Be Gentle Dear Advises Deer

by Wendy Wolfe on June 19, 2013

For the past week I have been seeing deer as I drive down the roads, on my walks and out the windows of my home.  It was no surprise then when a beautiful young doe appeared in my meditation today.  She exuded peace and calm as she looked my way and shared her wisdom.

There is harshness in our world right now.  We feel the  energy of the arguing, the fear, the need of so many to be right at the price of what is best, what is kind and what is loving.

I’m here to remind you to be gentle with yourself and with others.  Be gentle with your family and those who are like family to you.  Be gentle with strangers, even the ones who are angry or hostile.  They need your compassion and gentleness the most.

Show kindness to one another.  I know you will understand this and take it to heart.  As each of you are patient and loving with yourself and others, you elevate the world.  You raise the vibration of the planet when you open your hearts with acceptance.  Your being is very powerful.  Never underestimate the power of your love.

What a beautiful message from Deer.  I try to remember when I get flipped off by a driver or honked at that they must be having a pretty bad day.  Since I don’t know their story, I don’t know if they just lost their job or lost a loved one.  It might not be anything so tragic either, they may just be very unhappy.  This allows me to be grateful that my life is blessed and to know that I can let go of the energy of their anger that was cast my way.  If I am in a good space, I send them love.

And sometimes, when I’m also in a tense place I flip them back, I honk back.  I’m happy to say that doesn’t happen very often but alas I am human.  When it does happens I realize quickly that something is amiss and do some soul searching to understand and acknowledge what’s really going on. I usually also feel a little guilty for reacting…so I forgive myself; after all I am human.

Next, I shift my vibration.  It’s not that hard.  Taking a few moments I do a gratitude check which is just a quick inventory of all that is right in my life and all my blessings and that brings my vibration back up again.

This change in vibration can quickly shift our attitude and our energy.  Gratitude feels so much better than anger and we deserve to feel good.  When our energy is filled with love we are protected from having others drain our energy.  This is a good thing.

Just for fun (and this  can make you feel awesome), make someone’s day.

Really notice the person at the grocery checkout.  Look into her eyes and acknowledge this other soul with her own story, her own triumphs and her own sorrows.

With genuine concern, ask someone how they are today and listen with your heart.

Open your eyes to the people around you and smile from your heart.

Pay for someone’s coffee in the line behind you.

Give up your seat or place in line.

Put down your cell phone and give someone your undivided attention.

Every day we have abundant opportunities to choose love over fear.  Love versus fear is what it all comes down to.

Choose love.


Choose love.

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jane stanton June 19, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Wow Wendy, you really have a knack of delivering these wonderful messages at the right time for me this one especially. Thank you!


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