The Other Energy Vampire

by Wendy Wolfe on September 10, 2015

In the world of energy we often hear about “energy vampires”, those people who “steal” energy from us.  I have a different take on human energy vampires and what to do about them (read it here).  And there’s another “energy vampire” you may not have thought about…one which you can easily control.

This vampire doesn’t “steal” anything yet it can suck the life out of you.  It creeps up on you slowly, blocking your energy, keeping you trapped in a container filled with old, stale energy.

This vampire is clutter.

All your “stuff” has energy.

When your space is filled with “stuff” it can feel like you’re trapped in a 3’ x 3’ room devoid of air.  The walls are closing in on you. Moving forward or moving at all is difficult.  There’s nowhere to go.Untitled design

Clutter can be papers, clothing, books, useless cooking appliances or anything you don’t love or need taking space in your environment.  All those files you’ve been meaning to sort through…they’re taking up energy.  That plant stand you’ve been meaning to clean up and paint…more energy.  That ugly vase your aunt gave you…time to go.

If you are energetically sensitive, keeping your space pure is important to your well being.  

Have you ever noticed how good it feels when you purge and clean a space?  It’s because you have released old energy and invited in the possibility of expansion.  Your own energy is free to move.

Since I was a child I’ve felt best in clean, organized environments.  As I aged I began to wonder if this was some sort of deficit.

Was I compulsive?

Was this about control?

As I learned more about energy, I understood my need for orderliness was because I’m energetically sensitive (and that’s a good thing).  All that “stuff” contained energy.  Some of the energy was imbued with old thoughts and emotions.   My need for order was understandable. Feeling overwhelmed when my living or working space became cluttered made sense.

Now I see my environment as my sacred space. 

I limit my “things” to those that are beautiful and functional.  I see this as a way to honor myself.  Less is more.

Still, the clutter will creep in from time to time.  The space will begin to feel “messy” (though by most standards it would never be called messy).  I can sense a need to purge and I take time to sort through the files, books, and whatever else has accumulated.  If I don’t love it, I find it a new home.

Sometimes I struggle with, “but what if I need it someday?”  “This was a very expensive food dehydrator.  You never know when I might decide to dehydrate my food again even though I haven’t dried a thing in over 12 years”.   This is when I need to remind myself I’ve slipped into a place of lack.  Part of me has this ridiculous idea that I won’t be able to buy one again in the future should I ever need it.  What works for me is to remember I have always had all I needed.  I have never been without.  (It doesn’t mean I’ve had everything I ever dreamed of, but my needs have always been met.)

My need to purge often comes when I’m ready to move forward to a new adventure.  Deep inside I know in order to expand, my space needs to open up.

Stuff needs to go in order for new possibilities to manifest.

This is the space I find myself in right now.  I sense my work will be expanding again in the next six months.  It’s time to make more room by letting go of what no longer serves me.

And there’s more to it because I’m about to embark on a rather extensive remodel of my home.  It will be chaos for a while.  The circumstances won’t allow for much order so before it all starts, I’m making sure there isn’t anything here I don’t love or truly need.  Having lived through previous remodels, I know I will need to temporarily let go of my need for neatness.  I’ve decided to relax and enjoy the process.  I’m focusing on how beautiful and functional my home will be when the remodel is complete.  My new office space with patio doors leading to the new deck will allow me to take in the beautiful river as I work.  The meditation/library space will also have a view of the river and my new master suite will provide me quiet solitude for a good night’s rest.

What in your space is blocking your energy?

What are you ready to release so you can move forward?

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