Why You are a Highly Sensitive Empath.

by Wendy Wolfe on September 17, 2013

Some days, okay maybe often, being a Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE) is a drag.

It can suck.

We feel others physical and emotional pain, we hear thoughts and see visions.  We viscerally know when an animal is suffering.  It impacts us; it makes us feel pain and sadness.  It can also attract more crap to us.

So why are we like this?

Is this some punishment, some karmic debt repayment?  Were we evil in a former lifetime?

Are we emotionally, sensitive wrecks that constantly screw up our lives?


Absolutely not.

And the whole karmic debt issue is terribly misconstrued  anyway…more about that in another blog.

The reason you are a Highly Sensitive Empath is because your soul is an old soul and you agreed to come here in physical form and transmute lower energies.

You agreed to be a light carrier, to be a healer.

You agreed to have a diffuse energy field capable of sensing and transmuting other energies.  And, you agreed to learn this about yourself RIGHT NOW.    Right now so you could begin consciously using your gifts to shift energies on this planet.

What do you need to know now?

You need to know that as you accumulate other energies you bring your energy down, you lower your vibration.   You will clog up your flow of energy if you don’t know how to release the other energies that you have garnered.  This will make you sick physically and emotionally.  It will attract more yuck into your life.

You need to develop some skills and use some tools to live comfortably as an HSE and to share your gifts.  (I can teach you through my  Illumination Program or through my upcoming Phoenix Rising classes)

You see, when you release the other energies you have accumulated, you transform them.  Your vibration will transmute those energies to a higher vibration.  You might think you are just taking on other peoples junk but when you release that energy you become an energy healer.

This is why you are a Highly Sensitive Empath.

But there is more you can do.  If you choose, you can become a conscious healer.  I don’t limit that to being an energy healer, which you could do, but there is so much more.

You could be…

a healer that offers comfort to an animal by being witness to their needs, by giving them a voice.

a  healer that offers comfort to other people by guiding them towards a lighter existence.

a voice for the less fortunate or less able.

a voice of compassion in an often indifferent world.

an artist that raises another’s vibration through the art she creates.

You are a Highly Sensitive Empath for a REASON.

And now you KNOW.

You can never UNKNOW this ever again.

What will you do?

How can I serve you?




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