Schedule a Communication Appointment

At least 24 hours prior to the appointment you must provide a photo (more recent is preferable) and information to include: name, age, sex, other pets and family members in the household and geographic location. Photographs can either be sent via postal mail or email. If you cannot provide a photo, include a physical description. You will also need to list the questions you have for the animal or information you would like Wendy to discuss with them.  This information should be emailed to Wendy at along with your name and appointment date/time.

Once Wendy has the information and before your scheduled appointment, she will connect with your animal and communicate. When you call her at your appointed time, she will relay the information provided. She will then provide a three-way with you, your animal and her for clarification or additional questions. ALL TIME spent prior to and during the appointment is considered part of the appointment time.

At your appointment time call 715-824-2319, Wendy does not call you. (This is a business land line, not a cell phone. Do not text to this number)

For emergency appointments: Contact Wendy at or 715-824-2319.  There is a $20 surcharge for emergency appointments. If you are paying by credit/debit card, please use the third payment button below to put in the correct amount.  Note:  Wendy no longer works with lost or missing animals.

Payment & Scheduling Information

The investment is $75 for 30 minutes or $150.00 for an hour. Generally, no more than two animals will be contacted during a 30 minute appointment. There is a $20.00 surcharge for emergency appointments.  Contact Wendy if you are not sure how much time you will need.

If you are mailing a photo you can include a check (make payable to Wendy Wolfe) or you can pay with a credit card or debit card.  Payment is required before your appointment.    Note:  Credit and debit card users are taken to Paypal for secure processing.

If Paying by Check:   payment can be sent to:

Wendy Wolfe at P.O. Box 103, Amherst, WI 54406

If you are paying by check, you must click here to select the date and time for the 30-minute appointment.  For the 60-minute appointment, please click here to schedule.

Or pay online using your credit or debit card using a button below (You will be taken to Paypal.)

IMPORTANT:  Once your credit or debit card payment is entered and approved, scroll to the bottom of the confirmation and click the link “Return to Merchant”.  This will take you to the scheduling system so you can select your appointment day and time.

30-Minute Session

60-Minute Session

For other Credit or Debit Card Payments to Wendy: