Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

by Wendy Wolfe on June 5, 2013

How are you when it comes to making decisions?  Do you fret?  Sweat?  Maybe you make  lists of pros and cons.

What if there was another way?  What if there was a way to listen to your higher self, your Soul, your inner guidance for the answer?

Today I am sharing with you a simple technique to help you make decisions in alignment with your
Soul.  I received a little assistance from an Ocelot who showed up in my meditation.

Of course it is no coincidence that this Ocelot showed up to talk about decisions.  The fact is I have been faced with several significant decisions lately.  Well closer than lately…even today.  Even as I was writing this blog I received a phone call about an offer I made on a large purchase.  I was faced with another decision…offer more money or walk away.   The Universe, with its great sense of humor decided that if I was going to teach you how to do this…I better darn well know what I am talking about.  I better walk my talk.

First, let me share how Ocelot makes decisions.  Then I will share my process and how decision making can be easier for you and in line with your soul’s journey.


“We make life and death decisions every day.  We do it quickly and easily.  We don’t contemplate we just feel into it.  We use our feelings to know if we should pounce or slip under a rock.  When we are aware, when we are present we stay safe; we find food.  If we become distracted which means we are not listening to our instincts then we can quickly become food for others or lose out on food.  Our lives are simpler than yours.  Find food, eat, rest, play and do it some more.  It is enough.  It is our way as Spirits that incarnate as animals. 

Stay connected to your instincts without distraction and your decisions will be easy.” 

I thanked Ocelot for her input.

This afternoon when the phone call came in on my big decision I did the following to be in alignment with what Ocelot shared and my higher self.

First, I got quiet and took a few deep breaths.  I allowed my stress and monkey mind to leave with my out breath.  For several minutes I just observed my breath.

Quietly I said to myself, “I release my ego, my fears and all distractions from this decision.  I am open to the guidance from my Soul, so that my decision reflects my highest good and the highest good of the planet.”

Next, I focused on my heart center.  Using a similar process to connecting with an animal, I brought forth a feeling of gratitude and joy allowing my heart center to expand, allowing the feeling of love to encompass my entire energy field.

Then, paying close attention to my body, I suggested a higher price as a counter offer.  This process introduced into my energy field the intention of a potential decision.  Paying attention, I noticed my body go from relaxed and calm to anxious with a knot in my stomach.  Bringing myself back to a calm state, I floated another possibility.  The response was the same.  When I asked about my original offer, I went back to calm.

There is my answer.  Stay where I am.  No counter-offer.

But of course it isn’t that easy for me… or for most of us.  My mind and ego want to argue with my body, my Soul. My mind says…just a little more will be okay.  It’s not that much more money.  (And really more money is not an issue).

You see I had already formed attachments to the outcome.  I had made future plans.  My ego was very involved. There is a little girl inside me stomping her feet and saying “but I want it and I have the money”.

It isn’t about the money.  I have no idea of all of the possible ramifications of this decision.  I can’t possibly fathom what the Universe has in store for me.

This is where I need to trust.

I’m choosing to follow the path that doesn’t necessarily make the most sense.   I have committed to listening and following my inner guidance.

It’s important to understand that if I didn’t follow the guidance, the world would not end.   I wouldn’t have made a wrong choice.  I would have made a different choice which leads to other experiences and other lessons.  That is okay.

I will follow my inner guidance just the same.

I will follow it because I trust my Soul and have made a commitment to listen.

I trust that this decision will keep me on the path to live and give my best life.

My Soul has never failed me.

Your Soul will not fail you.

Give it a try next time you need to make a decision and let me know how your path unfolds.

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Victoria Standen June 5, 2013 at 6:53 pm

Oh my gosh – thank you so much for this, it has just landed in my email and I have been in a big indecision for a week about renting a particular cottage that will be one step further to the next stage of my life, but it has a few things I am thinking about and also I am slightly awed by the fact that I am also leaving my job and having no income until I get myself sorted. I need to try this! Thank you very much for such a timely and helpful post


Jane Stanton June 5, 2013 at 9:57 pm

Thank you Wendy for this wonderful post, as usual you lay it out so clearly and easy to follow. I am glad you are doing better.


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