From Terrified to Terrific

by Wendy Wolfe on February 24, 2015

Have you ever found yourself being terrified of a task in front of you?

The kind of fear that has your body trembling uncontrollably?Untitled design

It happened to me about 11 years ago and I’m sharing this story today to show you how you can go from terrified to terrific using a few energy tips.

The back story:  I was attending a leadership training workshop in California.  Think the Landmark Forum on steroids.  If you’re not familiar with Landmark, imagine the toughest athletic coaches you’ve ever seen.  They’re in your face screaming and you better not back down. There were a couple hundred people in the workshop.  We broke into groups of 8 including one coach.  I didn’t know the people personally in this small group but we had been together in vulnerable ways for the past two days.  The instructions were for each of us to get up and sing a story to the group.


Sing? Are they nuts? 

There were specifics about the kind of story we needed to tell and we had to come up with it instantly.  Fatefully, I was chosen first.  My mind was racing, I had no time to prepare or any idea what to say…let alone SING.  (I am not a trained singer).  I froze and trembled at the same time.  I didn’t want to fail, to be embarrassed.  I wanted to run.  I stalled and said I wasn’t ready, someone else needed to go first.  The coach looked at me and said, “No you need to go now”.  At least a hundred thoughts were racing through my mind, what to say, how to sing, I was truly freaking out.  I wanted to run out of the room and sob.

I closed my eyes to focus and  heard a little voice inside me say, “You need to shift; you need to shift your energy right now”.  I took a deep breath and consciously brought my energy into my body.  I grounded myself then pulled more energy in from the unlimited Source and focused on opening my heart.  The energy poured into me and I could feel my heart expanding…pushing the fear away.  I opened my eyes.  The people in front of me no longer felt like strangers.  All I could feel for them was love.  I opened my mouth and from seemingly nowhere, a beautiful story in the form of song poured out of me.  The melody was beautiful; my voice almost angelic.  Tears pooled in the eyes of a few in our group.  They could feel my authentic love.  I not only survived it but learned a valuable lesson.

So what happened…and how can you experience this kind of shift too?

Often when faced with fear, we energetically leave our body.  Our energy is floating up around our head hanging on by a thread.  We aren’t “embodied” and are vulnerable in many ways.  When you consciously call your energy back into your body it brings the power of that energy with it.  Now secure that power to the earth by grounding your energy and you have become a force to reckon with.  The third technique I used was to open and receive energy from the unlimited Source. This allowed me to open my heart (which had been closed down by the fear) and expand my heart energy. If you’ve read about the power of the heart, you know that intuitive information comes to us through the heart first, not the brain.  By shifting my energy and opening my heart I allowed the creative flow to come through my heart and out my mouth essentially bypassing my brain.

You can do this too. 

We all have this capacity.

Our strength lies in our ability to manage our energy and open our hearts.

With our hearts open, our entire world shifts.

Want to learn more?  Join me for my free teleseminar on March 10th.  

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