Are You Wasting Energy?

by Wendy Wolfe on June 12, 2013

Raven showed up in my quiet space and was picking at a carcass on the road side.  “That’s gross”, I said.  Raven looked at me and said “But it’s efficient and respectful.  The Soul of this animal is gone and I am using the energy of the remaining flesh to sustain me.  I do not waste.

Raven went on to say “Only humans waste.  There was a time humans did not do this but a great deal has changed since then.  Now that there is such abundance in your lives, you have created excess, waste and large piles of garbage.  Some of that garbage becomes food for other animals but there is more than can be consumed.

Wendy:  This is true. We are a very wasteful society.  I have made it a point to simplify, buy less and use less and I still seem to have lots and lots of trash.

Raven: You also waste your energy.

I asked, How so?

Raven: You worry about that which you have no control over.  You expend your energy to do this.  Then you have less energy for the important tasks like caring for one another; caring for yourself; listening within and listening to guides like me.

Many of you distract yourselves by focusing on nonsense.  Some of you obsess over these distractions.  This keeps you from getting quiet and hearing the wisdom of your inner knowing or the wisdom from the many Spirits and Guides who are here to assist you.

Then Raven left.

Moments later, I could see Hawk.  He was very close and I could see all the variations in the feathers on his head.  He added, “Discern where you put your focus.  Is this really what you want to expend energy on?  Is this really where you want your attention to be?    Remember that what you focus on is what you bring into your life.

Then he too was gone.

Their words are sharp but true.  While I no longer expend energy watching or reading news events, I can feel time slip by quickly on Facebook or surfing the net.  I can find ways to distract myself and avoid getting quiet and going within.  Even though I know I will find peace and wisdom within, I avoid.

I’m not unique.  I suspect you have experienced this too.  Often I have this conversation with my Illumination Program clients.  Why is it so hard to get quiet and listen?  The answer might surprise you.  It really isn’t about lack of time.  For most people it is fear.  Fear of what we might hear when we get quiet.  Some fear the inner voice might scold or ask them to give up all their worldly possessions and go live in an African hut.  Though I jest, the fear is real.

The truth is your higher self, your Soul, never scolds.  If you hear criticism or anything like it, you are not hearing from your Soul.  You are hearing the Ego doing what it feels is best to keep you safe.  The Ego is mistaken.

Your higher self will support you, be gentle with you and guide you.  The guidance may not always make sense.  Sometimes we are asked to follow a path, make a choice that doesn’t fit with the practicality of the outside world.  It can be a bit scary to follow that guidance.  I assure you it will lead you to what is right and best for your journey.

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Marisha June 13, 2013 at 2:29 am

Nice, thanks Wendy.


Diane Ludeking June 13, 2013 at 4:05 am

That sounded like it was just for me! Timely and pertinent.


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