A Hidden Stress and 4 Strategies to Support You

by Wendy Wolfe on February 12, 2015

Did you know that being a highly sensitive empath (HSE) means you might be electrically hypersensitive? 

What’s that you say? 

Yes, electrically hypersensitive.

When you’re electrically hypersensitive you have a difficult time being in spaces with wi-fi, near cell towers or electrical power lines.  This conglomeration is commonly referred to as electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s.  I wrote about how EMF’s affect us and our animals a few years ago here

Electrically hypersensitive individuals often experience headaches, reduced immune function, inflammation, chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears, anxiety, joint pain and a host of other ailments indicating our bodies are struggling with this added burden of stress. If you get away from the EMF’s, the symptoms go away.  The excess EMF’s we’ve added to our world affect everyone, not just HSE’s.  Our hypersensitivity makes us more aware of it and maybe that’s an advantage because we are motivated to make changes.

Several European countries have recognized the problem and have taken steps to protect people.  I was particularly fascinated by a study  from a biologist that showed mold in a petri dish when left in a room with a typical home office environment produced toxins at an alarming rate compared to when that same dish in the same room was covered with a special fabric designed to block EMF’s.  The takeaway is that mold becomes more toxic when exposed to the same EMF’s we sit in every day. 

There have been over 2000 independent studies showing harmful effects from cell phones, wi-fi’s and other similar radiation…though you won’t get the power or telecommunication companies to acknowledge these legitimate studies.  There is a wealth of information at this website.

Since I moved to town, I’m highly aware of my sensitivity.  I turn off the wi-fi from my computer router and take other protective measures but unfortunately I can’t turn off the wi-fi from my neighbors.  Their signals show up on my phone as available networks.  I also can’t turn off the smart meters in my home or move my house away from the cell tower up the hill. The effects of this additional barrage of radiation haven’t gone unnoticed.   I’m going to be taking some additional steps to protect my animals and me from what I’ve learned from my research.

Now that I’ve given you the bad news, the good news is you can take action to support yourself and some of these techniques might surprise you. 

4 Strategies to Support your Sensitive Body

1).  Follow the practical suggestions in the free report on this website to reduce your EMF exposure.  (I have no connection to this website…just found it useful).

2). Meditate.

Why meditate?  Because when we meditate properly, we reduce the stress our body experiences.  The truth is our bodies have an amazing ability to heal but they do require support.  When we are stressed emotionally or physically our immune system is compromised.  Meditation can shut off the stress response and activate our immune system.  I recently tried out a guided meditation that adds tones to synchronize your brain into a theta state (as shown with brain scans) and take you gently into a deep meditative state in just 10 minutes.  I recommend this to my clients because it takes the pressure off getting the meditation “right”.  It basically meditates for you.  You can learn more about it and try a free recording here

3)  Heal with visualization. 

We can assist our body in healing by visualizing healthy cells, a strong immune system or whatever picture addresses the stress our body faces.  It can even work to help you lose weight.  Here’s an article on the healing power of visualization

4) Manage your emotions. 

sesitivy phot with words

Another often overlooked aspect of supporting our bodies is managing our emotions.  And this is huge.  When we suppress emotions, even those from decades ago, we suppress our immune system too.  Managing emotions means allowing our feelings without judgments or without stories.   The release through acceptance can be profoundly healing.  (I’ll be adding a section on this to my upcoming online Illumination Program because it’s so helpful for HSE’s). 

If you feel overwhelmed because of your sensitivities, don’t despair.  As you learn to manage them and embrace the GIFTS that come with them, you will see the strength and beauty being sensitive can add to your life.

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