Science supports sensitive people are empaths

by Wendy Wolfe on March 5, 2015

My relationship with science is an interesting one.  Since I was a child I’ve loved science with a natural curiosity about what makes our world and all her creatures hum.  In the fifth grade I won a first place in our science fair and went on to state competition with my study of the effect of hunger on a hamster’s motivation to make it through a maze. Using my two hamsters Sugar and Honey (guess what colors hamsterthey were) I set out to discover if hunger gave them more motivation or if it slowed them down (No, I didn’t starve them).  If I hadn’t pushed my ability to communicate with animals away by then, I could have asked my hamsters but it probably wouldn’t have set well with my science teacher.

As an adult my relationship with science…or more accurately, the scientific community, has not been as symbiotic.  There are truths in the universe that have been obvious for years but we wait for science to catch up and “prove” what many already know (or in some cases acknowledge what their own studies already prove).  For example, when scientists decided animals have consciousness, I wrote about their “great discovery” here.  I was on the eastern medicine/acupuncture bandwagon decades before the scientific evidence began to support its effectiveness…but I digress.

Once again, science has determined something we’ve known for years:  People who experience social anxiety tend to be sensitive empaths.  The study  concluded that socially anxious people have high accuracy in effective mental state attributions.  In other words, they have a high accuracy in their ability to accurately “feel” what other people were feeling without intellectual knowledge of those feelings.  The study also suggested the more sensitive you are around other people, the more empathic you are.  This was in contrast to previous conclusions that social anxiety was singularly created by a fear of being judged by others.

It’s true; those of us who are sensitive can be overwhelmed in crowds or social situations because we sense other people’s emotions.  While this may not seem like a gift to you…

your sensitivity is a gift our world desperately needs.


When we literally feel the pain of others, it allows us to see them with compassion and love.  It is no longer us versus “those people”.  And the “us” versus “those people” who have different beliefs, skin color, sexual orientation, or cultural customs is what creates wars, poverty and pain.  We tend to fear what we don’t understand.  The opposite of empathy, is sociopathy or narcissism.  When we can’t empathize with others it’s easier not to care if they are safe, starving, or have basic needs that have been unmet.

When we feel others, we can’t easily dismiss them.  We understand how we are all connected.

We need as many sensitive empaths in this world as possible.


But of course as sensitive empaths we need to be able to function in the world.

If we are overwhelmed by what we feel from others we are unable to bring all of our brilliant selves to the world.  It can stress us, keep us stuck or keep us from experiencing joy in all parts of our lives.

Fortunately, when we learn how to keep other’s emotions from hijacking our own well being, we are able to be successful in all areas of our lives.  We don’t shut it down completely (honestly we can’t) which means we don’t lose our compassion for others.

What the scientists haven’t proven yet…but I have discovered to be true in my work teaching others to communicate with animals and use their intuitive gifts is… for highly sensitive empaths the veil (or doorway) to the Spirit dimension is often much thinner than they realize.

Highly Sensitive Empaths access intuitive and psychic abilities more than others.


In addition to the gift of compassion, you have the gift of enhanced intuitive abilities.

Once you learn to manage your sensitivity you can enjoy your gifts.

Join me next Tuesday, March 10th for a Free Teleseminar on how you can manage these sensitivities and embrace your gifts.

The world needs you.   Now.

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