Soul Quest

Do you need clarity on a decision?

Would you like to hear from your Soul on how to move forward?

Do you need to take the fear or judgment out of a decision?

Do you want to avoid wasting time, energy and money with poor choices?

Hear from your Soul with a Soul Quest* guided meditation.

Soul Quest allows you to receive guidance and input from your Soul to help make a decision. This unique process outwits any judgment or fear your ego may toss into the mix to confuse you. You hear directly from your Soul about the ideal choice to make and avoid wasting time, energy and money.

For this Quest you will be asking about one central question with 3-4 options you are considering.  For example, when searching for my house I was considering 3 different locations and 1 “yet unknown” location.  Other examples are; leave my current job, go back to school, start my own business…or even detail within one of these (like different business or school options).   Consider questions about a love relationship, major purchase, or life direction. Questions can be more specific too. Soul Quest will provide insight and direction for your decision making. Soul Quest does not work for open ended questions such as “What does my Soul want me to know” or “What do I need to do to be happy”?

How it Works

First you’ll schedule a 30 minute appointment to clarify your question.  Don’t worry if you’re uncertain on your choices, I will guide you to clarity.  During our first session we’ll schedule your Soul Quest appointment which lasts 1-1 1/2 hours.  Your Soul Quest can be done via phone or Skype and will be recorded.

At our scheduled Soul Quest appointment we will join via phone or Skype and I will guide you through a meditation where you walk down different paths in your mind’s eye.  As you walk each path you describe what you see, feel and notice.  Each path represents one of your choices but only I and your Soul know which path is tied to which choice.  This way your fear or ego cannot interfere. You can’t mess this up!  At the end of the meditation I share with you which choice each path represents.  Because our Soul speaks to us in images and metaphors these experiences are rich with information and meaning about the different choices you are considering.  The Soul is amazingly clear when we ask for direction.

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Payment Information:

Investment for the Soul Quest is $250.00.  Payment is due prior to our first appointment.  You can pay by check or through PayPal

To pay by check:

Please make payable to Wendy Wolfe and mail to P.O. Box 103, Amherst, WI 54406.

For Paypal Payment:

Schedule your First 30 Minute Appointment Here


*Soul Quest was developed by Dr. Beverly Crane