Am I Making this Up?

by Wendy Wolfe on December 5, 2014

Want to know the number one question I get asked when teaching how to tap into your intuition (Soul/higher self) or communicate with animals?

It’s this…

How do I know I’m not making this up?  or…

How do I know I’m not “hearing” what I want to hear?question marks

And I get it.

When I began communicating with animals I was skeptical.  If it wasn’t for my mentor pushing me…encouraging me…and confirming my accuracy I probably would’ve given up long ago.  She asked me to help her with clients and I STILL doubted my abilities.  Clearly if I wasn’t any good she wouldn’t risk her reputation by sending clients to me.

So I trusted her, practiced and found validation in the work itself.

Thirteen years later (wow time has flown), I know more about how information comes to us and can help you trust your abilities without as much validation (although that’s still nice).

First, let’s examine how information of any form comes to us.

We’re taught that our thoughts come from information stored in our brain.  Information we learned in school, information our parents taught us either directly or indirectly and of course our interpretation of this information becomes the database in our brain.  And this is true.  We’ll call this our conscious database. It’s the stuff we “think” about and the stuff we “know” intellectually.

We also absorb and learn information on an “unconscious” level.  Our brains and bodies receive messages constantly from the energy of people and animals, from scents, sounds and sights.  We don’t notice this when it’s happening but we are taking it in.  This information is stored in our “unconscious” database which is located in our brain and in our entire physical and energetic body.

We’re like computers downloading a massive book of information but we only see one page at a time.  It doesn’t mean the rest of the book isn’t there…it just means we only see one page through our conscious brain.  And the book really has no ending because information is downloading every moment of every day.

When we open up to our intuition, when we expand our energy to intentionally connect to an animal or to receive messages from our higher self, we’re expanding the information we download and the number of pages we can see at once.  We’re installing a new computer program that allows us to read more than one page at a time.  We all have this program available to us…we just need to install it.

As an example, a mentoring client (in another state) was connecting with my Westie Hannah, and sensed Hannah wanted to chase a squirrel.  She discounted this because she thought it was obvious.  At the time she was connecting her energy, Hannah was sitting in her window seat barking at a squirrel in the front yard.

Obvious, yes.  Accurate, yes too.  They aren’t exclusive.

It’s true; the less obvious is more validating for us.

When a bird I communicated with told me she was afraid of mice I knew this was an odd thing that wouldn’t be in the “conscious database”.  The client confirmed that once while at the family cottage, a mouse had gotten into the bottom of the bird’s cage and the bird was as high up in her cage as she could get.  Or the time a man needed to be sure I was connected to his beloved dog in spirit and asked me what the dog’s favorite treat had been.  The dog showed me a red juicy tomato.  Certainly not what you would expect a favorite treat to be but the client confirmed this and was assured we were in touch with his dog.

When we open our energy and “send” it to an animal or use our intention to connect to other energy we access the information in that location.  This information is added to our “unconscious database” and becomes available to us.  Through practice we can access this information easily.

The information is always available to us.

We just need to install the program to open the pages from our “unconscious database”.

Here’s something for those of you who are Highly Sensitive Empaths (HSE’s).

HSE’s are wired to sense more information than others.  It’s like we have 10 pages of the book open at once.  Try reading 10 pages at once. It can be pretty overwhelming.

You might walk down a street and suddenly feel you’re being watched.  You don’t see anyone.  You don’t have a direct experience of being watched…and yet you feel it.  You become more cautious.  You are responding to the “unconscious” database because as a HSE you have access to more than one page of the book at a time.

Maybe you’re driving to a friend’s house and suddenly you know you need to take a different route.  You feel it.  There is no direct information as to why this is necessary but you feel compelled.  You take a different route and later learn of a traffic accident on your typical route.

Having more pages open can be very beneficial.  It can also be overwhelming at times.

If you find yourself overwhelmed from the sensitivity you might want to download my free meditation and workbook on Energy Mastery.  And stay tuned…I’ll be offering another on-line class for Highly Sensitive Empaths after the first of the year.

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