Reincarnation. A story of Love, Loss and Hope

by Wendy Wolfe on February 22, 2012


Often I am asked about whether or not animals reincarnate. It is my experience and belief that they do.  Frequently, the animals in our lives have shared previous lives with us either as animals or people although more frequently as animals.

You may have wondered, felt and believed in your heart that one of your animals was with you previously.  Chances are you are right.  Many times I have assisted clients in learning about their past lives shared with their animals from either this lifetime or centuries before.  I have also helped them reunite.  When the reunion is meant to be, when there is a “Soul Agreement”, the universe will work it’s magic and you will find each other.

Occasionally the animal chooses not to share past life information; we need to trust that all is as it should be. It is important to remember that we are given the information we are intended to know to guide us on our path.

Following is a story from my own personal experience. I have shared this before.  Today I was guided to share it again and then when all was ready to send realized…today is Doc’s birthday.  He is 7 years old today, February 22, 2012.  You will understand the signficance of this once you have read the story. 

Love, Loss and Reincarnation.. a two-part story
Over the years, I have had the pleasure and honor of communicating with many animals both here and in Spirit. These animal teachers have taught me that our animals come into our lives not by accident but by design and by Divine. This story is about my sweet dog Tiger, a Lhasa/Maltese, who passed into Spirit June 22, 2004.

Tiger was the guardian of the house. Though small in stature, he was very large in courage. He had many fears; loud noises, vacuum cleaners, things out of place, yet he never let those fears stop him. Instead, he would ferociously protect me and our home. One of the funniest quirks he had was watching television. He would sit with me and watch the television intently. If another dog ever showed up on TV, however slight or small, even just a bark in the background, Tiger was quickly in front of the TV screen. With his front paws on the TV and back legs planted firmly, he barked and howled at those dogs on the other side of the “window”. At first I asked him not to bark, but then I realized how important his job was to him, and so his barking became music to my ears.

Tiger was just 11 years old when he seriously cracked a tooth requiring surgery. I talked with Tiger about the upcoming surgery. I told him what to expect and that afterwards the pain would go away. Then, during his surgery I connected with him to reassure him again that the pain from the tooth would be gone. When I connected with him, he was out of his body and told me he wanted to leave, to go to the light. Frightened of losing my closest 4-legged companion, I said, “no, please, do not go to the light. I need you here, you are my best little man.” He went back into his body and I ended our conversation.

Shortly thereafter, the vet called to tell me everything had gone fine, Tiger had awoken from the anesthesia and I could pick him up. I didn’t think anymore about my talk with him; I was just grateful he decided to stay. When I picked him up at the vet I thought he looked fine but when we arrived home I knew something was very wrong. Without going into all the details, Tiger began having complications. I took him back to the vet that evening and then again the next morning. The vet thought he was having an allergic reaction to something that was given to him during the surgery and gave him some medicine to counteract the reaction. They expected him to be better soon, but he wasn’t getting better. We went home and I watched Tiger get worse. For the rest of the day, I tried to help him be comfortable as I watched him leave his body and come back. I tried to visualize him trotting down the driveway on our walks to the mailbox or running around stealing horse “apples”. Deep inside me I knew that he was leaving me and that there was nothing that could be done to bring him back. Every once in awhile he would come back and do something very “Tiger” as best he could. I considered taking him to a specialist but I knew in my heart that western medicine could do no more for him. I trusted that the prayers would work and couldn’t think about other possibilities. I offered him some helichrysum essential oil to help him with the pain and he became much more peaceful.

It was about 10:30 at night when our toy poodle Maddie began frantically barking, waking us up. Tiger was laying at my feet gasping his last breath. I picked up his limp body and felt his heart beating but he was gone. I tried to revive him with CPR even though I knew he wasn’t in his body. I pleaded for him to come back but it was not to be. Within moments his heart stopped beating as he passed away in my arms. A peacefulness came over me and I realized that his spirit was still with me even though it had left his body.

I held Tiger in my arms for two hours until it was time to bury his body. My partner dug a hole by a grove of trees near our deck. The night was beautiful and clear, lit up by the moon and stars. We put his little red jacket on him that said “Run Hard Bark Loud”, which was the essence of his existence. Gently we placed his body in the grave along with special tokens to honor him–frankincense, sage, a special white stone, a feather, special toys and treats. An owl spoke as if in prayer. My tears became rivers as my cries echoed off the surrounding land. Just then a pack of coyotes joined in singing a lengthy hymn for Tiger. It was a sacred and beautiful crossing over the Rainbow Bridge where all our beloved animals go when they leave Earth.

The next day a small voice inside made me realize the date was important. Looking in Tiger’s file, I found the paper work from when I first got him, June 21, 1993. On the exact day and month that he came into my life, he planned on leaving but he stayed an extra day at my request. He spared me from getting a call from the vet saying he died in surgery. I was given one more day to be with him and hold him as he crossed over completely. He planned to go on exactly the same day and month he came into my life so I would know THIS WAS OUR AGREEMENT. Our souls had made an agreement before we came to this lifetime. It was his time to go; his lessons and work here were done. I was guided to check the dates so I could be reassured that there were no coincidences. There was nothing I could have or should have done differently which brought me a great deal of peace.

Wendy’s Aura with Tiger

Two weeks after his passing I had the opportunity to have a photograph taken of my aura (energy field). It was a new and fascinating experience, especially when the woman explaining the colors and their significance (who didn’t know me at all) told me that there was another energy field enmeshed in mine, a very small one (right side of photo, upper half). With tears welling in my eyes I told her “Yes that’s my dog Tiger who recently crossed into Spirit.” And in the photo I could see that there was a small energy field, a beautiful light golden color over my aura.

As I write this, it has only been 5 weeks since his passing. Even with him here in spirit, I still miss him physically very much. He talks to me and often helps me with my work, assuring me that he can be here with me and in the other realms as well. I trust that when he needs to move on, I will be ready.

In his passing, Tiger gave me a precious gift. He was a reminder for my belief that there are no accidents or coincidences. Those who come into our lives, whether they are two- or four-legged, are here for a reason. They are part of a divine plan that we cannot possibly understand nor do we need to. I believe he intended for me to share this message. Our animals are here for a reason and for a specific time. They are here to help us learn to love ourselves and to love others. When their work here on Earth is done, they will leave us. Be grateful for the time you have with them here. Treat them with kindness and listen with your heart open. When you cross over into Spirit, they will be waiting for you.

Part Two…
In a lifetime we can connect with and love many animals, but certain souls for whatever reason connect more than others. Tiger was like a soul mate to me. I’m not sure what it is that distinguishes that heart connection from another, but it was much deeper, a knowingness, a connection, an understanding. He looked right through me, he understood my deepest feelings, my fears, my joys. He was the one who urged me back to my childhood ability to communicate with the animals. It wasn’t until years later that I recognized how subtle he had been staring, piercing me with his thoughts and emotions, urging me to listen. I remember sitting in my office, working on my computer staring into the monitor and feeling as if he were screaming at me. I would turn around and find him staring at me with an intensity that caused his body to tremble. “Get away from that stupid machine and come play with me” he would say. I chuckle at how many times he tried to get through to me before I finally “got it”.

Fast forward seven months.  I’m conducting an introductory animal communication class during which I guide the students through a meditation and communication experience.  During the pause created for them to connect with one of their animals, I ask my own animals if anyone needs anything.  Tiger pops in and as always I am grateful to feel his energy and love close to me.  He greets me with a matter of fact “I’m coming back.”  What?  You’re coming back?  “Yes, he says, very soon”.  I’m almost in shock.  I tell him how happy and excited I am and I ask him to please look as much as possible like he did as Tiger.  He was just so adorable in my eyes.  He tells me he is coming back to help me with my work, to help heal the animals.  This time though, he doesn’t need the trials and lessons of his former life and so he will choose to come back without the painful early experiences of a puppy mill.  This time, a happy, healthy “puppyhood” will support his work and lessons. 

As my students share their experiences, I too share with tears and excitement. Tiger is coming back. Where, when and how he will come back doesn’t seem to matter. I know Tiger will be back with me soon and I know I will be clear when it happens. A heavy weight is lifted off my heart.

Two months later as I was checking my email I saw the subject “puppies” from a woman who has brought me two dogs. She was not a professional breeder, but someone who had an exceptionally loving, intelligent and physically healthy female toy poodle and decided to have two litters of puppies. In the email, the woman explains that she had already scheduled the spaying of her toy poodle, Ebony, when she received a call from a woman who desperately wanted a female puppy of her lineage. She explained the male had been neutered. “No problem” was the response; she had a sire in mind, a Maltese. (Remember, Tiger was a Lhasa/Maltese cross). And so an agreement was reached, Ebony was bred one last time to a Maltese.

As I read the email and came to the word “Maltese”, it hit me. “Oh my God, it’s Tiger”, he’s coming back in this litter as a Malti-poo. My heart is beating fast, tears well up in my eyes, joy explodes through my body. I’m so excited I can hardly think straight. I panic. I need confirmation, this is so important. I call my friend and mentor Asia Voight. She telepathically checks in with the litter of puppies and confirms what I already know, Tiger is back. (Typically animal communicators do get help from each other when it involves ones own animal in a highly emotional situation). My inner guides kick-in. “Go back to the email, check the date”. And so I re-read the email. One female puppy was born before midnight, the others after, on February 22nd. Exactly eight months to the day that Tiger left, he came back. Once again, he wanted me to be sure that if I had any doubts, the date clue would guide me. Bless his soul!

Baby Doc

From my discussion with Asia we were certain he was a boy, light colored and big. There were three boys, one black, one little white one, and one chubby white and tan one. I sent an email back to the breeder to let her know I wanted the chubby tan and white boy. I telepathically connected in with Tiger, now in a little baby body but he was busy! He said “Mmmmm, more milk”, and began drinking from his mother. He wasn’t interested in talking at the moment! Later, I had another communication with him about what he wanted his name to be. He told me “Doc”, Doctor Doolittle. My partner was “listening” at the same time and heard “Doodle”. So “Doc”, aka Doctor Doolittle, it was.

I was able to visit him for the first time in person at about three weeks of age. I was very excited as I walked into the home and could feel Tiger’s energy. By this time, I had become used to feeling his energy with me, but his energy felt a bit different now. I could also feel and hear his new youthfulness come through. It’s as though you are connecting to two animals when an animal soul comes through a new body. There is the familiar and wise soul you know so well and then there’s the personality/ego of the new puppy which will pop in occasionally as well. It is all part of the process of reincarnating back into a body with the soul or “higher self” having a more prominent role in the beginning. This “higher self” then begins to step back a bit as the new personality comes through to experience puppyhood.

Standing in the livingroom I am feeling all this excitement and the energy of Tiger and I look to see seven tiny puppies lying on a blanket on the floor, eyes barely open. I’m handed a chubby fluffy whitish puppy and I connect immediately. After holding this puppy for about 5 minutes, the breeder says “oops”, that’s not Doc, that’s Dolly. Confusion sets in. I really connected with her. She hands me Doc. I really connect again. Yes, this is definitely Tiger, but what about the other puppy? Eventually I pick up each of the puppies to say hi. It is pretty clear to me that Doc is Tiger, but I am left with this doubt because of my connection with Dolly. After leaving to clear my mind and get a little help from Asia, I realize that Dolly also wants to be with me and was also with me in a previous life, previous for both of us. We too have a very strong bond, but because she is female, there is the risk that the owner of the sire will pick her. I let the breeder know that I would like to take both Doc and Dolly if Dolly is not picked. I’m also quite certain that I am going nuts as this will mean a total of 6 dogs in the house. I convince myself that because 4 of them together weigh less than Lucy, our Shepard/collie cross, they don’t really count as 4 dogs, just one.

When the puppies are about 7 weeks old the call comes, the breeder has chosen Dolly. I am sad, but I connect with her and let her know that she will be loved and cared for. I trust that all is exactly as it is supposed to be. Another week passes and it is time to bring Doc home. I can’t help but cry tears of joy as I make the drive to bring Doc/Tiger back home.

Doc the helper

Tiger is excited to be back with me and this family. He came back more quickly than is typical, explaining that his time “between lives” was quite easy. This lifetime he wanted to experience coming into a healthy body, undamaged physically and emotionally to a loving family. He is experiencing what it is like to be a puppy with loving siblings, to not be left alone or neglected but completely loved, nurtured and protected. He adores his big brother King and sister Maddie. This time his body will be strong and healthy, not riddled with complications from vaccinosis. He is experiencing all the joys of puppyhood as a healthy, well socialized, little guy. The name he chose was no accident. I soon discovered he had a gift for helping me and the animals by selecting essential oils. It began when he picked an oil for himself. Sniffing over the large tray of closed bottles, he stopped, picked up one particular oil with his mouth, then set it down. It was exactly what he needed. My inner guides told me to ask him what another dog I was working with needed. Without hesitation, he went back to the tray, sniffed only a brief second and picked up a bottle with his mouth. I looked at the oil he chose; it was one of the top three picks for this situation! I offered the oil to the dog and it was taken heartily. What a treat to have such a gifted helper.

As I review all that has transpired since Tiger first came into my life in 1993, clearly he has been here to help me with this work. He has taught me so much. With his special needs as a puppy, he took me on a path to learn about holistic care for animals; the problems of over-vaccination, commercial diets and food allergies. He also reminded me of the miracles that western medicine can offer during his ordeal with a herniated disk in his neck and the surgery that saved him. And it was his persistence in communicating with me that returned me to my soul’s path of talking with the animals to help them heal. Through his passing, he allowed me to experience what it feels like to be with a soul as it transitions to the other side and to feel that soul’s energy with me even when the physical body was no longer there. I experienced being able to call upon the soul for comfort as I grieved the loss of his physical presence, and I witnessed the graceful dance of the soul and the new personality as he came back to me in his new body. What an amazing teacher he has been.

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Julie Stiles February 22, 2012 at 8:58 am

beautiful story always, love your blogs and read them for inspiration, thanks…..


Julie Stiles February 22, 2012 at 9:00 am

oh, and tell Doc, Happy Birthday!!!


Jane Stanton February 22, 2012 at 10:27 am

What a comforting story,thank you for sharing it with us. Ever thought of putting together a book of all your stories? I am sure you must have many.
I love your blog.


psychicintraining February 22, 2012 at 11:23 am

Oh Wendy, your story warms my heart. It’s so funny you saw tiger chasing after horse apples. Last week, I had to help my dog Mocha to leave her body, and one of her first experiences of heaven was Horse Poop Mountain.

And then, the trail of used tissues.


psychicintraining February 22, 2012 at 11:25 am

Oh and I too saw signifigance in the numbers – the number of years I had her, the date she left (12 02 2012) It helps enormously to understand when things are unfolding as they should.


psychicintraining February 22, 2012 at 11:28 am

Whoops, this is the link I intended to post, with reference to horse poop mountain.


Diane Ludeking February 22, 2012 at 11:45 am

I am quite fond of this story. It makes me think deeply of my relationships with my animals and our agreements/contracts. Thanks, Wendy.


Vicky Daul February 22, 2012 at 11:02 pm

I was smiling the whole while I read your blog! What an awesome experience! Enjoy your little helper, what a gift! I am very happy for your whole family!!


Tracy February 25, 2012 at 11:45 am

All I can say is – WOW. Our beautiful girl, Nickie, left us 11 years and 1 day after she came to live with us. Looking at the numbers now I wonder if the three 1’s have significance? The date was also 1/1. Interesting now that I look at it in writing.

To this day my husband says he has never seen a connection like Nickie and I had (and still share from my perspective). She was my heart and sole and I also truly believe she was/is my soul mate.

I am so thrilled to read “Part Two” of your story and am so excited for the time when my dear Nickie comes back to me.


Valentina Kaquatosh September 1, 2013 at 11:00 pm

This really moved me! Thank you, Wendy. Your story is almost exactly as my own with my Mr. Snuggles. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this experience. We are so blessed!


Roxi DeTrude October 6, 2016 at 6:25 pm

Such a beautiful story and to know that he is once again in your arms and home….


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