Tick Talk…I’ve really gone buggy.

by Wendy Wolfe on March 21, 2012

They’re back. (Okay read that like Jack Nicholson in The Shining..in that really creepy way he says “I’m back”). That’s how I feel about ticks and now they’re back. Two have shown up on the dogs so far…although they were discovered before they could attach themselves.

I hate ticks. It’s nothing personal but they carry borrelia burgdorferi, anaplasmosis, bartonella, babesia and a variety of other bacteria that have made both me and my animals very ill in the last several years. I know of at least four people in my area that have died recently from Lymes disease. The form that becomes neurological and is often misdiagnosed as ALS sadly can be deadly because of the misdiagnosis. Don’t get me started on the politics of chronic lymes disease…that’s another post.

A part of me wants to go to war with the ticks…spray nasty chemicals or burn off all the grass. But honestly I know that going to war with anything is never the answer. What we resist persists. It’s a basic law of the universe (aka the law of attraction as in the book The Secret). I have learned this lesson in many ways. The more I fight something the more I get of it. When I finally release my resistance, my anger, my frustration and sink into a place of acceptance, what I was resisting seems to magically go away.

So it occurred to me that perhaps I should talk to the ticks. Why not? I’ve talked to the bees and that worked. Several years ago I needed to paint a door on a shed in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day. There was a bee hive just inches away from the top of the door. The bees were busy. I got quiet and explained to the bees that I needed to paint the door, that I would be near them but that I meant them no harm and would they please allow me to work without feeling the need to attack me. And they did allow me to paint. They buzzed about and I painted and all went great.

Now back to the ticks. It really isn’t the ticks that are the problem. It is the bacteria they carry and pass into their host as they feed. Otherwise they don’t harm their hosts. Maybe I could just ask them to feed on the other hosts available that aren’t made sick by these same bacteria? And so I commenced to communicate with the ticks.

I wasn’t sure exactly who to talk to but I was directed to one tick that seemed to be the Queen Tick. It reminded me of the Harry Potter story where all of the spiders were led in mind and thought by the one giant spider.

But I digress.

I connected with the tick and here is how the conversation went.

Wendy: I need to talk with you and all the ticks in this area. Would you be willing to communicate with me?

Queen Tick: Yes, we are very approachable.

Wendy: Great. I need you to understand that when you feed on me, other people, the dogs, horses or cats, we can become very ill because of the bacteria that live inside of you. (I showed the Queen Tick pictures of humans, dogs, cats and horses…particularly my animals). I understand that it is not your fault and I assume you mean us no harm.

Queen Tick: We do not mean harm. To harm our hosts would be the death of us too. We are part of a system that is normally perfectly balanced but now is out-of-balance. The imbalance may be part of this issue for you.

Wendy: How is that?

Queen Tick: Humans have put into place mechanisms that were not intended to be here. They are disruptive to the delicate balance of the planet.

Wendy: So you are going to kill off the humans?

Queen Tick: No. No. It isn’t at all like that. It is just that one imbalance leads to another until shifts occur to bring back the balance. Sometimes the re-balancing involves injuries or death to some. It isn’t retaliation or revenge, just a natural progression of cause and effect.

Wendy: I do understand what you are saying although I don’t quite understand exactly why the Lymes disease is so out of control. What I do need to know is if you are willing to ask all the ticks to please feed off of the animals that will not be harmed by the bacteria. The mice, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoon, deer and cattle do not become ill from these bacteria. I believe birds are also available for your feeding. (Again showing her pictures of these animals hoping she will understand clearly).

Queen Tick: I will communicate your wishes. It seems reasonable.

Wendy: Is there anyone else I need to communicate with?

Queen Tick: No, I am connected to all species of ticks.

Wendy: Thank you. I am very grateful for your help. I also want you to know that there are many humans who understand about the imbalances our species is creating and are trying to change that. Many do understand that this earth is here to support us and we do not have dominion over her or the others we share this planet with.

Queen Tick: That is encouraging. Either way all will be balanced.

I must admit it feels better to be at peace with the ticks than to be at war with them. It is possible to communicate with them and other insects. In the past I have also shared the garden with insects planting a section of plants for them and a section for me. There are a variety of books on the subject and The Findhorn Garden comes to mind.  If we choose to accept and live in harmony with all on our planet our chances for peace are much greater.

Just the same, I will be spraying my essential oil repellent on the dogs, I will continue to use the Lymes Nosodes and I will check them over diligently each time they return from outside.

I’m feeling much more hopeful about the spring and summer in Central Wisconsin, aka Tickville.

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