Miami shares his wisdom about the end of a physical life.

by Wendy Wolfe on December 13, 2011


Today in my meditation, our herd leader Miami came to me to talk about the end of life for animals. He knew this was weighing on my mind as I have been dealing with many client animals recently preparing to leave their body. Miami, who is 28 years old, has been in a great deal of pain with a hoof abscess. When our animals age and begin to have physical problems it’s hard for us not to start thinking about when we will be without them. In his amazing wisdom, Miami shares about this process from his perspective. I am sure you will find it enlightening.

Miami: I want to talk with you about the end of life. The end of this physical body for animals. When we are aging we are not concerned about dying. We seldom like that we are not as physically able as we used to be but we are not sad. We do notice your feelings towards us, your sadness, your trouble dealing with seeing us age. It’s a curious thing to me that you fight so against what is a natural process.

Wendy: But don’t you feel sadness at the thought of being without your human or animal companions?

Miami: We do have moments of concern for those we “leave” behind but we also know we are never without our companions. And more importantly we aren’t focusing on leaving them because we are still with them. Why would we be anywhere in our thoughts other than where we are in the moment? That’s just silly.

We do appreciate that you go to such lengths to to make us comfortable although when it is just to keep us in our body longer it isn’t so much for us as it is for you. Most of us are okay with that. We appreciate that we have come together in this lifetime to share love and lessons. Much learning and love occurs as we come to the place where we are preparing to leave this physical body.

Wendy: So what should we do? For example, right now you are in a great deal of pain from your abscess correct?

Miami: The pain is better. What your doing is very helpful. More than anything I appreciate the attention from Becky. It reminds me of when we did everything together, back when we did showing and I was her partner everyday.  We were very much a team.

Wendy: So you are rebuilding that connection?

Miami: We never really lost it but we are bringing it back to a place that feels familiar and good.

Wendy: What about when we are very worried about you? Like I was when Smokey was sick this summer. How does that affect you?

Miami: We feel that from you. Sometimes we take it on which actually can weaken our health but that is a choice if we do. If we chose to take on your energy we do not need to be fixed. No one is doing anything “wrong”. You people worry so much about getting things “right” when there really is no “right”.  Any choice is the right choice, because it is the choice that will provide exactly what you need at the given time.

Wendy: How is it for you being in such pain?

Miami: I don’t think that much about the pain. I do get frustrated that I cannot move as quickly as I would like, that my ability to be the leader is diminished.

Wendy: But it doesn’t seem that anyone is trying to take over as the leader. It seems they all still respect you very much despite your physical issues right now.

Miami: They wouldn’t dare think of taking over. I still hold the power in this herd and until I relinquish it no one will challenge me. (Ha, this is sooo Miami :-)

Wendy: So at some point you might decide to give the herd leadership to someone else.

Miami: Yes, I suppose at some point but that won’t happen for quite some time. This hoof issue is temporary.

Wendy: How do you think we can best support our animals that are in the end stage of their physical life?

Miami: Of course it depends on the animal. Allow them to experience their transition. Help with pain if you can but be careful not to project your own fears onto them. You (humans) are very fearful in an unnatural way. We (horses) instinctually protect ourselves but we don’t go out of our way to find things to be fearful of. I don’t worry that this hoof issue is any more than what it is. Let go of guilt you harbor about not having done enough or the right thing. The energy of the guilt is a very low vibration and does not help either one of us. Celebrate all that we have shared together and learned together and remember we are never truly separated. Our spirits are together always.

Thank you Miami.

I can tell you from my experience talking with many animals at the end of life that they really cherish you being with them and being fully present.  Miami seemed to say this as well.  I know it can be so difficult to get clear about what they need or want from you.  Getting quiet and just being with them can help tremendously.  If you still cannot get clear, you can always contact me for assistance.   


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psychicintraining December 13, 2011 at 2:59 pm

Awwww. She reminds me of Sassy, and senior mare from a herd I used to work with as a teen.

I gotta say I’m a bit envious of you, living so close to horses. I sometimes go for years without riding and I feel the absense of horses in my life. If you’re a “horse person”, you always feel this if you’re horse-deprived!

Please give her a nice kiss on her soft nose from me. What a beautiful mare.


Suzanne Sjogren December 15, 2011 at 7:44 am

My daughters horse had been failing in health and one day she fell down a small incline and couldn’t get back up. We called the vet and without any explanation he brought out a huge vaccinating syring and put her down. We were not ready for that and although I understand why it was done, I had very ambivalant feelings afterwards. One day, perhaps three months after the event, I was in session with a client at my home when I became aware that my daughters horse was in the room. She wanted to tell me that it was all okay with her and that she thanked me for the care I had shown her the years she was alive with us. I was overwhelmed and so very thankful for her beautiful spirit and presence. When I look out at the barn yard and the fenced corral I fancy seeing her, especially in the Springtime sunlight as she prances with her head held high and her blonde main and tail flowing in the wind.


Melissia Domke December 27, 2011 at 3:28 am

I admire your piece of work, thanks for all the good blog posts.


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