Robin’s Message: Sing Your Own Song

by Wendy Wolfe on May 6, 2015

Today I meditated for the purpose of inviting a message from Spirit for me and you… my readers.  I haven’t approached writing this way for awhile but wasn’t disappointed.

American Robin (Turdus migratorius migratorius), male.

A robin immediately came into my awareness and shared a powerful message.  Robin symbolizes new growth, renewal and change.  The red breast is said to represent the kundalini, where our awakening begins. Because it spreads all over his chest, we can expect change in all areas of our lives.     Robin’s message was about how to be empowered and soar through this renewal and change.

Interestingly, the message came to me first, and then I researched Robin medicine and found Robin medicine correlates nicely with the message.  I love it when that happens.

5 Steps to Soar through Change and Renewal

  1. Speak your truth:  Not to convince others but to give voice to your truth in the world.
  2. Spread Love & Light wherever you go: When you open your heart and share authentically with others, you stay in the flow allowing smooth transitions in your life.
  3. Acknowledge and share your gifts: We each possess unique gifts which the world needs….bring your gift forth and doors will open for you.
  4. Treat you, the Earth and all her creatures with kindness: We often find it easier to be kind to others than to ourselves and yet, when we direct that kindness to ourselves we judge others less.
  5. Trust in a Divine Plan: You are exactly where you need to be right now.  Trust that everything is unfolding in perfect order.

RiStock_000000245207_Smallobin’s egg blue is the color of the throat chakra, reminding us to speak our truth.

Robin returns in the spring to bring us light and warmth as he reminds us to spread the warmth of love and light with others.

Robin’s song is a reminder to sing OUR song…to share our unique gifts.

Robin reminds us to bring Joy into our lives, which we do when we trust in the unfolding perfection of our lives.

Like Robin,  you have a beautiful song to share with the world.

Sing loud.

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