Finding Your Magic

by Wendy Wolfe on January 22, 2014


Have you felt magic in your life recently?

Do you have a sense of wonder and awe?

States of wonder and awe don’t typically come to us with the frequency of the waves of the ocean…but we should at least expect repeated visits.

Life without the magic moments becomes tedious, tiring and depressing.

Fortunately, you can cultivate magic and wonder in your life.  You can create magic by following the guidance of your Soul.

I’m sharing a story to help you see magic is already in our lives.  You need to get still enough to allow the sparkle to shake loose from the tight grip you have on your “reality”.  Sometimes you need a little help from a mentor or guide.

This is the story of how I found my magical house on the river.  It starts with struggle.  I wasn’t noticing much magic and wonder even though I knew when the right house came along I would know it.  I knew there was something special out there for me.  But “out there” was the confusing part.  I was not clear about “where” this magical house would be.  I had looked at houses in Plover, Stevens Point, Waupaca, Madison and in between.  I stayed in this state of confusion for several months.  I kept meaning to get together with my friend Bev to connect with my Soul through a guided meditation process but events put it off.  Finally I told Bev, we have to do this now.

This is a simple tool to allow your Soul to guide you in a decision.  I have used it before very successfully when purchasing a new vehicle.  After searching for months and completely confused about what to buy, I found my current Ford Escape (Ruby Pearl is her name) the day after this process.  I never even considered a Ford Escape and yet it has been the perfect vehicle for me.

The process is a meditation done with a partner who can guide you and keep track of your visions.  In the beginning, you state the different options you have for your decision.  In my case it was where I would live.  My options were Plover, Stevens Point, Waupaca and “some other place”.  I like to use that fourth option as often we can’t see all the potentials available to us.  The guide or mentor helping you writes your options on a piece of paper giving each a “direction” such as north, south, east and west.  She knows the direction of your options but you do not.  The reason this works so well is that your SOUL also knows which option is assigned to each direction.

Your guide then walks you through a relaxing process, calling in the wisdom of your Soul to guide you.  In your meditative state, you see that you are in the woods and have four paths (or however many choices) in front of you.  As you walk down each path, sharing with your guide which direction you are going you will describe what you see and feel on that path.  Your guide records everything for you.

Here’s how I found my magical house on the river.  The first path I saw was on my far left, almost behind me.  It was “west” or “south west”.  I began walking down this path and came upon a small cottage in the woods.  It was a sweet cozy cottage.  I went inside and it felt safe and warm.  After a few moments I noticed feeling cramped.  This was too small for me.  I left the cottage and returned to the center of the paths.

Next, I went to my right.  The path went behind me and I had to physically turn around in my chair to visualize getting on this path.  I was struggling to go this direction.  Soon the path curved and I realized I was walking in circles not going anywhere.  I brought myself back to the beginning point through visualization.

I wanted to walk straight ahead but couldn’t.  There was a large tree blocking me.  I was frustrated because I felt like I should go straight ahead.  Since I couldn’t,  I decided to go forward but off to the right.  Walking down this path I quickly became anxious.  Nothing about this direction felt good so I turned around and walked back to the beginning point.

Again, I wanted to go straight ahead but the tree would not let me.  I expressed this out loud to Bev.  Since I couldn’t go forward, I went off to the left.  This path began with pine needles strewn about but as I walked further the pine needles faded and a light appeared ahead.  As I looked forward I was stunned.  Ahead of me was the Emerald City.  It was beautiful.  I felt all the magic of Oz.  My body lit up with excitement.  Oh my God, I’m at the Emerald City.  This place is magical; it’s filled with happy people.  Tears of joy welled up in my eyes.  This is my home.  The path had turned to the yellow brick road.  Understanding that I had found the perfect place I went back and was led out of the meditation.

Now it was time for Bev to tell me which location each path represented.  The first path, where the small cottage felt safe but eventually too small, was Waupaca.  The second path, the one that I struggled to go towards and got caught in an endless loop represented, “some place else”.  The third path that brought immediate anxiety was Stevens Point.

Here’s where it gets interesting and you can see my Soul at work.  Remember how I wanted to go straight ahead but a tree was in my way?  When Bev drew the options, Plover was straight ahead.  Of course my conscious mind didn’t know this.  During my house hunt I kept thinking I SHOULD live in Plover because it was convenient to the farm, to my bank, to Stevens Point and still not far from my friends in Waupaca.  My Soul would not allow me to go that direction.  Instead I headed down a path that was between Plover and Waupaca.

My Soul showed me that my magical house was between Plover and Waupaca.  Just as Bev and I began discussing those options, I remembered a house listed earlier that year on a Yellow Brick Road.    We went to the computer and searched for houses on Yellow Brick Road.  We learned that there was a new development in the Village of Amherst called Emerald Hills with a Yellow Brick Road, a Tin Man Lane and Scarecrow Alley.  OMG.  Further research was disappointing.  There were no houses for sale and building a new house with the 2 acre lots and square footage minimums were a good $50,000 over my budget.  Still there was no question my Soul was directing me here. Our Souls often communicate to us in metaphors or pictures that have meaning to us.  That I was shown the Emerald City was very significant. I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan. My Soul knew this would feel very special and magical to me.

That afternoon I headed to the new subdivision.  I needed to see this place my Soul was directing me to.  Following directions I went through downtown Amherst.  I hadn’t noticed before what a beautiful little Village it was.  There were recent improvements and a new Village administration building next to a picturesque dam.  I crossed the quaint little bridge and turned onto the road to lead me to the Emerald Hills development.  I couldn’t help but notice the cute little Cape Cod house on the river that was for sale.  I continued to the subdivision.  The houses were very nice, some with solar panels.  The lots were big and yet nothing felt special to me.  I drove around on each of the streets and then headed back towards the village.  I decided to stop and take a flyer on the little Cape Cod for sale.  The very first house I ever purchased was a Cape Cod in Kansas City.  I loved that house.  As I looked over the information I was struck by how small the house was and how expensive it seemed for the size.  I reminded myself it was water front property but still thought it over priced.

The next day, with the house still weighing on my mind, I called my Realtor and went to see it.  The rest is history.  Once I walked out into the back yard and felt the grounding energy from the river and the enormous pine trees (remember the path had pine needles on it in my meditation), I was hooked.  The inside was nicely redone and felt peaceful.   I knew I had found my Emerald City in the Village of Amherst.

We each have the ability to find our Emerald City be it a magical place to live, work that feeds our Soul or a magical partnership.

We find it by noticing the magic in everyday life.  It’s there but you must look for it.  You must expect it.

You need to be present to see when your Soul is guiding you towards the magic.

If you are overwhelmed by other’s energy you might not see it.

If you can’t sort your emotions out from someone else’s you might miss it.

If you’re living in the past or the future, you might miss it.

Are you ready to find your magic?

I’m here to support you.

Click here for a no cost conversation with me about how we can work together to help you find your magic.

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Tina Ashcraft January 22, 2014 at 4:23 pm

Love this Wendy! I’m sending you an email. Thanks!


jane stanton January 22, 2014 at 5:07 pm

Just beautiful Wendy, how exciting, thanks for sharing your journey with us


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