Seeing Auras and Possibilities

by Wendy Wolfe on July 25, 2012

 Last Sunday I was in front of the kitchen sink and happened to notice a big bird circling in the sky. Curious, I went out onto the deck and looked up to see Eagle soaring above. This eagle has taken up residence near us and visits me from time to time. As I was watching him circle against the clouds I began to notice a circle of gold color around him. Closing then opening my eyes again I realized, I was SEEING HIS AURA. OMG. Could it be? Yes, it was. I continued to watch him for several minutes until he disappeared into the clouds and all the while I could see a beautiful golden aura plus a thinner strip of white energy around him.

My Aura on Camera

For those of you that might not understand, an aura is a visual representation of the magnetic energy field around humans, animals, plants and all objects. Auras have colors and the colors have meaning although meanings seem to vary depending on the source you use.  Here is a picture of my aura (from the rib cage up). It was taken using kirlian photography that captures this energy.

I have never seen auras before. Some people do see them and we can learn to see them. I am a very empathic intuitive. I feel energy very easily. We all have different modes of sensing that are more natural and stronger than other modes. We can strengthen the other modes, but there is a natural mode we generally fall into. Artists tend to be very visual. Each of us is unique. I teach students in my classes how to learn their strongest means of sensing and how to develop the less dominant ones.

About a year or so ago, I set the intention to see auras. I just said to myself and Spirit, I’m ready to see auras now. And then I forgot about it. (Good manifesting means letting go of attachment to the outcome so not dwelling on it not being here helps…and you need to trust that the timing is as it needs to be). Apparently, now is my time to begin seeing auras.

To have my first aura be an eagles’ feels like a very special gift to me from Eagle. I decided to thank Eagle for this and ask if there was a message to be shared. Here is what Eagle shared.

Seeing auras is about seeing possibilities. There is so much more going on in your world that you are not sensing. The animals sense much more than you and yet there is so much more even for them.

You (humans) aren’t meant to sense all of it…it would be overwhelming. The point is to recognize that what is in your awareness, what you believe to be truth is limited by your ability to sense and even to conceive.

To embrace more potential in your life all you need to do is to begin to imagine. Use your imagination to create new possibilities. Of course even your imagination is limited to that to which you can conceive. But those who dare to think way outside the box expand the possibilities for all. They imagine the unimaginable and then it becomes a known reality.”

Eagle is right. Those that have allowed their imaginations to go outside the box began the process of calling something new and unheard of into being. It reminds me of watching Star Trek in college and thinking of communicators as a strange concept. And now, we all walk around with our communicator cell phones. They also walked around using hand held lasers. At the time it was completely out of the box and now, not so much. I’m still waiting for transporters to come into being so I can beam to another country and avoid the airports. I don’t think it’s that far off.

I remember the first time I watched the movie Avatar in 3D and thought about the mind that created this. It wasn’t that I felt James Cameron had a wondrous imagination but I was curious how he tapped into this knowledge because I knew at the core of my being that Pandora, the Hometree and the Tree of Souls exist. Perhaps now that it has been “imagined” in a movie, we will “discover” this moon planet. Hopefully we will not do as was done in the movie.

There was another point to Eagle’s message that bears repeating. That we, in our human form, cannot even begin to imagine all that is. It is reminiscent of a Sufi saying “If you could only have a glimpse of divine understanding, your understanding would be shattered.” I do feel that way. That I only see the tiniest, tiniest piece of all that is possible in our world…in our unvierse. How can we feel we are all so right about our perspective when there is so much we do not and cannot understand? Only a glimpse of what is real, would shatter our understanding. That’s very powerful. 

So here’s another thought.

What if we all imagined peace?

What if we believed in the possibility of acceptance and respect for all people and species?

What if we believed the earth could be healed and that we could all be sustained by her without lack, without war, without greed, without poverty, without hatred or fear.

Perhaps all we really need to do is believe in that potential and imagine it without trying to figure out how or what or when or where. I’m sure there are those that will say that isn’t reality.

But I would ask, what is reality?

After all, our viewpoint is so very, very small, our senses so very limited.

I say, it can’t hurt to imagine.

What will you imagine today?

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Vicky Daul July 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm

I’m right with you Wendy. Thanks for taking the time to put the thought out there in print!! Many thanks to eagle also.


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