An Interview with Wendy

Is communicating with animals a special gift?

I believe all of us can communicate intuitively with animals.

I believe we can create a deeper, more respectful understanding between ourselves and our animal companions.

They communicate to us every day. We simply need to learn how to listen.

I believe this because I communicate with animals every day, and I teach people from around the world ways to communicate with their animals.  I am a bridge who connects humans and their animal companions by interpreting and relaying messages about each animal’s feelings, thoughts, and wishes and by teaching others to do the same.

The truth is, my ability isn’t all that unique. In fact, I teach a variety of classes here and abroad to help others develop their intuitive skills and to manage their personal energy fields.

How did you learn this? 

I figured out early on that I could understand the messages animals communicate.

As a child, animals were my confidants, my best friends. I have never been without an animal companion in my life. Yet, in spite of my kinship with animals, as an adult I pushed my ability deep into myself so I could pursue more “adult” matters.

In 1999, I rediscovered my ability to communicate with the animals during a workshop with Professional Animal Communicator, Asia Voight. She helped me honor my abilities and eventually, invited me to help her with clients.

I was surprised at first because I had never imagined I would do this work professionally. Eventually, I realized animal communication was part of my soul’s path. I took a daring leap and left a career in business to work for the animals full-time. It was time to get reacquainted with a part of myself I had almost forgotten.

With a degree in education and a life-long passion for teaching, it was only natural that I began teaching others how to tap into their own abilities to form deeper, more meaningful bonds with their animals and with themselves.

What does communicating with animals have to do with being a Highly Sensitive Empath or experiencing childhood trauma?

I realized that my childhood experiences of trauma acted as a catalyst to my ability to communicate with animals and other spirits. I learned at a very early age how to sense energy which added to my energetic sensitivities and my intuitive abilities.

I became aware that many intuitively gifted and energetically sensitive people had also experienced childhood trauma.  As I embraced my own sensitivity, I developed techniques to manage my energy field, which resulted in much more ease and grace in my life.

Today, I share these techniques with other highly sensitive people through my mentoring programs and through my book: The Fractured Phoenix, Gifts From a Broken Childhood (available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble).

How do I know if I am a highly sensitive empath or if I am energetically sensitive?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, you are likely a Highly Sensitive Empath.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions that seem to come out of nowhere?
Do you feel “drained” after being with certain people?
Do you find being in large crowds difficult?
Do you “feel” others physical or emotional pain?
Are you sensitive to loud noise?

There is a more comprehensive quiz in my Energy Mastery Workbook, which is my free gift to you along with the Energy Mastery Guided Meditation.  You can get it by providing your name and email address on the right hand side of this page.

That sounds like me.  How can you help me?

I use my insight, unique perspective and years of experience to teach you to manage your “energy body” so you can feel comfortable and embrace your intuitive gifts through classes and one-on-one mentoring programs.  Many people don’t realize that their energy boundaries can protect them from feeling overwhelmed.  I teach you how to have healthy energy boundaries and to feel comfortable and safe in your body.

I also teach you how to hone your intuitive gifts, how to listen to your higher self or Soul guidance to help you on your journey.

I feel like I am a highly sensitive empath but I didn’t experience trauma.  Can you help me?

The techniques I teach will support you regardless of your early life experiences.  If you are highly sensitive, you will benefit from my classes and mentoring programs.

Is it possible for me to talk with you about this?

Yes.  If you are interested in working with me one-on-one I offer a 30 minute free consultation.  You can schedule the call yourself here.  This will help us learn if this is the best match for both of us.  There is also more information under the For You heading.


My Guiding Principles 

  • Every woman has the right to feel comfortable in her body free from energetic attachments, anxiety and depression.
  • When women create healthy energy boundaries they are free to embrace their inner power and live amazing lives.
  • Every one of us has all the wisdom we need within to traverse our lives with ease.  We can be our own Guru.
  • Everyone is exactly where they need to be at this moment and their lives are unfolding perfectly.
  • Every woman who experienced trauma deserves to know that her experiences were a catalyst for her to do great things in the world if she chooses.