Animal Communication Testimonials


 “Thank you SO MUCH for connecting with my kids. OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE  it has made. Cruiser seems less depressed, and a little more comfortable with the recent changes. Cruiser has not taken ANYTHING off any flat surface since your conversation! More importantly, my boy has not chased ANY car. UPS came yesterday & the disposal truck came today (to empty the dumpster ). Both are large vehicles.  In the past, that was breath taking frightening to me. Cruiser sat by the garage, & barked at them. He is also sleeping in the bedroom with me.  HUGE SUCCESS      HUGE RELIEF      HUGE THANK YOU”

MG, Wisconsin

“At a time I needed to make a very important decision, God used your gift to save my horse’s life. Thank you.”
– JK, Wisconsin


“Just had to update you! Since our talk with Gus, the relationship between Gus and myself has improved greatly! It is amazing to see the difference. I feel more confident now to “talk” with him and move forward with our bonding. You had mentioned he has some tightness in the poll and neck and headaches. I wish I could book a session with you for the cranio-therapy work!!! We are just so far from you! Can you recommend anything that would help me to help him? Thank you as always Wendy, you are always such an incredible help with my animals!”

-SS, Missouri

“Thank you so much for your help with speaking with Andrew for me I don’t want to get too excited yet but I can’t help it. He seems to have shifted in his energy since then. For example, I paste wormed him this morning without even a rope around his neck, normally we would have quite the trauma over it. Also he has been letting me kiss his nose and when I say something to him he seems to be really listening. Yesterday I ponied him out as the weather was gorgeous and he was so calm and only had one freakout when he stepped on something that made a funny sound, then when we turned around and came back that same way he started to think about panicking and I could see he was working it through and he turned it into a little frisky hop like he was thinking it is not so bad afterall. He seems so calm and brave.
– JS, Oregon


“I am writing to let you know our dear little tortoise, L.G. was located today and is home safe and sound. Just as you indicated she was somewhere close to home where it was damp. She ended up being in our neighbor’s yard! We are so thrilled to have her home safe and sound. Many blessings and thanks to you for your guidance. We love our little girl and now our family is complete again.”
– TP, Arizona

siamese cat

“I wanted to thank you. You obviously communicated with Baron as he was out on our deck at 12:30 Christmas morning barking and growling. I ran to the other door and opened it and he ran in the house. Now this is the dog that wouldn’t come near us. As soon as we saw him out on the street he would take off running. There was no way we could’ve gotten him in except for you talking to him and then he just walked in the house! This is an incredible story and I am so thankful for you.”
– SB, Wisconsin


“I followed the suggestion of letting him (horse) know where, when and how long our trips would be from the farm before we left to go to the show. He was relaxed and cooperative. We had a great show – of the 4 classes I entered, we had one 1st place and 3 seconds. He did GREAT for his first time to a show under saddle. I’m very proud of him. Thanks again. I know I’ll be calling on you again.”
– JT, Wisconsin


“This is the first chance I’ve had to fill you in on Scotty’s agility trial; and you’ll be happy to hear that he was wonderful! We had our first qualifying run in 3 trials ( he got fourth place too!) and all the other runs were great. We just missed one “Q” because his tail hit the bar! But most of all he was beautifully focused the whole time. He even stayed on the start line! (I think telling him that the game begins when we walk in the ring was the trick.) Everybody commented on how beautifully he ran….it felt so good and we both had FUN! Will be contacting you again soon for another session….he seems to do so much better in everything when we’re in close communication.”
– MR, Wisconsin


“Thank you so much for communicating with Till about the trailer ride! He was an angel the whole time…He has been making a lot of progress since we got home. It’s amazing how you pinpointed exactly where the problem was. We had been struggling with that for so long! Thank you so much for your help.”
– EM, Illinois

grey horse head cd

“Kitten came back last night…I do believe you must have communicated with him…he also still had his collar on (this was described by Wendy). I wanted to thank you for being so kind and caring. Your love for animals and integrity is very admirable and though I was at first skeptical, I have come to realize that communicating with animals is possible and very rewarding.”
– CP, WI


“I was blown away by what you did last week..You made a believer out of me (not that I wasn’t before)! There has been way better litterbox compliance than before..also much less chatter from Tippi! Harley also seems to be calmer somehow. I am very grateful fate brought us together…I feel more confident that things could change for the best.”
– RR, WI

golden retr sitting

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this transition a more peaceful one. You have given me such a precious gift. I will always remember this experience.”
– PW, Hawaii


“You truly have a wonderful gift for helping animals and their owners. You have helped me better understand my little Emma. I was amazed at how her disposition changed as soon as you talked to her. She is back to her happy self again.”
– DF, WI


“I would like to order more Geranium hydrosol..(result of consultation with Wendy). Joe Joe looks like a million dollars, is eating really good and even getting into mischief every now and then. Pretty good for a 14 year old who has had major illness throughout his whole life so I don’t want to stop something that really seems to be working for him.”
– AR, WI

Yorkie cd

“With regard to Lightning (leased horse), I used the oils you suggested over the two days we were together this week. He had a huge long time in coming, and I mean huge, release from the neck pain … he actually screamed when it finally came. Frightened me, but I knew it was there.”
– LH, WI


“Just an update on Ralph. He seems to be doing quite well. Since you were here he has only gotten us up in the middle of the night once and has had no accidents. After that one incident, I offered him the aromas again and he did show some interest. He now appears back to his old self in all his habits. He has stopped drinking lots of water and is again able to hold his trips outside for incredible spans.”
– BC, WI


“Simba is doing really, really well. We’ve not had any problems with him leaking or waking up with puddles. Thank you very much. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again for animal sessions.” (two days after aromatherapy consultation)
– TS, WI

black cat head

“Handsome is doing AMAZING! Monday was the day I have been dreaming about. I always thought I would cry when that day finally arrived, but I just laughed (I cried later when I journaled about it). He was tearing around the arena loose/playing with two other horses kicking, bucking and squealing! I am considering buying more Zeolite – I am about half way through that first bag- since that is the main thing that has changed for him, I think it must be helping. I also think the oils did some remarkable things for him. He wanted them put on his body almost every time I offered them until recently. He is still a little curious about them, but I wonder if they have run their course or are close to completing their job with him. Would it be beneficial to try some other oils?”
– DL, WI


“Wanted to let you know it was a fatty tumor and growing quickly like you said. And the oils were like a miracle! The hot spot was almost gone the next day and all the redness is gone from the incision. Remmy is much more comfortable now.”
– PA, WI


“Harley is doing amazing. His headshaking has dramatically reduced and he seems a lot happier. He’s only had a few “bad” days recently, too few to count. Needless to say I am ecstatic with the results!! …as I know ECS is a continuing process I think it might be best for Harley to have one more session, if not more. He seems to be benefiting a lot and I think it’s in his best interest to continue! ”
– TN, WI

Note: This horse suffered a serious trauma to his zygomatic, lacrimal and maxilla bones with permanent damage resulting in moderate to severe headshaking. This was written after two sessions with Wendy.

buckskin horse

“THANK YOU! Elmo’s sore on his eye is clearing up; there is still some draining but the sore is healing and the BEST I have seen it in over a year. Thank you Thank you! I also think he is seeing better out of that eye; this time he was making go to that side; like WOW I can see you again!”
– HP, WI


“Thank you again for coming to the barn and doing a cs treatment for Dobby. Just wanted to share with you that we went riding today on a trail that has a sportsman’s gun club nearby. Previously, the gun shots really bothered Dobby and made him very nervous. Today – he didn’t even blink an eye when he heard the shots! The difference was dramatic and my thought is that he did so well because of the treatment on Thursday.”
– CP, WI


“Tango slept most of the way home this time after her healing session on Wednesday. Then she was really hungry and thirsty when we got home. She is doing a lot better, able to stretch out more. She is moving better. We did a mile this morning on the hiking trail. You are a very gifted individual. It is amazing to watch her react while you are working with her.”
– PH, IL


“Just wanted to let you know that Charlie seems to be improved . . . the other night he lay down in the pasture, completely relaxed, and let me walk up to him, sit next to him, and pet him. He let out a big sigh, laid his head on the ground and closed his eyes. He’s never done that before. It was so neat; I had tears in my eyes. Thanks for what you’ve done so far! ”
– AD, WI


“I guess I should start with Thank You! I arrived back at the ranch for Labor Day weekend. This is the first time I have been with Siobhan since you worked on her a few weeks ago. You have made a tremendous difference in her. We have gone on two trail rides in the woods. She has been perfectly calm, but alert. I was able to ride her with a very loose rein. I could tell she was interested in looking at everything, especially things on her left side. This morning, when riding along the lake shore, we spooked a blue Heron that neither of us saw. We were maybe 20 feet from it when it flew over the lake. Siobhan took one quicker step, then watched it fly. You can guess what her old reaction would have been! You can almost feel the calmness in her – something I have surely never felt with her before. Elsie told me that for a few days after you left, Siobhan would stand off by herself for long periods of time. Also, for about two weeks, she was very calm in the barn. No kicking or beating on her stall. I also noticed that she is opening her left eye wider. In looking at pictures, I had never really noticed that she tended to squint a bit. I was not expecting this level of results. If only I had known about her pain before. For several years I have been attempting to train her through it, when all along her focus could not have been completely on me.”
– LE, IA