Are You Making Your Sensitivity Worse?

by Wendy Wolfe on October 22, 2013

Do you ever find yourself saying…

 “I hate that I am so sensitive 

“ I wish I would stop feeling other peoples stuff”

“ I just want all these negative people out of my life”

It’s understandable to want less sensitivity in your life if you answered yes to the above because you’re making your sensitivity worse.

What you resist persists. 

Where your attention goes…energy flows.

These aren’t just catchy phrases spewing out of new agers.  These statements are based on the laws of energy which are as real as physical laws like gravity.  Gravity is easy to see.  The basic laws of energy mentioned above can be “seen” in other ways.

Have you ever woken up and stubbed your toe, then spilled the coffee and declared to yourself, this is going to be a rotten day?

Guess what?

You just made it so.

If you shift your attention at that moment to something you are grateful for, I can pretty much guarantee your day will shift to one of ease.

Maybe someone at work made a negative comment about you.  It hurt your feelings so you told all your friends.  You told other co-workers and defended yourself.  You stewed about it all day long.  Chances are your relationship with that person at work has gotten worse and you are spinning downward to depression or angry defensiveness.

You can stop before you get to the bottom.  When you first hear the negative comment, take five minutes to breathe and center yourself.  Ground your energy and see where this person’s energy has attached to you.  (I know it has attached to you because criticism steals energy, so this person’s negative comment has an energetic cord to you draining your energy).  See this cord dissolve.  Remind yourself, “What others think of me is none of my business”.  You will feel better.  You may still need to talk with some friends about it but it will have a different energy and you will be able to release the incident much quicker and with much less drama.

Okay, Wendy but I’m a highly sensitive empath.  I can’t help but feel all this crap.

Yes, you are a highly sensitive empath but what if instead of focusing on all the negative aspects of this sensitivity you decided to embrace the gifts of your sensitivity. sesitivy phot with words

What if you said to yourself…or out loud each day…

I love that my sensitivity allows me to be in touch with my higher self to receive guidance.

It’s great being a highly sensitive empath because I know right away which people to embrace and which people to avoid.

I love that I can sense other’s feelings as it allows me to be compassionate and loving.

Being a highly sensitive empath helps me understand my animal companions in a deep way so I can better care for them. 

If you begin focusing on the gifts of being a highly sensitive empath, you will begin to notice more magic in your life.  Your gifts will increase. You will feel lucky and grateful to be a highly sensitive empath.  You will begin to feel strenghtened by your sensitivity.  And you will feel less of the yuckyness.

Give it a try.  I‘d love for you to share your experiences in the comment section.

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