Are you Invisible?

by Wendy Wolfe on February 19, 2015

Last week I was standing alone at a counter to order dinner; the attendant back in the kitchen.  A few minutes later two young women walked up to the counter and stood alongside me, checking out the menu.  When the attendant came out from the kitchen he looked at the two women and asked for their order.  Without hesitation they proceeded to give him their order as if they had no clue I was waiting there first.  I looked at them and realized  “I am invisible”.  Okay, not invisible enough to commit a crime and get away with it but I hadn’t registered on their radar at all.We lose our power when we shrink our (2)

My first reaction was to feel slighted but this had much more to do with my energy than their rudeness.  As I joined my friends I said,  “I’ve shrunk my energy so far inside, I’m invisible”.  The reason was clear.  For two weeks I had been dealing with health issues and had unconsciously pulled my energy back.  At that moment, I ran a quick energy routine to ground and expand my energy.   Later that evening I stopped at a store to pick up a few things.  At the check-out the clerk and I connected with our eyes and smiles.  We had a genuine conversation and I knew all was well with my energy.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve been invisible too.                                              

—You’re in a store and no one waits on you.

—You raise your hand in a group only to be continually ignored.

—You talk to your partner and it’s as if they don’t even hear you.

Our first reaction in these situations it to blame the other.  While it may be true they aren’t completely present, the ability to shift the situation and change them lies within you.

You are powerful when you master your energy.

Shrinking our energy into invisibility can be useful at times.  We do it when we are young and don’t want to draw attention to ourselves.  The problem is when you aren’t aware of your energy, being invisible can hamper success in many areas of your life.

Imagine you’re feeling intimidated by your new boss which triggers an old feeling of insecurity and as if on auto pilot you pull your energy in before the big meeting.  You’ve just unconsciously diminished your ability to be seen, heard and respected.  You also make it more difficult to be your amazing, authentic self.

Maybe you need to have a difficult conversation with your teenage daughter.  You feel anxious and uncertain. Resorting to old, unconscious energy habits, you pull your energy in.  When you meet with your daughter she is unresponsive or irritable.  What you don’t realize…and what she doesn’t understand consciously is when your energy is pulled in she senses you aren’t really there…that you don’t care because a part of you is missing.

This unconscious energy communication can be powerful.

When you take the opportunity to shore up your energy  before you meet I guarantee the results will be different.

Being invisible affects our relationships with people and animals, reduces our “power” in the world and allows others to dominate when it happens unconsciously.

Being Invisible is a SUPER power when used strategically.  Just ask Marvel comics’ Invisible Woman.  Sometimes not drawing attention is exactly what you want.

The key is awareness of your current energy field and how to manage it.  I’ll be sharing tips on how to do this March 10th during my free teleseminar, Successful Sensitivity.  To shore up your energy right now, put your name and email in on form to the right and get my free Energy Mastery workbook and guidebook.  It will help you turn on your Superpowers in just 10 minutes.


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