift to one of peace and equality.  Just as we harbor no resentment towards the hunters, do not harbor resentment or anger towards those who would do you harm.  Instead see their heart, it is there in even the most reprehensible of them.  We are all from the same thread regardless of the fabric we weave while on this earth.  Love others and you honor us and all who inhabit this home.

Wendy:  Thank you.  That is very powerful.  When I think of your ability to love even those who hunt and kill you it humbles me.  You have given me a new standard of love to strive for and I thank you for that.

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Jean October 19, 2011 at 3:10 pm

That was a beautiful, insightful communication. Thank you Argus and Wendy.


Char October 27, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Beautiful ,I am so proud of you


Wendy Wolfe October 27, 2011 at 10:12 pm

Thanks Mom ;-)))).


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