This is Your Magical Power

by Wendy Wolfe on March 11, 2016

Roses combine_imagesYou see the two photos of roses? These roses came from one bouquet. I separated them into two vases, giving each flower and vase the same cut, water and food as I always do. Even though the photos were taken at the same time, one group of roses wilted without opening fully and one opened beautifully. The leaves dried up on one but not the other. Even the symmetry of the flourishing two roses is beautifully perfect.

When I noticed the difference I asked myself, “Why did the roses in one vase flourish while the others wilted?” This wasn’t an intentional, controlled scientific experiment but the flowers did receive the same treatment and yet, there is a profound difference in how they fared. The wilted flowers lived about 5 days, the length of time flowers generally stay pretty for me. There was nothing toxic in their environment. The others still look great after 8 days.

The light went on.

The beautifully thriving flowers were sitting on my altar in the room where I spend time each day in heart centered meditation. This is my sacred space. It appears sacred space is not only good for me but it’s good for roses too.

You have a sacred space too even if you don’t have a meditation room. We all do. Our energy body, which is about 3 feet around each of us, above and below (think of an egg shaped cloud surrounding you completely) is our sacred space. The state of this energy body impacts how you meet the world and how the world meets you. Many of you are already aware of your energy body but do you realize spending time each day in heart centered meditation can change the state or vibration of your energy body? It will change how you see the world and how the world sees you. It will also change the world.

When we spend time in heart centered meditation we alter our energy field. We raise the vibration which can impact how we feel emotionally and physically. Not only will you feel the difference but others will too. And as I explained in this article, having an energy body filled with loving presence is the best defense for any negative energy you encounter. Practically speaking, this means you will experience more abundance, more love, improved health, joy and less drama. I guarantee it.

You won’t be the only one who notices or benefits. The love you emanate from this heart centered space will touch others and they will flourish too…just like the roses.

Your love is a magical force. Heart meditation magnifies your love and your magic.

The idea of meditation scares some people. They envision a Yogi sitting on a mountain top. They think it’s difficult and they resist the idea of sitting quietly. Some think they need to meditate for hours and who has time? The truth is it isn’t complicated and doesn’t require hours to receive benefit. It does require consistency.

My first meditation experience was a transcendental meditation class I attended when I was 17 years old.  I was curious about meditation and self hypnosis. I didn’t practice much and it was pushed aside until I encountered an abusive boss in my early 30’s. I had used the self hypnosis over the years but hadn’t had the motivation for a regular meditation practice. This boss was my motivation. And it worked. Each morning I meditated before work and found I didn’t get triggered by his outbursts. I kept cool and stayed focused on my work. (By-the-way, he got fired and I got promoted.)

When I started working as a professional animal communicator 15 years ago, I began meditating before each session because calm, loving energy is required to communicate with animals. My new profession helped me create a consistent meditation practice.

Over the years I’ve realized the power of heart centered meditation.

People often think the goal of meditation is to shut down the noise in your brain and rid yourself of all thoughts. True, paying attention to the thoughts streaming through your head is an important part of the practice. But as anyone who’s done meditation for years will tell you, the thoughts don’t disappear. Yes, you want to become aware of your thoughts and quiet them to some degree. Just the awareness of what thoughts are running through your mind is enormously helpful. In my experience the real power of meditation is connecting with your heart center and becoming aware of the connection you already have with the Loving Presence. How you define that loving presence is up to you…God, Goddess, The great Mother, The Mystery, your Higher Self, Spirit, etc…it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is feeling the unconditional love available. Feeling loved, supported and safe. When you connect in with the Loving Presence each day on a regular basis, you’ll soon find you can connect whenever needed. When the unexpected diagnosis from your vet hits you in the gut, when your teenager stomps out of the room swearing at you, when your partner pushes that button which infuriates you, drop into your heart and stop the craziness in your head. When you remember the truth of love the drama drops away.

If I could wave a magic wand with the power for just one wish it would be that everyone would easily access this feeling of being loved and safe. Because if we all could feel loved to this depth I assure you we would choose it over all else and we would be living in a different world.

There is no concept of lack or scarcity when you are filled with love.

There is no fear when you feel love.

There is no anger, guilt, jealousy, bigotry, racism…well you get it.

When you feel love…it’s all there is.

This process has allowed me to overcome PTSD and severe anxiety from Lymes, Bartonella and Menopause.

It works.

It heals.

There is nothing more powerful than Your Magical Love.

Just ask the roses.

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