Waves of Tears

by Wendy Wolfe on September 3, 2013

As I watched the recreated scene of the tsunami engulfing the entire resort, sweeping people out to sea with sounds eerily replicated, it was hard to grasp that it was a reenactment.  Even though I was watching a movie, my entire being felt the reality these people faced.  Waves of sadness, horror and disbelief swept over me.  Tears washed down my face leaving trails of mascara and foundation.

These weren’t menopausal tears.  These were tears of acknowledgment.  Tears that honored the struggle of the hundreds of thousands of people and animals swept away in the India Ocean tsunami that decimated parts of Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia on December 26, 2004.   I deeply empathized with their pain.

Anyone watching the movie, The Impossible, would be hard pressed not to cry.  As a highly sensitive empath (HSE), the connection to other beings, even as created on a movie screen, is that much more intense. We HSE’s feel deeply when we witness intense human emotion.  Our tears call to that part of us that knows we are not separate beings; that part of us that knows we are all connected.

The movie was hard to watch.  Even though the featured family survived the horrible ordeal, over 230,000 other people did not.  I’m grateful to be brought to tears to help me remember what is really important.  I’m also grateful that I did not carry that emotion with me any further.  As an HSE it is important to know how to let go of the energy…even the energy of a movie.

Just watching another’s plight can connect you to the energy when you are an HSE.  Watching movies or news programs can diminish your vibration if you do not consciously disconnect.  You must care for your energy body by carefully choosing what you let into your space which includes what you watch and subject yourself to.

Recently an Illumination Program client of mine experienced this type of empathy.  While driving on a road she noticed something off to the side.  As she looked closer she realized it was a crane that had been struck by a car.  Standing next to the crane was its partner.  As she looked in the rear view mirror, she connected with the surviving crane and using her newly honed communication abilities warned her not to stay long as she might also be hit by a car.  At the same time, she felt the sorrow and grief the crane was experiencing.  While it was exciting to be able to experience the clear communication with the crane, the grief she felt was deep and painful.  Fortunately, she knew how to disconnect from the crane and was left with a normal sadness from having witnessed the tragedy.

You may have experienced watching a video posted on Facebook or YouTube that brought you to tears…a child speaking profoundly, an animal being rescued, or a couple that has endured the years together and are still madly in love.  While not necessarily sad, these moments often move us to tears as our Soul reminds us of what is truly important in life.  The tears interrupt  the voices in our head that are “shoulding” us or  or otherwise telling us how to be.  These moments remind us what is really important.

Love.  Generosity.  Kindness.  Compassion.

This sensitivity we experience is truly a gift.  To be able to feel deeply and sense the energies and life around us provides richness and depth to our lives.  Knowing how to manage it so we are not overwhelmed is not complicated but is essential to creating ease in our life.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to download the Energy Mastery Tool Kit (on the right side of this page) to help you manage your sensitivities.

What do you learn from your tears?  Share your experiences here.

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