Part IV – Going Deeper

by Wendy Wolfe on August 14, 2013

What about when the techniques shared last week don’t work?

How do I protect myself?

How do I feel comfortable in “negative” energy?

Sometimes visualizing a Plexiglas tube or grounding your energy doesn’t work.

Having helped many Highly Sensitive Empaths, I have discovered that occasionally the techniques don’t work.   Sometimes, there is more happening than their energy reaching out and picking up another’s energy.

If a part of you is resonating with the energy of another, the Law of Attraction comes into play and makes it more difficult to simply disengage from the other’s energy.  When a part of you  is angry, you are more likely to attract other’s “anger” into your energy field.  It doesn’t matter if the anger is directed to someone else or to you, the energy is the same. This is also true for grief, sadness, joy, fear and a host of other emotions (emotions are energy…they are energy in motion).

When we draw another’s energy into our field there is a good chance that somewhere we are also experiencing a similar energy. These “shadow” energies can be likened to an iceberg. We may not be conscious of the energy or emotion because we may have suppressed it deep within; our buried emotion is the part of the iceberg under the sea. In order to disengage from the other person we need to go within and acknowledge and be present with our own feelings and the energy they create. Once you experience this emotion with acceptance (and thus release the emotion), you are now able to disengage from the other person’s energy.

The gift of this sensitivity is that we can become more aware of our own energy through the energy that is reflected back to us through others.  With awareness we can shift into feeling more peace and joy in our lives. This is one way you can use your sensitivity to create more ease in your life.

Your sensitivity can also help you connect with your animals and your Spirit guides.

Your sensitivity can help you get clear about decisions you need to make.

You can discover and embrace your life purpose.

Do you see how this is your Gift?

Want to learn more?  If you are interested in my 3 or 6 month Illumination Program, sign up here for a no cost consultation and begin Embracing Your Gift.

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Linda Rice August 15, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Thank you Wendy. Great reminder!


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