Ruby Slippers Session

The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite movie.  I’ve watched it almost as many times as I have years on the planet.  I relate to a young woman who will do anything to save her precious dog.  And I’ve always wanted to be Glinda.  I mean the tiara, the wand…the dress.  And teleporting in a bubble, horses that change colors and little people always glad you’re around…who wouldn’t want to be her?  But what I most appreciate about the Wizard of Oz are the ruby slippers because they always remind me, all the power I’ll ever need is within.

Just like Dorothy, you too have all the power you need.  But sometimes, like Dorothy, you can get a little lost and forget how powerful you are.  And that can create some drama, like mean witches showing up and sending flying monkeys after you.  And then there’s the guy who says he’s the wizard, like some guru who is going to save you but in the end, he’s not any different than any other guy.  He’s just fooled a lot of little people with some spiffy special effects.

Glinda seems like the real deal.  Someone to help us remember we already have all we need to make our deepest dreams a reality; someone to show us how to use our magic.  So, think of me as Glinda because when I work with people, it’s not about sending you off on some journey so I or someone else can save you, or to retrieve something that’s missing from you.

It’s about helping you see the answers, the wholeness and the power that’s already within you.

You’re not missing anything. 

You have your own powerful magic, you’ve just forgotten how to use it. 

The Ruby Slippers Session is an individual phone session (with extra support) where I help you see obstacles and opportunities around an issue where you need clarity.  This will be based on intuitive guidance I receive for you (not your animals), the energy patterns I detect happening with the issue, plus any thoughts and emotional patterns affecting you.  If you have an area in your life that feels stagnant or stuck, an area that triggers you or throws you out of whack, this may be the impetus you need to finally move forward. You can learn how to use your magic and create something new and enchanted.

Here’s how it works:

You email me to schedule our session (  When you are scheduled, I’ll send you a short list of questions to answer before our call and info for payment.

You’ll get the answered questions back to me in a timely fashion.

Before our appointment, I will go into a meditative state, connect into the energy and receive the information that wants to come forward.

On our call, we will talk about the intuitive information I receive and formulate a plan based on what’s blocking you from accessing your magic. I’ll provide guidance on how you can shift your energy, mindsets and emotions around this issue. You’ll be able to ask questions and find clarity.

I’ll be there to support you as you begin implementing the strategies by providing follow-up with up to 2 emails. (You have two weeks’ time for the follow-up support).

The Ruby Slippers Session

What’s included:

Pre-session intuitive reading.

1 hour phone session, recorded.

Up to 2 emails for follow-up (within 2 weeks of session).

You get approximately 2 hours of my time- Investment: $250

To schedule a session email me at

Get back in touch with your own powerful magic.

Those ruby slippers are calling you.


I really enjoyed the Ruby Slippers session yesterday.  It was money well spent and has given me soooooo much to think about.  I can actually see an end to this madness!!

And a week later….

WOW!! All I can say is WOW!!!  I can’t believe the power your session as given me!!!  I have taken control of my life back and it feels great!!  

-Donna Lee-Ryan