What are you sharing with your animals?

by Wendy Wolfe on July 5, 2012

Lucy just being present


Recently a client remarked to me “When I take better care of myself, my animals do better”. It was a very wise observation and it is true. Our animals will do better when we take care of ourselves. They are entrained with us and so they often take on our illness and behavior.  As I shared last week, they often feel this is their purpose and choose to do this.

A veterinarian friend of mine has observed that often animals will share the same medical issues as their humans. I have seen that with my animals and my clients as well. Years ago (okay decades) before I learned to take care of my emotional and energetic health I suffered from ulcers. My dog Boo Boo did too and we both were on Tagamet (the ulcer drug at the time). I had blood tests that showed elevated liver enzymes and my dog Tiger had the exact same enzymes elevated. This actually happens very frequently. I also know a woman with diabetes whose dog also became diabetic and she had to give him insulin shots. If we ever needed proof that we are energetically connected to our animals that ought to do it.

Let’s look at how it might be that this phenomenon takes place.

In her most recent book “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World”, Martha Beck writes about a state she (and I) refer to as “oneness”. It’s when you are in the present moment to such an extent that you can feel your connection to all that is. All people, all animals, all plants, and even all things. Oneness. A very powerful feeling and being.

People that are “sensitive” or empathic feel this connection more intensely than others. It’s not that they are more connected (we are all connected), they are just more aware of their connection. They feel it. They haven’t closed off those aspects of their being.

Animals are this way naturally. They are always “empathic” and in “oneness”. It’s partly why they can do some of the amazing things they do like fly in flocks in complete unison, have awareness of a member of their herd that is miles away or know when their person is heading home.

Our animals cannot escape the energy we bring to the home. Fortunately, they are masters at dispersing the energy and taking care of themselves by living in the present moment. It turns out this is one big way we can help them too…by living in the present moment.

The great thing about being “present” is that you instantly dissolve worry and fear. How is that? Well, just think about it a moment.

Right this very moment where you are, is there a need to fear for your life? Is there anything threatening you? You see in this moment, you have all you need (or you wouldn’t be here).

It’s when we start to look into the future…but I have that big presentation to make…or I have all these bills to pay…or …any future worry that we encounter discomfort. These worries don’t exist in this exact moment and that is why there is so much peace in the now.

Of course we can also go into the past…why did I say that to her…what if I hadn’t done that…and any other of a multitude of “what if’s” that cannot be changed by focusing on them and only take away the power you have right now.  

We don’t need to beat ourselves up about this (it would be counter-productive) but we can use it as an incentive to take a proactive stance in caring for our physical, emotional and energetic well-being. When we stay in the now, give ourselves time to relax, eat healthy, rest, and play, we create a healthier energy that our animal companions can feel. So when we do better, they do better. And isn’t that just the best gift you can give to yourself and the animals that share your life?


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Sam July 6, 2012 at 8:27 am

Fabulous article Wendy, thank you for the confirmation and insights. : )


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