Bat shares about ego and fear.

by Wendy Wolfe on November 8, 2012

Have you ever wondered how I get the information for these blogs?  I had a reader ask me recently if I asked the animals the questions or if they just volunteered the information.  It’s yes to both.  Often I go into meditation and just ask what wants to be shared.  Sometimes, I am curious about something or an event has brought something to my attention that I want more information on so I ask who might have something to share.  Other times I might ask somebody (like Smokey) a specific question that I know they would have insight on.

Last week a reader asked me “Why do humans dwell so strongly in their negative egos (hate, fear and their ramifications) and the rest of the animal kingdom does not?”  She wondered “Do they channel the other side more strongly and feel less lost?

To find an answer, I went into meditation and asked who might share insight on this question with me.  Immediately I saw a bat hanging upside down in front of me.  This is the first time a bat has come to me.  She had great insight that she shared about the question and also told me that she would be with me for a while as she was here to shed light for me personally.

Bat:  First you must realize that in physical form we are all the trinity of body, mind and spirit.  Where animals differ from humans is that they are more connected to their”true nature” and easily find balance in this trinity.  They are more in touch with their spiritual and body aspects than humans because they are not in resistance to them.  They honor the instinctual nature that they have and they use their energetic sense to read the world around them.

Humans tend to dwell more in their intellect (mind) separating them from their body (instinctual nature) and spirit (the energy dimension).  Therefore, the mind without the balance of body and spirit often creates false ideas that manifest into fear.  Because fear is so uncomfortable, it creates other aspects born of the ego to avoid the feeling of fear like greed, anger, guilt and hatred and to try and create an illusion of control. 

In your culture you worship the mind at the expense of the body and spirit which is how you have become so unbalanced.  Without the awareness of your connection to all that is (spirit) and an anchoring in your physical body, the mind spins out of control. Your minds, individually and collectively, have created all sorts of illusions of lack and separation that makes you fearful at a very deep and basic level.

Animals (non-human) do have egos and experience fear but because they are not trained from birth to ignore their physicality or spirituality the fear does not generally manifest into the aspects of an ego out of control. 

It’s also important to remember that it is a trinity and rejecting the ego completely is not the goal.  Coming here in physical form creates experiences for the Soul that is best served when all three components are engaged and appreciated.     

Wendy:  Thank you.  That’s very helpful.

From personal experience I know that my fears can create all sorts of stories in my head.  None of these stories are true (or fun for that matter).  As I have strengthened my connection to Spirit I have begun to quiet the crazy thoughts and see them for the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) that they are.

So to my reader Diane, your hypothesis “do they channel the other side more strongly and feel less lost” appears to be accurate.  Animals maintain that very important connection to Spirit (the other side) where they can be more aware of the illusion of what appears to be real here in our world.  This combined with being grounded or anchored into their physical body seems to allow them to keep the ego more in check.

I know from having worked with many highly sensitive empaths (HSE) that being grounded in the physical body is very important.  Often when we begin our Spiritual awakening we see the ego as something to be rid of and in the process go so far into the spiritual or energetic realm that we leave the body behind.  HSE’s are especially prone to this because of the sometimes overwhelming feelings they experience in their body.  However, learning to ground your body and be physically present is crucial to managing the energy aspects.

It really all comes down to balance.  An appreciation and regard for body, mind and spirit.  Casting none out but appreciating that together they can create a heavenly experience here on Earth.

What do you think?

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