The Sanctuary for Sensitive Souls

by Wendy Wolfe on October 28, 2016

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions that seem to come out of nowhere?

Do you feel “drained” after being with certain people?

Do you feel a strong connection to animals?

Do you “know” when others are being untruthful?

Are you tired of dealing with anxiety and depression?

Do you “feel” others physical or emotional pain?

If you answered yes to a few of these, you are probably energetically “sensitive”. We are all energetic beings, and some of us are more sensitive or aware than others. Some of us are what’s known as a highly sensitive person and some of us are also empaths. You may have been born sensitive and your early childhood experiences may also have contributed to your sensitivity…and your intuitiveness.

Sensitive people tend to be more intuitive. We can sense more information, emotions and energies than others. We can more easily communicate with animals and those in Spirit. However, when we don’t understand this sensitivity, we can experience struggle and pain, both physical and emotional. Once we begin to see the gift and learn to use our abilities our sensitivities give us greater insight, clairvoyance and power in the world.

If this is you, I’ve created a virtual place on Facebook for you to join your tribe.

When we are surrounded by our tribe, we can be ourselves.

We can feel safe…safe to be who we really are.

We can express our feelings, thoughts and desires without concern of being judged.

This is a place where you can embrace the gifts and understand the challenges of being highly sensitive and empathic.

I’ll be there most every day to provide guidance for developing your intuitive and healing gifts…

I’ll share some of what I have learned to manage energy, anxiety and emotions.

And we will all learn from each other through authentic sharing in a positive, mindful, and non-judgmental environment.

If this sounds good to you, join me on Facebook in this “secret” group I created just for you.

The Sanctuary for Sensitive Souls:
Illuminating the gifts and overcoming the challenges.


A “secret” group on Facebook means even though you can see all the posts in your news feed, no one outside of the group can see the posts. No one can see that you are in the group except those already in the group. Your friends and family will not see what you post. You can share your experiences, your challenges, and your triumphs knowing that you are not judged but held in the heart by others who totally get you.

You are welcome (and I encourage you) to invite others you know who would benefit from joining our tribe.

I will post “Ground Rules” for the group in the files section which you must read and agree to as a member.

Here’s how it works. First, if you are not already friends with me on Facebook you will need to “friend” me. Click here to go to my FB page.

Once we are friends, private message me via Facebook and ask to be in the group…
OR if you see my post inviting people on Facebook, you can respond directly in the post with a “yes”. I will then add you to the group. Once you are in the group, read the Ground Rules in the “files” section and post that you have read them and agree to them.

That’s it.

See you in the Sanctuary.

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sue May 14, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Thank you my friend. Perfect timing


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