The Animal Whisperer Secret

by Wendy Wolfe on March 13, 2014

Do you ever struggle getting your horse or dog to look to you as a partner or leader they can trust?  Have you wondered how Ray Hunt, Linda Tellington Jones, Jackson Galaxy (Cat Daddy) and other “animal whisperers” can create trust so quickly and easily?  This ability isn’t just about training or animal behavior expertise it’s about their personal energy.

Animal whisperers have mastered their own personal energy.

My best energy teacher

My best energy teacher

My mare Mariah has taught me many lessons in this regard.  She’s not an easy horse.  She demands I be grounded and present when I am with her.  If my energy is scattered, she lets me know with threatening looks and disdain. My hoof care specialist and I laugh about it.  If we’re talking and I lose focus, Mariah threatens to bite me (fortunately, it’s only a threat).

Dogs aren’t much different.  In order to gain their trust they need us to be congruent with our energy.  That means being present, being focused and being grounded.  This in turn allows them to be calm and makes them want to please us (that’s just their nature).

I hear a consistent message from horses, dogs and even cats about the people they share their lives with.  When our energy is scattered or in-congruent it feels uncomfortable to our animals.

Imagine if you were talking to a person and one of their arms detached and floated off.  That would be pretty distracting wouldn’t it?  Next a leg detaches and floats off.  You would be pretty freaked out.

When animals “see” us they are completely aware of our energy field.  Our personal energy field is part of our “whole being” to them.  They don’t separate our body from our energy field.  When we are either not in our bodies, meaning our energy is literally floating above our physical body or if we have dispersed our energy out so far we have lost our “energy strength” it feels uncomfortable to our animals.

This is pretty common for us humans because we were never taught how to master our own personal energy.  It’s especially true for Highly Sensitive Empaths who haven’t mastered their gifts.

Another form of in-congruence animals share with me is when we behave one way but our emotional energy is different.   For example, you’re having a bad day at work, you’re feeling really down and you head out to the barn to visit your horse.  You think “I don’t want my horse to know I’m stressed, I’ll just act as if everything is okay”.  Maybe you can fool a human with this but you can’t fool an animal.  They feel and sense your energy…and your emotions.  Your emotions are part of your energy body, they are energy in motion.  Not only have you not “fooled” your horse but now, you are displaying one behavior when your energy says different.

In-congruence again.

The beautiful part is our animals love us and just want us to be all of who we are.  They’re here to teach us to live in the present moment and to have all our “parts” in one place.  They are the ultimate teachers of energy mastery.

If you’d like to learn more about mastering your own personal energy field, I’m offering an online class that starts March 25th.  It’ll help your relationship with your animals, your relationship with others and even your relationship with yourself.  You can learn all about it here.

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