7 Steps to Traverse Your Unique Road with Ease

by Wendy Wolfe on July 24, 2014

This week I was working with a mentoring client who is discovering her ability to communicate with animals.  It’s changing her life in many ways because it’s about so much more than the communication.  For years she sensed this connection but her upbringing caused her to doubt herself.   Like many of us, she allowed others to mold her beliefs even when they didn’t feel true to her.  Now she is blossoming and experiencing what I consider an awakening. She is taking the road less traveled as is often the case with my clients.  Of course this road can be a bit rocky at times as I know from personal experience.

 A long way from 24 hour room service

A long way from 24 hour room service

Years ago when I began this journey it was not something I had planned. For 16 years I worked in corporate America in marketing and business development. You may find this surprising…I know I do…but there was a time when I would joke with my friends that when I died, I wanted my ashes sprinkled over Macy’s. I also used to think “camping” was a hotel without 24 hour room service. Who was that woman?

But like so many others, I had taken the road that my family traveled, the road I felt I was supposed to travel. I had even convinced myself…for a while. But slowly over time, the appeals of that life style grew less and less (although I still love Macy’s…I just don’t feel the need to be buried there). I began to remember my dream to have a horse again, to live in the country and be close to nature. When I made the move towards my desires, things began to shift. My awakening had begun and as a very wise woman once told me “Once the Genie is out of the bottle, you cannot put her back in.”

The people in my life at that time did not always embrace the changes I was making. It was like I had broken the secret agreement to stay the same, to think the same and to do as I had always done. But when you wake up and realize what you were truly called to share…

You say Yes.

You say Yes, because for the first time you feel a deep emotional connection to a part of yourself, an acceptance coming from within that you have never experienced before (it usually makes you cry too).

You may think it seems crazy but you NEED to do this.

I must admit I freaked out a lot of my family and friends. Eventually most of them came around. Those who didn’t are no longer in my life. And that’s okay.

At the same time new people were coming into my life. People that supported my new understandings, beliefs and desires. People that became my mentors, my guides and my friends. I felt as if Spirit showed up and said “ Here you go sweetie, you are on the right path and we are going to help you as much as you want to be helped”.

The road less traveled

The road less traveled

Like anyone taking the road less traveled I needed to clear out a lot of brush. Often there was no road, and sometimes it seemed like the ground literally dropped out beneath me. But I continued because there was no going back, that was no longer an option.

Are you one of those taking the road less traveled? I suspect if you read this blog, you are.

You may have found yourself on this road without any specific intention of heading in this direction but I can assure you, it is no accident. It is a calling from deep within your soul. A calling for you to live your truth, to bring to the world the gifts that are uniquely yours to share.

When you begin this journey there are some things to know that can help you along; to make it a pleasure walk and not a death march.

7 Steps to Traverse Your Unique Road with Ease.

  1. Not everyone will approve. You have broken the truce, the pact to remain the same. Just know up front that you will not have everyone’s support. You don’t need to feel guilty about this. When you embrace your true self you allow others to do the same. You are not abandoning them; you are no longer abandoning yourself.
  2. You do not need anyone’s approval. This really helps out with number one. The only approval you need is within. When you get quiet and listen within, ask about your direction, you will feel the emotion, the confirmation that you are on the right path.
  3. The path is seldom straight. It’s not always a clear cut path. There are many options along the way…none right or wrong. Each change of direction will bring more learning and more understanding. You can trust that it is all good.
  4. Trust yourself. Even though not every trail leads to bliss and contentment, you have everything you need inside to make the decisions required. Truly, you have all you need. What you might consider a mistake is often a crucial learning experience that will add to your ability to live your purpose. Trust your Soul.
  5. Be gentle with yourself. Just as you wouldn’t scold a toddler learning to walk when she falls down, you need to be gentle with that part of you that is in many ways also just learning to walk on her own. Give her time to play, to explore, to be goofy and to be wrong. It’s all part of the process. No “shoulds” are allowed.
  6. You will need to take risks. Yep, this is true. It will not always be easy and at times you will need to make difficult decisions. You will need to leap without any net in view. It will be worth it. When we take risk, opportunity shows up. It’s just the way I know it to be.
  7. Get Support. This makes taking risks a little less intimidating. Surround yourself with like minded people. Understand that you deserve support from friends, guides and mentors. We are not meant to be an island. It’s okay to ask for help. See Number five.

Over the years I have been blessed to have been led to many people that have supported me through energy work, body work, mentoring and coaching. In each case I needed to acknowledge that I needed their help and more importantly that I deserved it. It required me investing in me which was not how I was raised. Every investment was completely worth it. You too deserve that support. If you are interested in learning more about how you can work with me one-on-one to help you traverse your path, I am offering a limited number of no cost Discovery Sessions where we will talk about your path and how to get you moving forward with ease.  Yes, I want to schedule a Discovery Session.

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DianneT July 25, 2014 at 1:28 am

Such a Soul tugging article Wendy, it has given me food for thought


Wendy Wolfe July 25, 2014 at 2:13 am

Glad it reached you Dianne.


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