Crow insists we go within.

by Wendy Wolfe on December 1, 2011

This morning crow showed up in my meditation.  First, I heard him calling from a distance.  Then he landed next to me at eye level.  He tilted his head and brought his left eye very close to my right eye.  He stared into my eye and I saw a vision of him looking into me as if he were looking into a long tunnel with various colored rings along the perimeter.  It was as if he were looking into my soul.  Then he pecked down at my keyboard and hands. (After my initial meditation I put my laptop on my lap so that I can quickly type the messages as they come too fast for me to remember them or write them out in long hand).  I said, yes, I will record what you tell me.  What is your message?  Again, he stared into me and then pecked again.  “I’m sorry but I don’t understand”, I said.  He pecked again.  Now my stomach was getting tight.  Why am I not hearing him, I thought?  I took a few deep breaths, focused on my heart center and asked again what his message was.  He flew up to a high branch, came back down to me, stared at me and pecked again.  Finally, I heard him say (he was trying to make a point):

Look inside yourself for the answers.  Do not look to me or to others.  All you need to know about you and your world is already within you.  The magic you seek is within.  The love you seek is within.  The peace you seek is within.  The harmony and joy you seek is within.  All your external experience is manifest based on what is within.  If you want to change your external world, you must change your internal world first.  It is easier than you think.  The only thing that prevents you is your fear of hearing what is inside.  But what is inside will never bring you harm or be unloving to you.  What is inside will only bring you peace.  Your greatest fear should be what happens when you deny that which is within.  Denying the self is at the basis of all fear, greed, hatred and injustice in your world.  When you are truly in alignment with your self you are in alignment with love and only good can come from love.

That was it.  He flew off.  As he left I wondered, is he telling me to not listen for messages?  I heard: No.  When you go inside as you do in your meditation and ask for messages from the animals, you are hearing us, but we are you.  We are all connected at the place of the heart.  When you listen to your heart, you hear the consciousness of love.  It is love that binds us all together…love that truly is who we all are.

Yes, I know this.  We are all connected.  I experienced this vividly about twelve years ago.   I was driving my car down a country road.  It was a beautiful day and yet there was nothing unusual about the day.  I was however, very grateful for the day and noticing the beautiful scenery.  Then for an instant, I felt the most amazing connection to everything.  The colors of the landscape and the sky became absolutely brilliant.  I was the trees and the sky, the birds and the deer.  I was everything.  It was the most amazing experience of complete and unconditional love I have ever known.  And in an instant it was gone.

It was similar to my experience of leaving my body at four years old where I was greeted and comforted by Angels.  It is a complete awareness that you never need worry about anything; that you are part of an amazing web of life and you feel absolute bliss when you are aware of your connection.    Many others have had this experience and it changes you forever.  You no longer wonder if there is life after death, if there is something we call God, Spirit, Goddess, or Divine Consciousness.  You know it exists because you experienced it.

So my dear friends please share your stories here.  I know others of you have like stories and sharing will help those who haven’t yet had this blissful experience to more deeply appreciate what is in store for them.  You and I know it is all GOOD.

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