Mama Tiger Roars

by Wendy Wolfe on January 4, 2012

Mama Tiger

Today a white mother tiger showed up with her three cubs to share with us the importance of being fierce in the face of injustice.  She also reminds us of the impermanence of the physical.  If you are like me, you were raised to be nice and forgiving.  Good girls don’t raise a ruckus or talk back to those in authority.  While that might serve us well at times, there are also times when we need to be fierce, like Mama Tiger.  She reminds us that it is important to be fierce to protect the innocent, helpless and young.  Okay, no more Ms nice gal. 

 Mama Tiger:  I am the mother in all of you.  The fierce guardian of the young.  My fierceness is in each one of you but often it is hidden under being nice or good.  You have been quiet too long and need to bring out your fierce anger at the injustices of this world.  It is our responsibility to protect the young and the helpless.  When predators approach we must stand up to them and show our teeth.  We must use our claws if necessary to stop them.  If I were not to protect my cubs who would?  If it means I must use force and even kill I will.  For anyone who threatens my young threatens my species. 

 Wendy:  But you also kill to feed your young.  What about the young animals you kill? 

 Mama Tiger: It is because I must do this to care for my young.  Without food they will starve.  I choose the animals that are weak and make quick of my work.  I don’t take pleasure in this, it is purely for survival. I respect that their mothers will do everything in their power to protect their young too.

 Wendy: It feels so violent to me.  It is difficult for me to digest. 

 Mama Tiger: Violence comes from a different place than does the need to protect and provide.  Violence comes from a place of hatred or need to control out of fear.   It is something more often found in the human animal than any other animal.  The means of survival of predator animals (other than human) is often portrayed as violent to justify the violence of humans. 

 Wendy: Honestly I hesitate to write about this darkness.

 Mama Tiger: Without darkness there is no light.  You cannot ignore the dark.  Where you err is to believe that dark is bad.  You must label everything rather than just experience it.  It is the labeling and meaning that you give it that brings distress for you.  Allow for both dark and light to be a part of your world.  But where you need to change dark to light, do so.  Most importantly remember that this body is only temporary.  The young who give their lives to feed my young have not died…they have only changed form. 

 Where will you be fierce today? 

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Bev Crane January 5, 2012 at 8:23 am

Great blog – it is so hard to remember that light and dark are both part of the unity of life.


Diane Ludeking January 5, 2012 at 5:09 pm

Super great timing, Wendy! Thank you for listening to the animals and for your willingness to pass along their messages.


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