A Canadian Goose channels Zig Ziglar.

by Wendy Wolfe on November 20, 2013

Yesterday a flock of Canadian Geese parked themselves on the thin ice just off my pier.  I walked down to get a closer look and to 1384877303519communicate with them.  There was one goose looking directly at me.   He seemed to be in charge so I got quiet and connected in with him.

He explained he was the front goose, at least for the beginning of all the journeys. When he began to tire, he would fly to the back and another would take the lead.  They rotate this way to create the most efficient flight for everyone.

I told him I was curious about how they make these long flights without getting lost.  As he spoke to me I realized what great advice he was giving us about following our dreams and reaching our destinations.  It was like he was channeling Zig Ziglar, the iconic motivational speaker.

Goose:  We begin our journey with a clear vision of our destination.  The vision is ingrained in us instinctually and each time we make the trip it is reinforced.  Holding fast to this vision is crucial to our success.  We always arrive where we are headed even though we might veer off course from time to time due to weather or other circumstances.

Our flight is long and when we take breaks we seek out places of quiet energy to replenish our selves.  You would be wise to do the same.  Seek beauty and peace.  There is a place in the quiet where you will find yourself but you must be still long enough to see you.

Even though I have known the power of holding a vision of my dreams, being reminded is always helpful.  In order to manifest anything in our lives whether it is a relationship, a job, a business or a way of life, we need to see it clearly in our minds.

It’s also important to realize circumstances may take us off course temporarily.  If we recognize these diversions as temporary and hold fast to our vision we will end up at our destination.

I first began to think this way in college when I attended a Zig Ziglar seminar. My life changed that night.  I realized that I wanted to motivate others, to be a positive force in the lives of others.  At the time I didn’t know exactly what that looked like…although I did see myself on stage speaking and motivating others.  (I’ve actually done this in a few different capacities.)  More importantly, Zig was my first introduction to the power we each have to create abundance and joy in our lives.  He was talking about The Secret and manifesting long before it went mainstream.  One of his many famous quotes is “If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.”  Classic manifesting advice.

It seems the Goose and Zig Ziglar were saying much the same.  The Goose also provided another important piece for staying the distance.  He talked about taking breaks to rest.  Sometimes when we get so caught up in where we are heading we tend to lose sight of the present moment.  There’s a balance here that is key to not only manifesting the abundance you are looking for but for creating joy.  Because the joy comes in this moment, not in the vision you are heading towards.

Take a moment and allow yourself to dream.

See yourself living that dream.

Imagine how it feels to live your dream.

Now come into the present moment.

And as Goose said, find yourself in that quiet place.

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