The real truth behind a soul directed life.

by Wendy Wolfe on February 12, 2014

This is what listening to your soul looks like (and it’s not always pretty).

It’s been my intention for many years to live a soul directed life.  This means making decisions in alignment with my values and listening to my inner guidance.  There are times when what the Soul wants is not what the ego wants and it gets tricky.  Here’s an example.

Remember how I told you two weeks ago that I was scheming on something great that would involve Facebook?  I was working on a private Facebook group for Highly Sensitive Empaths.  The name was picked, the page started, and the invitation letter written.  I noticed I was dragging my feet about posting the invitation letter.  I started to feel anxiety.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have noticed these subtle signs.  I would have cleaned, organized or busied my self in some other way and never noticed what was going on.   I have trained myself to be aware of the little signs.  With this understanding, I got quiet and asked my body how it felt about the new Facebook page….it did not feel good.

Why?  This is a brilliant idea (said ego)!Guidance cards

I already told people I had something coming.  I’m all about following through on commitments.

Yet, I knew something was amiss.  I wanted to ignore my Souls’ whispers and go ahead with my plans.

But I know better.  I know when I ignore the signs, not so nice stuff shows up.

Have you experienced this?  You work really hard on a project which should be easy but all kinds of complications show up?  You don’t bother to “listen in” because you’re set on making this work.  Then the s**t hits the fan.  Everything blows up and you think, “I should have heeded the warnings”.

For me and the Facebook page, the next step (after ignoring that my body was clear about this not being right for me) was to consult the cards.  So I picked from one of my “guidance cards”.   It was a warning about needing to protect my energy boundaries.  Ego chimes in, “oh, I know all about energy, okay, just be mindful of my boundaries, makes sense, this whole thing could create a lot of extra work for me.”

Problem solved.

Or not.

The anxiety got worse.

Okay, back to the cards.  Let’s see what this one says.  I need to get on with this and get my invitation letter sent out.

I draw a card.  This is what I love about my guidance.  It never beats around the bush.  I asked for clarity and I got it.  The card I pulled was Bridgette.  “Caution is warranted.  Look deeper into this situation before proceeding further”.  Then it goes on to say “This situation isn’t right for you…there is something better waiting for you…”

Again the ego says, “Are you sure”?  Maybe you need to muscle test 😀 .  Get out the pendulum and dowse.   I’m chuckling at myself.

And so…I muscle test.  Yep, doing the Facebook page at this time weakens my arm considerably.

“Crap.  I did all that work…and I told people I would have something for them on Facebook.”

As much as it pains my ego, I put the Facebook page aside for now.  I also learned from the listening and the muscle testing that I am to prioritize my book and my upcoming online Phoenix Rising class.

I trust and I know that some months down the road the reasons for this diversion in my path will be clear.  I will be grateful I didn’t allow my ego to roll over my Soul.

How about you?  Have you had experiences where you ignored the whispers?  Share with us all below in the comment section.

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Cheryl Roberts February 13, 2014 at 12:05 am

My soul is telling me to clear my space; unload my belongings. My ego says OMG, are you nuts? What if you need that couch, love seat, poster, etc. Thus sending me into fear mode but my soul feels closed in by all my stuff…


Wendy Wolfe February 13, 2014 at 3:39 am

Clutter does get in our way. When we get rid of it, we open up for more to flow in. Glad you are moving out the old and making way for the new.


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