Hawk takes flight to show us the Journey

by Wendy Wolfe on March 8, 2012

For the past couple of weeks Hawk has been working hard to get my attention.  Several times I observed him swooping down close to my car while out driving.  One day hawk showed up three times in about a 1 hour span.  Time to listen I thought…but didn’t…too busy with new work.  Then yesterday I was in town in the parking lot of a shopping center and hawk again came sweeping by my car.  Since it is a less likely place for hawk to be I decided it was time to listen before the proverbial 2×4 hit me over the head.  As many of you have probably learned, when your soul’s whispering turn to shouting it’s time to listen or you may not like how it finally gets your attention.

Hawk begins the journey

As quickly as I got quiet for my meditation, Hawk showed up.  I was whisked away with him on a flight off into the skies as he flapped his wings vigorously to take flight, emphasizing to me that there is an effort required to climb to where he catches the perfect current.  He flapped and flapped and flapped and then like magic, the wind caught us and supported us as we rode the wind effortlessly soaring through the sky.  He shared that from here he can observe life, animals, and the world from a certain perspective.  After a while of riding this current he began flapping his wings again and moved into another direction working for a while until he found the next current to ride.  He said “I show you this as I want you to understand that this is like your life.  It will require effort for you to get to the place where you can ride the current.  When you have arrived, you can enjoy this place and observe much.  From here your perspective is unique to this specific flight pattern.  Eventually, you will come to the end of this ride and  once again you will need to put in effort to take yourself to another current where you will have a new and unique perspective.  You are on a continual journey that involves effort and then a relaxing into the flow of what you have created.  From each place you see life from a unique perspective.  Each current and each perspective provides a deeper understanding of life and why you are here.”   At this point we broke out of our ride of the current and landed atop a high pole.  “Here we can rest and contemplate what we have observed…this is a good place to decide where to go next.  It is important to stop, to rest and observe from time to time.  This place of rest is necessary before taking flight again as it helps determine the new direction.   Do you understand why I am showing you this today?”

Yes, I believe I do.  As I thought about what he was sharing with me it made complete sense.  It was exactly as my life has been.   Effort, Ride the Current, and then Observe from this Perspective taking time to Rest along the way.  But I can see where at times I have neglected to rest…and then I am forced to rest through some physical illness.  Recently I have been putting in a great deal of effort as I have been climbing towards a new arena for my work.  I’ve not yet hit the current but I have been enjoying the effort…and I understand clearly that Hawk is telling me I need to remember to rest as part of this journey.  Point taken.   For me the effort isn’t drudgery because I am passionate about the current I am flying towards.   As I flew with him I could tell that was true for him too…the effort wasn’t difficult, it was just necessary and like a good hike in the woods or a completed cleaning of the garage, there is a feeling of satisfaction when you hit the current. 

Our wise indigenous ancestors looked to the hawk as the messengers, the protectors and the visionaries of the air.  The hawk can awaken your visionary power and lead you to your life’s purpose.  It is the messenger bird and we are advised to pay attention. 

Where are you in your life?  Are you in a phase of effort?  Are you riding the current?  Are you observing or perhaps resting?  Know that all of it is in perfect order.  And if you are in a place of doubt, call upon Hawk to provide you with a vision to lead you.

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KH March 8, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Another amazing message. thank you.


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