Successful Sensitivity

Successful Sensitivity

Three keys to transform your life from stuck and stressed to successful.

Are you easily brought to tears when you see emotional drama
or violence on the news or in movies?

Do you feel drained after being with certain people?

Are you overwhelmed in crowds?

Do you ever feel emotions that seem to come out of nowhere?

Maybe sometimes you just “know” things?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are likely a Highly Sensitive Empath.

You are not “overly sensitive” and you are not weird. Okay, maybe a little weird… but in a good way.

As a Highly Sensitive Empath you have energy challenges others do not…AND you have gifts others do not. What you need to create more success in your life are some simple instructions to manage your sensitivities and use them to your advantage.

You know those people that drain your energy whenever you talk to them? You dread seeing their phone number on the caller ID. You hide when they come around.

We can fix that.

You know how sometimes emotions come from out of nowhere? You wonder is this mine or someone else’s? Why am I so sad? Mad? Anxious?

We can fix that too.

You’ll get the answers to these questions and more. I’m offering a free call to share with you how you can live Successfully as a Highly Sensitive Empath. This includes…

      • A secret I discovered years ago so you can finally be free from energy vampires… freeing your energy means more energy for you to create the successful life you crave.
      • The #1 mistake most empaths make while trying to “protect” their energy and how to do it differently… this technique will allow love and abundance to flow through you easily.
      • I’ll answer that burning question “How do I know if this is someone else’s stuff or mine? …because there is a way to know and when you know you can transform it.

PLUS I’ll be giving away a free Soul Quest package (a $247 value) to one lucky caller… but you must be on the call to win.

Wendysmrev-1Join me for this free call and learn to shut down the noise and transform your life from stuck and stressed to SUCCESSFUL.

When you start to work with these simple techniques you will find more peace and quiet. You will begin to thrive and flourish as you learn to embrace the amazing gifts of being a highly sensitive empath.

Your gifts will allow you to hear the whispers of your Soul, the animals and Spirit.

These are the whispers that bring the magic back into your life. The magic that brings success to all areas of your life.

Join me on this call and ask your questions about being successful as a highly sensitive empath…

whatever questions you have, I’ll save time on the call to answer them.

You don’t need to become a Yogi or a Swami, but you do need to sign up for the call.

Are you ready to learn how to manage your sensitivities?

Are you ready to break free from the energies that bind you?

Are you ready to let more magic and success into your life?

All you need to do is enter your name and email address below and I will send you all the details to join me for the call.

This live call took place on March 10th, 2015 but you will receive instant access to the recording when you sign up.


About Wendy

Wendy Wolfe is an internationally recognized Intuitive Mentor, Speaker and Animal Communicator. She helps sensitive women manage their personal energy and overcome challenges so they can live an awesome, authentic, Soul directed life.

For those who want to explore their intuitive abilities and learn how to manage their personal energy and sensitivities, she offers one-on-one mentoring programs, online classes and in-person events.

Wendy has been helping people and their animals since 2002. Her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, television (here and abroad) and national radio.