Stop Anxiety Seminar


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Anxiety has become epidemic in our culture. Clients and friends have shared how frustrated they are because anxiety dampens their joy, slows the progress towards their dreams and just plain mucks things up. Can you relate?

  • Do you feel you’re spinning in circles when making decisions?
  • Does anxiety make you feel like a crazy woman?
  • Do you start something new only to have anxiety stop your flow?
  • Does anxiety stop you from talking openly with the people you love?

I understand.

Anxiety has messed with me too. It sucks.

I tried to get help…and frankly there isn’t much out there. I started my own “figure out anxiety project”. I read volumes on the biological, spiritual and energetic causes of anxiety. I found insights and causes but helpful information to actually stop it was scarce. So I kept at it, listened within, experimented and eventually found what does work. Things that don’t involve drugs or locking yourself in a padded room.

My experience with anxiety taught me how to understand and work with it…
now I’m ready to share my insights with you.

Join me and learn what the doctors don’t tell you…

  • How your brain is programmed for fear and what you can do about it
  • A scientifically proven 20 second technique that will begin to change your brain from anxiety prone to joy prone.
  • A trigger most people don’t know about…and a simple technique to stop the trigger
  • How anxiety creates chronic pain and how you can stop the pain

The problem with being in a state of anxiety isn’t just the discomfort or even the physical illness it can create.

It goes deeper.

Anxiety impedes your ability to create abundance in all areas of your life.

It affects your relationship with your family, friends and animals.

Passion leaks out…life is dull.

Day to day starts to feel hard. You feel like something is missing.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

I know my process works because it’s worked for me and my clients.

You can stop your anxiety from stopping you.

…..Imagine a life where your decisions are from a place of confidence, not fear.

…..Imagine how it would feel to get your passion back and experience peace.

…..Imagine freeing yourself from chronic pain.

…..Imagine what your life could look and feel like.

                      Are you ready?   Join me

Saturday, June 13th, 2015
The Lettie Jensen Center 

487 N. Main Street, Amherst, WI

9:00 – 11:00 am (Check-in at 8:30)

Seating is Limited

Bring a friend for FREE when you register by 6/5/15

Pre-registration investment: $15

At the door $25