The Fractured Phoenix

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions that seem to come out of nowhere?

Do you feel drained after being with certain people?

Do you find being in large crowds difficult?

Do you “feel” others physical or emotional pain?

Are you tired of dealing with anxiety and depression?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are probably energetically “sensitive” and it may have begun when you were a child. We are all energetic beings, and some of us are more sensitive or aware than others.

For those of us who have walked through the fire early in this life time, the veil (or doorway) to the Spirit dimension is often much thinner than we realize. We can more readily access our intuitive and psychic abilities than others.

What I mean by “walking through the fire” is early experiences of trauma whether it is psychological, physical, sexual or from having been the child of an alcoholic/substance abuser.  Trauma may have been intentional by others such as neglect and abuse or it may be the result of illness, premature birth or trauma in the womb, death of a parent or sibling, or mental illness in the family.

As hard as it may seem to comprehend, there is a gift inherent in our experiences. We learned at an early age how to sense energy and we tend to be more intuitive and more energetically sensitive.

Without understanding these attributes, we can experience struggle and pain, both physical and emotional. Once we begin to see the gift and learn to use our abilities our sensitivities give us greater insight, clairvoyance and power in the world.

I came to discover that my own early childhood trauma was a catalyst to my intuitive skills including communicating with animals, spirits and guides.  While teaching others intuitive skills I discovered that those who were most naturally gifted have also experienced trauma early on.  This led me to research other people working in the intuitive arts and the discovery that early life trauma is prominent among gifted intuitives, healers and mediums.

My new book, The Fractured Phoenix, Gifts from a Broken Childhood,  further explores this topic along with helpful techniques to manage the sensitivities and develop your intuitive gifts.

You can also explore with me the power and beauty of your early life experiences in a loving, safe and supportive environment through my on line classes, live events and a three month coaching program…The Illumination Program.

Let me share with you how I have learned to harness this gift and live a life of abundance, ease and connection with animals and Spirit life despite (and because of) these experiences.

Why The Fractured Phoenix?

You’re probably familiar with the basic legend of the Phoenix, the mythical bird that lives for 500 years, builds its own funeral pyre, is consumed by the flames, then rises anew from the ashes. It symbolizes immortality, resurrection and life after death. The legend is found in ancient Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, and Chinese mythology. The Thunderbird is the Native American version who is believed to be a powerful spirit in the form of a bird.

Since the beginning of time, humans have regarded fire as sacred, a gift from the gods, because it is essential to our well-being. We all receive life, light and warmth from the fire of the sun. Fire also renews and purifies. Forest fires burn off old trees and brush to create new growth. Without this fire, the forest stagnates and dies. Although purification by fire is painful, hidden in the adversity is the gift of rebirth.

For those of us who survived the fire of a difficult childhood, our early life is reminiscent of the myth of Phoenix Rising, but with our own unique twist. You and I are the Fractured Phoenix. We are creating our own myth through our courageous stories of triumph from trauma. Our trials have given us an incredible strength and resiliency to rise like the dawning of a new day; a day where we are wiser, stronger and more focused on our life’s purpose. However, because of our early life experiences, we have fractures which require healing before we can take flight. Then, when we heal and take flight, we fly higher than had we never been fractured. There is extraordinary strength and bountiful gifts in our healed fractures.

Another part of the legend is that the tears of the Phoenix are healing.  As you may recall from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, the tears of Fawkes (a Phoenix) brought Harry back from the brink of death.  This healing ability is often pronounced in those who have walked through the fire.  The early life experiences of trauma can create a deep compassion and sensitivity for the suffering of others, opening the heart to create profound healing abilities.

The Phoenix also flies far ahead to the front, scanning the landscape and distant lands. This represents our unique ability to be visionaries, to collect sensory information about our environment and the events unfolding within it. This ability allows us to easily connect into the Spirit dimension and communicate with all that is.

As the new Phoenix rises from the fire it preserves the ashes. There is an honoring of the fire that took place. The Phoenix isn’t stuck in the history. It is willing to go through the fire to be renewed while remembering and honoring the best of the past. I believe this demonstrates the process of reclaiming one’s voice and power and why I have chosen the myth of the Phoenix for this teaching.