Remembering Your First Time

by Wendy Wolfe on May 5, 2016

Here’s a post I’m upcycling.

I was communicating with a cat for a client in my Illumination Program.  Because she was learning how to communicate with animals this session was a little different.  Instead of me connecting alone with the cat and relaying the information, she joined me and together, we held a heart energy connection between us and her cat.

She noticed an emotional stirring as we connected. “I’m feeling emotional, like I am going to cry. Why is that?” she asked.    This was her first time consciously creating a heart connection with an animal to communicate.  Your feeling is coming from a deeper part of you that has longed to remember that you have always been able to communicate in this way with animals and other beings.  This part of you has been waiting for you to remember. This part of you is rejoicing and welcoming you home.” She was in her words “giddy”.

My first time (as a conscious adult) was at a beginning animal communication workshop.  It began with a meditation.  My mentor guided us with her words…  “allow your energy to fill the room expanding further out through the roof of the house…” At the first suggestion to expand my energy I was like a rocket shot out of a cannon.  I had been waiting my entire adult life for this invitation.  My energy catapulted out of my body and was immediately in the pasture with a horse.  I was free and moving without having to lug my body.  Now connected with this horse as if we were one, I could feel his body.  I could feel the scratchy discomfort in his throat, a pain in my right foot, knowing it was his right hind hoof.  Along my jaw line I felt soreness, as if someone had scraped the inside of my mouth.   All these strange sensations; what did they mean?  I could feel warmth in my heart as if I had just been given a big hug.   This heart connection was powerful. I wanted to cry.

In a dreamlike state I heard a voice “And now, come back to the room, fully present and here in your body, feeling your feet on the floor.”  Hearing but resisting, not sure I wanted to leave this beautiful creature and the connection we had, I opened my eyes to a room of people.  As our teacher prompted us to share our experience, questions rattled through my mind. “What was that?  What just happened  Did I make that up?”   I need to know.  I’ll have to say something or I will never know.  When my turn came I cautiously described the sensation of slipping out of the room, out of the house and to the pasture.  Taking a deep breath I began to explain the sensations I felt, the scratchy throat, the sore foot and the tender jaw.  Holding my breath I noticed the look on my teachers face.  Her eyes widened just a bit as if in surprise and then a warm smile, a knowing smile came across her lips.  She began “Yes, the horse you connected with has heaves (a horse condition similar to asthma that creates chronic coughing), and so he often has a scratchy throat.  He also had his teeth floated two days ago (horsey dentistry) and so the jaw line soreness is from that.  And yes, he has a stone bruise on his right hind hoof”.  Holy crap, I thought.  That was a good guess on my part.  I didn’t know how to comprehend what I was experiencing.  The rest of the day brought more surprises.

There was the cat that I connected to and could clearly feel his nausea.  We went around the room each sharing our experience.  I began to describe the feelings I noticed when connecting with this cat and no sooner than the words came out of my mouth about the nausea, the cat jumped off the couch and threw up.  I was stunned.

Still in a bit of disbelief I decided to put this to a test with another cat.   I got quiet and carefully sent him my message.  “If I’m really communicating with you, I want proof.  I want you to come and sit right in front of me.  Then I will know you really heard me and this isn’t just a bunch of crap”.  When our meditation time came to an end, I opened my eyes and saw no cat in front of me.   Ha, just as I suspected.  I wasn’t really communicating with these animals.  We went around the room as the other students shared their experiences.  When it was my turn, I began to explain my “test” to see if I was actually communicating.  I told of how I asked this cat to come to me for proof.  As I was talking, the cat came walking in from another room and before I could finish sat down directly in front of me looking straight into my eyes.  “He couldn’t come before because he was busy”, the instructor shared.  Okay, maybe there was something to this communication thing.

Even though I was just beginning to understand about things like synchronicity and how our soul can send us messages, it was clear to me that I was being asked to pay attention here.  This was not a fluke.

As I drove home from the workshop that evening tears streamed down my face burning my cheeks as I heard a small voice inside me say, “Thank God you’re finally listening”. Remembering today brings tears again.  Grateful tears.

Now, thirteen years later, when I teach animal communication classes I always keep the tissue box handy.  I joke that a successful class is when at least half the students cry at some point.  The tears aren’t sadness.  The tears are the result of connecting with that part of us that remembers and longs to feel oneness.  It is a home coming.   A feeling of peace and unconditional love that is indescribable.  It is a connection to that sacred part of us that has always known that words are not necessary between hearts.

We are not three dimensional bodies.

We are not scared and confused thought patterns.

We are not alone

We are divinely connected beings.

We are all one.

We are love.

Do You Remember?

Please share your first time in the comments below.  If you haven’t yet had a first time, maybe you would like to join my Illumination Program and create one.  I have a few openings in May and June of 2016.   Look here for more information.

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