Do You Seek Peace?

by Wendy Wolfe on November 14, 2012

The beautiful skyline of Asheville, NC.

Today I’m writing from my hotel room in Asheville, North Carolina.  I’m here with my amazing business coach, Christine Kane and many incredible women (and three guys) that are bringing their soul’s work to the world through their businesses.  Together, we are each in our own way, doing what we have been called to do to create peace in our world.  It reminded me of when this idea of creating peace first occurred to me.

Back in 1995, I was Director of the Small Business Assistance Center at Madison Area Technical College.  Our department took a day off  to go to a quiet retreat center and envision our future.  As part of the process we were each invited to develop our own personal mission statement.  To this day, my mission is printed and framed, hanging where I see it often. It reads, ” My mission is to be a conduit of peace, to live a peaceful life through love and understanding.  I do this by always seeking to understand others, by keeping my mind open to all possibilities and ideas and by respecting all forms of life.”

I didn’t think about this statement, I didn’t ponder or even edit.  This mission literally flowed through the ether and out into my hands.  It was not of my ego…it was from my soul or higher self.

I always know when something is flowing from my soul as it feels as if it is channeled.  No thought goes into it and it doesn’t require any editing.

Thinking about this mission statement and the path my life has taken I see that it all makes sense.  My work with the animals is about creating peace for the animals by helping their people understand what they need, how they feel and why they do what they do.  The communication often creates peace within the family when the animals understand what the humans want and vice versa.  And on a larger scale, when we humans begin to treat all animals (and other life) with love and respect we also begin treating each other that way.

Working with highly sensitive empaths and abuse survivors is also about creating peace by helping them understand and manage their sensitivities and by helping them embrace their intuitive gifts so that they can hear their guidance and bring their special gifts to the world.

For me personally, I have always wanted peace within.  “Dear God, grant me peace” has been a common prayer for me.  When you have experienced a traumatic childhood, peace is important.  Peace represents safety.

True peace is something you create within your own mind and is not dependent upon your outer circumstances.  Often, the peace we seek is from our own mind, that monkey mind with its critical thoughts, spinning stories about the events in our life.  When we begin to harness that mind and understand how it operates, we begin to create peace.  It’s not something someone else can do for you, but it is something that can be taught.

Seeking peace is also common if you are a highly sensitive empath.  Constantly feeling the energy around you creates chaos and you crave peace.  You want the anxiety to lessen.  You want the constant bombardment of others energy to cease.  And it can when you learn to manage your energy body.

Today, I want you to know peace is attainable.  It is possible to create a sense of peace from within…to control your thoughts and direct them in a way that brings you peace.  It is also possible to create peace within your energy body so that you are less affected by others.  One way to learn this is through my Phoenix Rising teachings.  There is a class scheduled for the Madison area on December 1st.  Early registration ends this Friday so check it out here if you too crave peace.

Most importantly, when you create peace within you are doing the most powerful thing possible to create peace in our world.   As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

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